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    REALTOR.ca mobile app V2.0 for iPhone

    Start your property search here REALTOR® With the all new app from REALTORS® across Canada. Redesigned for iPhone Search the largest collection of properties in Canada. With all new navigation To search for Nearby listings Newly listed Open houses REALTORS® Keep track of your searches For easy access to your REALTOR® and favourite listings Search anywhere even by intersection Like a property? Add it to your tour! Schedule a time with your REALTOR® and get directions to guide the way! And always be sure it’s on the budget With you every step of the way REALTORS® make finding your dream property easier than ever. Download it today on iPhone REALTOR®…

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    How to Find Oil on Your Land

    How to Find Oil on Your Land. Initial searches for oil on land usually require the skills of geologists and geophysicists. These searches are often conducted by small exploration companies called wildcats. You will need Surface indications Geological correlations Gravitational field variations Magnetic properties Sound wave velocities and test well. Step 1. Look for obvious signs of oil on the surface of your land. Surface indications might include oil seeps or petroleum residue in soil samples. Step 2. Look for correlations on your land with the sites of other wells, matching fossils, rock properties, and electrical and radioactivity data. These correlations may predict where oil-bearing strata begin on your property.…

  • How To Write A Business Plan For Your Property Business | UK Property Investment & Real Estate Tips
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    How To Write A Business Plan For Your Property Business | UK Property Investment & Real Estate Tips

    – If you want to learn how to invest in property I personally think that there’s 10 key skills you should really try to master. And skill number nine is to learn how to put together a property-based business plan. Today, let me share with you seven tips that are gonna help you do exactly that. (light jazz music) Hi! My name’s Tony Law from Your First Four Houses and I teach people how to put a small property portfolio, that generates a great income for them, so they can give up their day job if they wish because they’re now financially free. If this your first time here, be…

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    5 Reasons to Buy Rental Real Estate | Mark J Kohler | CPA | Attorney

    Hi, Mark, Kohler here with another tax and legal tip, now I want to give you five reasons Why you should be buying rental real estate, and I’m not a real estate broker or agent I’m your tax advisor wanting to help you build wealth and save taxes and before I list these five I want to give a disclaimer here. [I’m] not saying you’re going to put all your wealth in real estate You’re going to be diversified You’re going to have an emergency fund you’re going to be building a retirement account [there’s] going to be a variety of strategies [you] might use to also get real estate…

  • Off-Market Prospecting – Buying homes that are not for sale
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    Off-Market Prospecting – Buying homes that are not for sale

    As a homeowner you might not be thinking about selling your home right now but depending on where you live and about what price point your house would fall into as well as condition, it might actually be a great time to sell your house because there’s a lot of buyer demand, just not that much inventory for them to choose from. It’s been a tough couple of years for buyers because housing inventory has been so low which means your choices have been limited and there’s a ton of buyer demand in the marketplace right now depending on where you live and what your price point is. But, maybe…

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    Franklin MA Realtor

    are you looking to buy or sell a house don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you call Jerry duly 50 me 38 derailed 69 saying he is your Franklin specialist contact Jerry right away call 508 380 6968 or email him at Jerry duly at kW dot com you can also visit is information website at WWW dot Terry Dooley done W T dot com are you looking to sell your home the truth there’s it doesn’t matter how lovely your home s without buyers coming to view it chances of a sailor slim and that can lead to your home being listed for sale for years with…

  • How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 – On Grid vs Off Grid
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    How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 – On Grid vs Off Grid

    yeah hello everyone and welcome to this series we’re going to talk about how to power your home or house from solar power now first of all i have to say thanks very much to xodar who are sponsoring this series as you have known if you followed any other of my videos David of X earlier and his company kindly donated all his time to install solar power of my house and what I like about XLR and and the companies that for one that have a great choice and variety in terms of products and brands David himself like me enjoys tinkering and finding solutions to problems so…

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    Home Buying Process – How to buy a house

    Overwhelmed by the home buying process? Don’t know where to begin? Well, today we’ll go over what to expect, from start to finish, when buying a home. In this video, you will get a brief overview of the home buying process. Our goal is to get comfortable and confident in what to expect so you can focus on the most important part of the process, which is finding the right home for you. In most cases, the first thing you’ll want to do is to sit down with a mortgage professional to get an idea of what you can afford. Once you get comfortable with the number and your mortgage…

  • Bryce Vine Performs “La La Land”
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    Bryce Vine Performs “La La Land”

    (lively music and applause) Welcome back. Our next guest is a rising star. He has over 100 million plays on Spotify. He’s here to perform his new single. It’s called La La Land. Give it up for Bryce Vine. (applause and cheering) (hip-hop rap music with a moderate tempo) How’s it goin’, guys? (applause and cheering) ♪ Oh, sick, you live in the Canyon. ♪ ♪ How big is your mansion? ♪ ♪ Yeah. ♪ ♪ Fresh out of school now you working ♪ ♪ And focus on fashion. ♪ ♪ Pretty girl, and you let go. ♪ ♪ Got time, but you got goals. ♪ ♪ Hey baby, waste…