• How Do You Choose A Realtor® That Will Honor Your Soul?
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    How Do You Choose A Realtor® That Will Honor Your Soul?

    How do you choose a Realtor® that will honor your soul? Hi! I’m Suzanne, your host on Soul’s Home® TV. Where home feeds your soul. The most important question isn’t found on any of the top lists of questions to ask a Realtor. You’ll find: How long have you been a Realtor®? What marketing strategy do you recommend? What do you charge? Can you provide references? ” What neighborhoods do you specialize in? These are all great questions… but don’t mistake a Realtor®’s experience and references as proof they’ll be good for you. To get a Realtor® that honors your soul, you must ask YOURSELF a question: Does he or…

  • Common Charges vs  Maintenance in NYC Real Estate
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    Common Charges vs Maintenance in NYC Real Estate

    What’s the difference between common charges and maintenance in New York City real estate? We will demystify this topic in the following video. My name is Nick at Hauseit. We are the largest Buyer Agent Commission Rebate company and FSBO platform here in New York City. So, let’s get started. Common charges and maintenance are two terms which in theory can be used interchangeably. However, in New York City real estate common charges are usually mentioned when referring to a condo and the word maintenance is usually mentioned when referring to a co-op. So, a condominium in New York City has two separate monthly payments: one of course is your…

  • The best ideas and tips for real estate video marketing
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    The best ideas and tips for real estate video marketing

    Buckle up for a big one. Here come our 10 best real estate video ideas, and our insider’s guide to real estate marketing on social media. (upbeat music) If you’re in real estate, then you know how important video has become for marketing both homes and your business. In this video I’m gonna help you improve your video marketing with our 10 best real estate video ideas. Most of them are easy to implement, which means you can spend more time on your customers and less time on your marketing. After I’ve given you those, I’m going to explain how to use your videos more effectively on social media. Right,…

  • Building Equity in a Home is a Good Thing Because | Building Home Equity
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    Building Equity in a Home is a Good Thing Because | Building Home Equity

    a lot of us have set goals for this year myself included but many home owners are not taking full advantage of the financial opportunities available through their very own home that’s why I am excited to share all about building home equity and how building equity in a home is a good thing I will discuss what is equity in a home or home equity definition building home equity and how to grow it faster how to use home equity I’ll discuss all these questions right now Jennifer Yoingco of Texas Home Group if you are new to my channel welcome make sure to subscribe to my channel and…

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    Why Should You Hire Me as Your Real Estate Agent? – Greater Phoenix Area Real Estate Agent

    Hi, this is Jason Penrose with The Penrose Team at Remax Excalibur. Thank you for taking this quick moment to watch this video on why you should hire me to sell your home. (calm music) I’m gonna start by covering the three core principles I run my team on. Number one is honesty. Honesty is where I tell you the truth about the price of your home. I’m not gonna lie to you about your price just to get your listing. We call that buying the business. Number two is integrity. Integrity is where I follow through on what I promise I’m going to do to get your home sold…

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    10 Things New Realtors Should Do In Their First Month

    You earned your real estate license, joined a brokerage and ordered headshots and business cards. Now what? I’m Stas Matias, a broker with Erin Catron & Company Real Estate in Punta Gorda. Let’s take five minutes to talk about the activities new agents should do in their first month to set them up for success. Brokers, you might want to use this information to build a checklist of items and tasks new agents should get done in their first 60 days. Meet with them at the end of the time period and go over the list to ensure they got everything done. As for new agents, use this to build…

  • Why work with me as your Realtor® in Chicago, IL?
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    Why work with me as your Realtor® in Chicago, IL?

    Why work with me? The short answer, I’ve been in your shoes. Hi, I am Traivor Morrison for 606 Living and Compass Real Estate here in Chicago, Illinois. I am an experienced real estate investor and homeowner. From my experiences with these transactions, I saw an opportunity to improve the process for you. So I decided to join the real estate industry full-time. My background is in professional and financial services, so I know firsthand how to deliver exceptional client service. Allow me to make the process easier for you while elevating your client service experience and connecting you to better. Better technology. Better marketing. Better research. Better results. If…

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    Meet Chris Stump | Realtor in Orlando with ERA Grizzard

    hi I’m Chris stump realtor with ERA Grizzard Real Estate. After a career in communication social media marketing and customer service I’m excited to leverage my professional background and real estate expertise to enhance your experience as a home buyer or seller from being communications director at a non-profit to helping guests from around the world make lasting memories at Walt Disney World Resort I’ve honed my skills in impeccable communication and superior customer service I believe in concierge level service and I’m committed to bringing that level of excellence to each of my clients. for the past 10 years Orlando has been my home and I’ve been amazed to…

  • File Your Homeowners Property Tax Refund Online
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    File Your Homeowners Property Tax Refund Online

    The Minnesota Department of Revenue offers free electronic filing for the Homestead Credit Refund for Homeowners, also known as the property tax refund. Our Property Tax Refund Online Filing System is a free and easy way to file for your refund and have it directly deposited into your bank account. You qualify to file electronically if: You are a homeowner filing an original property tax refund return; are filing a refund within the last two tax years; did not rent out part of your home; and did not use your home for business. To file using our system, you will need your Social Security number, address, a valid email address,…