Tampa Realtors – 🎥 6 Best Tips On “How To Choose a Realtor” – or Else…

Hi everyone your Tampa realtor Lance
Mohr and in this video I’m going to go over how to choose a great realtor and
what questions you need to ask. Choosing a realtor is going to be the most
important decision you can make in the entire home buying process.They’re not
only going to determine how much time you spend looking for homes, but how much
money you ultimately pay for the home or in some cases if you get the home at all.
The number one mistake is thinking all realtors in Tampa the same and choosing
the first agent you meet or choosing an agent just because he or she is nice.
This is a business and a financial decision for you and your family. There are three things you need to look
for when choosing a realtor. Are they experienced, are they knowledgeable and do
they negotiate like a pitbull to get you the best price on the home. You want to
start off by doing a little research on the realtors you’re thinking of interviewing.
Start by going to their website and go into their “about” page. See how
experienced they are. Then you want to go to their YouTube channel and view some
videos and see how knowledgeable they are. and then you want to go to YouTube
or Google, type in their name dash reviews example “Jim Smith – reviews”
and look at their video testimonials. Since text and written testimonials are
too easy to fake. After that you want to start the interviewing process. So give
them a call and if you don’t want to call them just simply send them an email
and ask them a few questions. How long have you been in business? Do
you work with more buyers or sellers? What areas do you cover? And the most
important question you can ask: Why should I use you as my realtor. Now I
know if you do the steps that I told you in this video you’re going to find a
truly great realtor. If you’re looking for someone who’s knowledgeable,
experienced and will negotiate like a pitbull for you and your family and look
out for your best interests… Give me a call. I would love to help you
and don’t forget to check out my videos to the right. I wish you the best of luck. Have a wonderful day.

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