• File Your Homeowners Property Tax Refund Online
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    File Your Homeowners Property Tax Refund Online

    The Minnesota Department of Revenue offers free electronic filing for the Homestead Credit Refund for Homeowners, also known as the property tax refund. Our Property Tax Refund Online Filing System is a free and easy way to file for your refund and have it directly deposited into your bank account. You qualify to file electronically if: You are a homeowner filing an original property tax refund return; are filing a refund within the last two tax years; did not rent out part of your home; and did not use your home for business. To file using our system, you will need your Social Security number, address, a valid email address,…

  • Photographing a Real Estate Interior with Bright Windows Tutorial
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    Photographing a Real Estate Interior with Bright Windows Tutorial

    In Part 1 of this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to take a series of photographs with the intention of seeing both the interior of the room and what’s outside the window. First of all, turn on all the lights in the room: the ceiling lights … up-lighters … floor lamps or any architectural lights you may find. Next, set the ISO to 400. Now we need to select a suitable aperture: how much light we let into the lens. For good sharpness in your photos with a wide-angle lens, I suggest f/8. Select Aperture Priority and make sure your flash is switched ‘OFF’. The common abbreviations for…

  • The Real Estate Agent’s “Weekend” Funny Video by Nestiny
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    The Real Estate Agent’s “Weekend” Funny Video by Nestiny

    You’ve got a lot on your plate. Let Nestiny help with the rest. Connect with your clients like never before through Nestiny’s digital buyer consultation, homebuyer advice, and auto-pilot nurture campaigns that work for you around the clock. You’ll get valuable insight into your prospects’ needs and financial readiness so everyone can get a better night’s sleep.

  • Ep. 77: What Are Your Expenses As A Real Estate Agent?
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    Ep. 77: What Are Your Expenses As A Real Estate Agent?

    Hello. Thank you for coming to this week’s blog here at California Realty Training. Glad you made it. Today’s topic is a good one. Today’s topic is expenses a new agent can expect with their new real estate career. Now I don’t want you to get too uptight and too nervous thinking, oh my God, this is going to break the bank, it’s not. Just listen to me carefully, it’s an investment in yourself that’s so worth it. So let’s start off slowly. First expense you’re going to have as a real estate agent, when you want to become a real estate agent is going to be of course your…

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    3Tips To Improve Zillow Ad Oct 12 2019 1

    Thinking of selling your home on Zillow? Don’t do it until you check out these three tips. Zillow.com by far is the number one real estate website in the world. It gets about 30 million unique visitors each and every month. So in order to catch some of those unique visitors – you have to make sure that your ad stands out. Now by far, everyone knows that Zillow sells leads to Realtors so when a potential buyer sees your home and they’re interested – they have to bypass those two, three to four Realtors who have purchased those spaces on that page and then click to your information. Tip…

  • Zillow Zestimate Got You Spinning in Circles?
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    Zillow Zestimate Got You Spinning in Circles?

    Hi I’m Michael J, and I’m so excited to be just as confused as you are with your Zillow estimate! Why can Zillow tell you how much your house is worth better than me, a professional real estate broker for over 20 years? They even admit, it’s 7-14% off so I’d be just as confused as you are! Come buy your house from me. If you have any thoughts on selling, or need an appraisal because somebody died, or you’re getting divorced and you want your fair share, call me, Michael J! And if you’re about to lose your house to foreclosure, call me. We can help! We might be…

  • The New .Realtor Domain Explained – REW.ca
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    The New .Realtor Domain Explained – REW.ca

    Hello, I’m Joannah Connolly and I’m the editor and content manager of REW.ca. Today I want to share with realtors some important information about the new dot-realtor domain name that is now available, in terms of what exactly it is, whether u should get one and if so, what you should do with it. So as of October 23 2014, the US National Association of Realtors and the Canadian Real Estate Association have made available to all their members a new dot-realtor domain name which means they are now allowing members to claim web addresses that end with dot-realtor. Now this is what’s called a top-level domain, which comes after…

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    Animal House (2/10) Movie CLIP – A Real Zero (1978) HD

    Yeah. [Man] We need the dues. Good. Larry Kroger is now pledged to Delta Tau Chi. Next slide, D-Day. – [Screaming] – [All Jeering][Shouting] Just a minute. Just a minute.Just settle down. This is Kent Dorfman. He’s a legacy from Harrisburg.[All Jeering]– Okay. Now wait. Okay. – Come on! Okay, this guy is a real zero. That’s true. Let’s just think back to when you guys were freshmen, huh? Boon!You had a face like a pepperoni pizza, right?And Stork here. Everybody thought the Stork was brain damaged.I, myself, was so obnoxious,the seniors used to beat me up once a week. So this guy is a total loser? Well, let me…

  • Introduction to LANDSCAPE, land conservation software
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    Introduction to LANDSCAPE, land conservation software

    LANDSCAPE is internet based software available to users through a web browser from any internet-connected device. LANDSCAPE can track every aspect of a conservation project from acquisition to stewardship to disposition. LANDSCAPE merges three major elements of your conservation program: Project data, interactive maps, and documents into a harmonious interface that makes it easy to track your acquisitions, manage your obligations, and communicate your success. LANDSCAPE makes it easier to take your conservation acquisitions from first contact with a landowner to closing. Create customized internal approval and task checklists, assign tasks to team members, and set due dates to ensure important details don’t slip through the cracks. Email notifications and…

  • Count by 5’s and Exercise to 1000 | 705 – 1000 | Jack Hartmann
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    Count by 5’s and Exercise to 1000 | 705 – 1000 | Jack Hartmann

    Let’s count by 5’s from 705 to 1000 Count by 5’s Exercise Build your body and build your mind Do your best Count out loud Count by 5’s and workout Crisscross legs 705 710 715 720 725 730 735 740 745 750 755 760 765 770 775 780 785 790 795 800 Swim in the water 805 810 815 820 825 830 835 840 845 850 855 860 865 870 875 880 885 890 895 900 Raise the roof 905 910 915 920 925 930 935 940 945 950 955 960 965 970 975 980 985 990 995 1000 Count by 5’s Exercise Build your body and build your mind…