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    [CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP11 (2/3) | 여우각시별

    (Director Jo) – What? Really? – Be quiet. Keep your voice down. Did you really see Mr. Lee receive money from them? – Are you sure? – Yes. It’s still in his coat pocket. Do you see the yellow envelope in his coat pocket? What? Who received what? Mr. Lee apparently received money. Oh, my gosh. Don’t talk nonsense. Who told you something so absurd? Be quiet. Keep it down, will you? Someone might hear you. Mr. Yoon apparently saw it himself. Right before work, he apparently saw Mr. Lee approach the guys… who are in charge of managing the vans and taxis… and receive an envelope from them. –…

  • [CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP07 (3/3) | 여우각시별
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    [CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP07 (3/3) | 여우각시별

    Do you live there? I’m curious who your acquaintance is. I haven’t seen Soo Yeon around today. You guys are always together, but I don’t see him with you today. Is that true? I see. I’d like to see Na Young Joo. Hi, Yeo Reum. She went to the locker room to take a break. – What is it? – I didn’t think you’d do that. How can you spread a rumor without checking the facts? – A rumor? – You’re a woman too. How can you do this to another woman? You know how terrible it is for women… to have such a rumor. Why are you doing this?…

  • Realtor Life Episode  6
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    Realtor Life Episode 6

    A day in the life of a realtor! I’ve got a pack day we’re gonna start in the morning with showing some property out on the ocean which doesn’t bother me at all then I have a home inspection I always arrive early and of course gave me a chance to gaze at the beach and my customers arrived in good spirits these are my clients I’m showing property today and they’re gonna be hoot I can already tell. yea we’re gonna go in there I’ll kind of give you some updates on that obviously the first thing they wanted to do was look at the ocean and of course…

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    Open House 2020 keynote: Virtual integration at Continental Engineering Services

    The validation of assistance and automated driving functions is one of the top issues among OEMs in today’s series development. In my view, three aspects are important: A robust process for handling test cases, with requirements and result data, the option of very early testing within a full virtual vehicle and a powerful integration environment that makes all this possible. At Continental Engineering Services, we heavily rely on virtual methods for these purposes. We know that many new players have entered the game from other technological fields. In some cases, they bring entirely new use cases, new processes and tools. This is a massive change we’re observing. This also impacts…

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    Singapore Real Estate | How Money is made in Enbloc Sales

    en-bloc en-bloc en-bloc where exactly is the money made? Learn more about Singapore Real Estate with GC. you have heard that en-bloc made money, but do you know, where exactly is the money made? Yes, it is true that developers are willing to pay higher prices, compared to individual units. but why? No, it is NOT synergy! The answer is your Common Areas! In an en-bloc sale, together, you are selling your common areas too. Whereas in an individual sale, you are only selling your own unit, without common areas. The new buyer who bought from you, continues to pay a monthly maintenance fee for the common areas. You don’t…

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    How Japan maintains itself as the leader in Judo | Land of Legends

    The spirit of judo. I think the spirit of judo and the spirit of the Japanese are similar. They are connected. (SINCE THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO 1964 WHEN JUDO MADE ITS (OLYMPIC DEBUT, JAPANESE JUDOKA HAVE WON 39 GOLD MEDALS. (FRANCE, ITS NEAREST RIVAL, HAS WON 14) (39 GOLD (19 SILVER (20 BRONZE) (LAND OF LEGENDS ASIA PACIFIC) It’s all about beauty. If you try to argue which country is better than which, you will see that there are a lot of judoka around the world that win by ippon and just a lot of really good judoka out there in general. But what I think sets us apart is…

  • Is Real Estate Going Down? | Ed Kaminsky answers the toughest questions on the internet
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    Is Real Estate Going Down? | Ed Kaminsky answers the toughest questions on the internet

    Rolling? Ready. [snap] Hi I’m Ed Kaminsky and today I’m going to be answering the most commonly asked questions about real estate on the Internet. [music] Is real estate going down? Yes, what goes up comes down. It always does at some point. If you’re thinking about real estate, think in long terms. Think in 10-year increments and whatever it goes down It’s going to come back up. Real Estate has always moved like this, up and down, up and down, but always up. Why is real estate a good investment? If you’re investing in real estate especially in rental property and your tenants are paying the mortgage you’re making…

  • SYSTEMS IN PROPERTY PART 1 | The Property Voice
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    SYSTEMS IN PROPERTY PART 1 | The Property Voice

    Is essential for survival Hi there car, how you doing? Okay, great Kuroko. No. Thanks a lot for joining me today all on the sofa We’re gonna have a fireside chat literally we’re gonna talk amongst other things systems, but I think before we do that and just to address in the body is You know Cara what you just tell us a little bit about you your Background and how you bring some props you first of all before Mary games for difference on the topic. Okay. Yeah, that’s great Thank you. Thank you. Had me here today so my background actually starting property started at the age of…