• How will the Coronavirus impact Real Estate in Canada?
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    How will the Coronavirus impact Real Estate in Canada?

    Hey investors, the stock market is tanking. How exactly is this going to affect us? The Corona virus, which is hot news, which I’m so excited to bring you today as a podcast topic. It’s such a hot topic. The time that this is being filmed is just coming off the weekend and I’ve seen a crazy stock market just last week. Now by the time this is hitting you, things might be swinging the other way. But as of right now, there is so much volatility that I couldn’t help but have this as a topic for today. Now, looking at the last week alone and according to a…

  • Toronto Real Estate Market News – December 2nd 2019
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    Toronto Real Estate Market News – December 2nd 2019

    Hello, this is YOUR Toronto Real Estate Market Update For December 2, 2019 Canada’s population grew by 531,000 from August 2018 to July 2019 – the largest 12-month increase in our history according to Statistics Canada. That growth is having a giant impact on the housing market says. RBC Economics data that said the Toronto needs 9,100 more vacant units to reach a “healthy” vacancy level of three per cent. The RBC report also said the Toronto needs 22,000 new rental apartments and rented condominium apartments per year to satisfy demand between 2019 and 2023. Even if we anticipate that 70 per cent of all new condos are rented, and…

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    4th Quarter 2019: Toronto Real Estate Market Update

    Hey guys, Bradley tuning in and today I’m going to discuss the three things that you must know going into the fourth quarter here in the Toronto real estate market. They are the biggies. We do topics on a weekly basis to share with you guys some of the biggest movements that are happening, some of the biggest trends, but today I want to share my favorite two that we’ve seen, we’ve been tracking, and also I want to share with you an upcoming trend, what I would consider a prediction following the election. I’m going to share that with you by the end of this video, but before I…

  • Real Estate Salesperson Program Course Registration Walkthrough
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    Real Estate Salesperson Program Course Registration Walkthrough

    If you have an approved application to the Real Estate Education Program’s Pre-Registration Phase, this video will show you how to register for your first course. Follow along with the onscreen cursor and note where the targeted clicks occur. From the main program web site under the login options you can access your Learner Portal Having a previously approved application means you’ve already been through our credential submission and review process and received an e-mail from us with your username and password. In case you’re looking for that email in your inbox the subject line is Real Estate Education New Account Information. Your Username starts with an ‘X’. Once you’re…

  • Avoid a $13K Mistake When Buying a Home! | Toronto Real Estate Broker Karen Law
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    Avoid a $13K Mistake When Buying a Home! | Toronto Real Estate Broker Karen Law

    Hey guys, it’s your Toronto real estate agent here, Karen law. One of the deals I closed earlier this week has a learning lesson from it. So I represented the sellers in this deal and everything worked out smoothly on our end. The issue was with the purchasers, the buyers. I get a phone call on (the) closing date at about 3:30 p.m. And that phone call is from my client’s lawyer. The seller’s lawyer calls me at 3:30 p.m on closing date to inform me that the buyers are $13,000 short of closing. That’s right. They need to find $13,000 in order to get the keys to the property.…

  • Could JLo’s Role in ‘Hustlers’ Land Her an Oscar Nom? | THR News
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    Could JLo’s Role in ‘Hustlers’ Land Her an Oscar Nom? | THR News

    – [Ramona Voiceover] The game is rigged and it does not reward people who play by the rules. Then it’s like robbing a bank, except you get the keys. Are you in? – Hustlers brought the heat to the Toronto International Film Festival with many buzzing that Jennifer Lopez could land her first Oscar nom for her leading performance. The film about a group of New York City strippers who con their wealthy clients out of thousands of dollars a night. Adapted from a 2015 New York magazine article that went viral, stars Lopez as veteran stripper, Ramona. – Knee hook, from here you can do Carousel, (whistling) just switch…

  • Land acknowledgements: uncovering an oral history of Tkaronto
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    Land acknowledgements: uncovering an oral history of Tkaronto

    Aahnii, Boozho, Sara Roque n-dish-ni-kaaz, Shebahonaning n-don-jibaa, Tkaronto in-day. Tkaronto, a Mohawk word: The place in the water where the trees are standing. The place where the fish weirs are. My dog and I spend a lot of time walking. It’s my favourite way to move through this city. For me, it’s the meditative action that isn’t about negotiating bike lanes or public transit. But a time to slow down and really try to see the world around me. Concrete sidewalks, parking lots–now covering the rivers and trails that once flowed freely. The Petun, the Huron Wendat, the Haudenosaunee the Anishnaabeg, the Métis, the Mississaugas, all made their homes here.…

  • Toronto Real Estate Board | May 2019 Market Stats
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    Toronto Real Estate Board | May 2019 Market Stats

    – Hey everyone, Richard Robbins here. Well, the numbers are in for the Toronto Real Estate Board. Now the last couple days I’ve been listening to the radio, and I’ve been reading the newspapers, and I’m telling you, you’d think the sky was falling sometimes. And of course, what bleeds, reads, well let me tell you I’ve got some better news for you than some of the things I’ve been hearing. Now, I’m a realist as well, so I’m going to be honest with you with what’s going on, but also I want to talk about buyers right now, because buyers need to get off the fence, because I think…

  • Real Estate Education Programs
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    Real Estate Education Programs

    How does a learner become a practice ready real estate professional? By bringing the profession to life with real world experiences. The new real estate education programs will take real estate education to a new and exciting level. The programs will contain a variety of learning components. Online modules will provide engaging, active and application based activities that bridge theory and application. Face to face and virtual interactions with professional facilitators will give learners the opportunity to receive coaching and support as they investigate, problem solve and put into practice the tools needed for success in the profession. Rigorous mandatory live simulation sessions provide learners with an opportunity to practice…