• Realvolve CRM: Importing Zillow Leads with Zapier
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    Realvolve CRM: Importing Zillow Leads with Zapier

    Welcome to today’s webinar. In the upper right hand corner, go into settings. On the left hand side, go to integrations. This will show you a Zapier API key. Every user has their own Zapier API key. Click on the little copy button and it will copy that code to your clipboard. Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go over here to zapier.com Typically the things that people want to use Zapier for is bringing in leads. I can click on make a zap. You’ve got two things – over here on the side, you’ve got a trigger. A trigger is what causes this zap to trigger. You…

  • Zillow Zestimate Got You Spinning in Circles?
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    Zillow Zestimate Got You Spinning in Circles?

    Hi I’m Michael J, and I’m so excited to be just as confused as you are with your Zillow estimate! Why can Zillow tell you how much your house is worth better than me, a professional real estate broker for over 20 years? They even admit, it’s 7-14% off so I’d be just as confused as you are! Come buy your house from me. If you have any thoughts on selling, or need an appraisal because somebody died, or you’re getting divorced and you want your fair share, call me, Michael J! And if you’re about to lose your house to foreclosure, call me. We can help! We might be…

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    How Reliable Are Zillow Home Estimates For Las Vegas Properties?

    Hello. Jillian Batchelor here with the Batchelor Group in Las Vegas, Nevada and daily homeowners will ask me if they can trust Zillow and similar websites when they tell them what their home is worth. Well, unfortunately, this is a complicated answer. Their data is compiled from multiple resources, and this all factors into the figure that they would then assess to your home. These resources consist of third-party calculation companies that then provide their county records into an electronic format that Zillow can then use. This is from a public record data, but not from any MLS board. Another resource is when owners update their own property info directly…

  • Maui Real Estate Tips – Choosing A Realtor on Hawaii
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    Maui Real Estate Tips – Choosing A Realtor on Hawaii

    Aloha, we are here once again for our Maui Real Estate tip and today we’re here with Melissa for a tip on how to choose or choosing a realtor here on Maui can you share with us some tips on choosing a realtor here in Maui maybe give us like three tips ok sure I’d be happy to I think really important for the first thing is finding someone that your personality is compatible with and you feel like you can work well with two I think you need to find someone with experience so you can ask your Realtor that you’re talking to or interviewing what their experience is…

  • Realtor Price Opinion vs Zillow Zestimate & Redfin Estimate | San Francisco Real Estate Podcast
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    Realtor Price Opinion vs Zillow Zestimate & Redfin Estimate | San Francisco Real Estate Podcast

    Hey hey hey and welcome to the northern San Francisco real estate podcast with your host Matt Morgus. That’s right that’s me once again today Thursday, August 3rd, 2017, coming live, well live right now, from my home office here in San Francisco California, overlooking the bay. We’ve got a nice golden gate view bridge a view and a couple boats out in the harbor today. Let’s get right to it. I’d like to just to jump right in and get right to it I always I always put these things together very last minute so I don’t have any notes this is just right off the top of my…

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    MLS vs Zillow vs Trulia || Real Estate Explained #48

    Hey what’s up it’s J. Lucky Henry and today we’re gonna answer a big question how to showcase your property and what’s difference between MLS Zillow Trulia and all those other name brands you might be familiar with This is J. Lucky Henry — Keller Williams agent in the Greater Boston area. You won’t believe how many people need to get REAL! R-E-A-L: Real estate Explained Amazingly by Lucky in 90 seconds — give or take. Welcome back it’s Jay Lucky Henry we’re talking about how to showcase your property in this series so you’re gonna want to pay attention this is a great series for sellers right no matter…