• Adrienne Houghton | Advice to My Younger Self | All Things Adrienne
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    Adrienne Houghton | Advice to My Younger Self | All Things Adrienne

    – What’s up everybody? I cannot tell you how much I’ve appreciated all of the advice that I’ve gotten throughout the years whether it was from my parents, family members, friends, co-workers. It has been a true blessing in my life. So guess what? Today, I am going to share the love and give you my number one piece of advice on a bunch of different topics. A lot of it I’ve had to learn on my own through tough life lessons so this is pretty much my advice to my 20 year old self. (upbeat music) My number-one best piece of fashion advice would be, be comfortable and make…

  • How to Get & Post RESTful API Requests
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    How to Get & Post RESTful API Requests

    RESTful web services provide a lightweight and secure way to move data between devices using hypertext transfer protocols. REST or representational state transfer is supported by both the SNAP PAC and groov api’s to make data store, variable and i/o tags available over either HTTP or HTTPS. In this workshop I’ll go over how to make both groov and SNAP RESTful requests, view the results, make API requests from Python and the command line, and finally I’ll use the software app named Postman to interact with the API. I will be posting data to and getting data from both this groov box and this SNAP PAC Learning Center. The groov…

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    Tolarian Tutor: Mana Curve and Land Bases – A Magic: The Gathering Study Guide

    so you’re prepping for Friday night magic going over your deck with your friends you look at the ratio of lands to spells and one friend says you clearly need to take out those scry lands I mean look at your curve you’re too aggressive for them well another friend argues no you need to keep those in maybe add a few more and stay flexible in order to reach your hydrops who’s right in this situation how would it be any different if you were building a limited deck from draught for Friday night magic instead mana curving and land bases are both important parts of deck building and…

  • BizTalk Orchestration: How to access distinguished field and promoted property
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    BizTalk Orchestration: How to access distinguished field and promoted property

    Hello Friends. In this BizTalk video I will be demonstrating the steps to access Distinguished fields and Promoted Properties from Orchestration. First a brief detail about property promotion in BizTalk. There are two ways in which elements from our schema can be promoted in BizTalk. 1st is Promoted properties and 2nd is Distinguished Fields. These 2 promotions can be done in 2 ways, one is Quick Promotion and 2nd is show promotion. Using Quick promotion we can promote a property and get the element added in property schema document in 1 step and using show promotion we can set promoted property as well as distinguished fields. Now let’s start with…

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    Real Estate Photography with Barry Mackenzie | PRO EDU Trailer

    (bright music) – Real estate photography, it’s kind of a unique genre. We never know what we’re gonna get when we walk into a home. We always try to have a plan in our mind but there’s always variables that are entirely out of our control. A layout issue, a wall color, any number of things that we don’t anticipate. That’s one of the things I love the most is the actual problem solving. In the simplest terms, real estate photography is about making a set of photos that makes somebody wanna buy a house. And we do that by capturing the home in its best light. We want to…

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    Find the Topography of Any Property in the World

    – [Seth] Hey everybody, this is Seth from the RE Tipster blog. I wanted to take just a few minutes here and show you a little trick that I have been using for the past few years. Whenever I’m trying to buy a vacant parcel of land, and it’s something that I think a lot of people don’t even really think about when they’re doing their research process but it’s really, really important. And that is to find out what the topography of the property is. And, basically, what that means is the actual elevations and hills, valleys, ravines, anything like that, or if it’s just a flat piece of…

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    How To Use Google Earth (Street View) to Research Properties Remotely

    – [Seth] Hey everyone, this is Seth from the REtipster blog. Today I was doing some research on a piece of vacant land and I started to realize that there’s a couple of tools that I use all the time, every single time I’m researching land, whether or not I live near the property. In this particular one, I’m not necessarily researching for myself but I’m teaching somebody how to do it so while I’m doing that, I just wanna show you the process that I go through just to make sure that I am really, really, really getting a very good look at this property to truly understand what…