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    Fashion & Intellectual Property

    Fashion is a form of art. Art is just a way of expressing yourself. Fashion is a trend. It really defines a lot of people. It touches everybody. It’s an industry that has 100% participation. It’s not a frivolity. It’s something that is a reflection of people’s hopes and their dreams. I would say fashion is never going away. Whether it be digital stores or Instagram, there’s always going to be fashion. People are always gonna buy clothes. Fashion’s important because it stands in for who we are as individuals, as well as being an enormous industry, from design to production to retail, and everything in between. Intellectual property is…

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    Property Investment Skill No.3 – “Property Due Diligence” | How To Invest In Property / Real Estate

    If you want to invest in property, I believe that there’s 10 keys skills that you need to master. And skill number three is doing property due diligence. And so, let me show you exactly what you need to do here. Hi my name’s Tony Law from Your First Four Houses and my channel’s all about helping you achieve financial freedom through property. If this is your first time here, be sure to subscribe to the channel and click that bell notification icon so you don’t miss out and then you have the free content that I give you each and every week. So as I say, I reckon there’s…

  • The Loud House Family Band Guide 🎸| #TryThis
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    The Loud House Family Band Guide 🎸| #TryThis

    Now who wants to have fun? The Louds are starting a family band. But before they start rocking the crowd, we gotta figure out a job for each Loud. Put your hands together for The Loud House Family Band Guide. Let’s jam! You can’t have a band without music, so we’ll start with a rock goddess, Luna. She can play guitar and write the music to all their hits. ♪ Who is that in the mirror? ♪ ♪ Looking back, I don’t know her ♪ Just promise to stay true to yourself, Luna. [playing guitar] That’s more like it! Now that we have the music, we need lyrics. So who’s…

  • How Do You Choose A Realtor® That Will Honor Your Soul?
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    How Do You Choose A Realtor® That Will Honor Your Soul?

    How do you choose a Realtor® that will honor your soul? Hi! I’m Suzanne, your host on Soul’s Home® TV. Where home feeds your soul. The most important question isn’t found on any of the top lists of questions to ask a Realtor. You’ll find: How long have you been a Realtor®? What marketing strategy do you recommend? What do you charge? Can you provide references? ” What neighborhoods do you specialize in? These are all great questions… but don’t mistake a Realtor®’s experience and references as proof they’ll be good for you. To get a Realtor® that honors your soul, you must ask YOURSELF a question: Does he or…

  • How will the Coronavirus impact Real Estate in Canada?
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    How will the Coronavirus impact Real Estate in Canada?

    Hey investors, the stock market is tanking. How exactly is this going to affect us? The Corona virus, which is hot news, which I’m so excited to bring you today as a podcast topic. It’s such a hot topic. The time that this is being filmed is just coming off the weekend and I’ve seen a crazy stock market just last week. Now by the time this is hitting you, things might be swinging the other way. But as of right now, there is so much volatility that I couldn’t help but have this as a topic for today. Now, looking at the last week alone and according to a…

  • DIY Tiny House with the Most INCREDIBLE Interior Design!
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    DIY Tiny House with the Most INCREDIBLE Interior Design!

    >>MAT: Hey everyone, in this video, we’re checking out one of the most unique tiny houses we’ve seen yet. It’s a beautiful DIY build that was inspired by Mykonos Island in Greece. The interior is mostly white. It has archways, a painted stone floor, and lots of greenery. It also has two king-sized lofts, two staircases, two patio doors, and lots of natural light coming in. In this video, we’re going to give you a full tour and we’re also gonna meet the creative couple who built this amazing tiny house. [Music Playing]>>BRAELYN: I believe it’s everyone’s right to build their own shelter. I believe it’s actually a human right,…

  • Real Estate English Vocabulary From A-Z
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    Real Estate English Vocabulary From A-Z

    Hey everyone! This is Jennie from Real Estate English Academy, the place for real estate experts to boost their English! Today’s lesson is all about improving your vocabulary from A to Z. Ready? Let’s get started! As we all know in today’s world it’s absolutely necessary for real estate experts to be able to communicate professionally in English. This channel is dedicated to the language needs of real estate professionals who work around the world and need to be confident and fluent in English when talking to clients colleagues or when doing things like giving presentations. That’s why I’ve put together some of the most important real estate vocabulary, going…

  • Angle bisector theorem proof | Special properties and parts of triangles | Geometry | Khan Academy
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    Angle bisector theorem proof | Special properties and parts of triangles | Geometry | Khan Academy

    What I want to do first is just show you what the angle bisector theorem is and then we’ll actually prove it for ourselves. So I just have an arbitrary triangle right over here, triangle ABC. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to draw an angle bisector for this angle up here. And we could have done it with any of the three angles, but I’ll just do this one. I’ll make our proof a little bit easier. So I’m just going to bisect this angle, angle ABC. So let’s just say that’s the angle bisector of angle ABC, and so this angle right over here is…

  • Living On $615K A Year In Seattle | Millennial Millionaire
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    Living On $615K A Year In Seattle | Millennial Millionaire

    My name is Todd Baldwin. I’m 27 years old. I live in Seattle, Washington, and I make $615,000 per year. Money by itself really won’t make you happy. All it is, is a tool to get you what you need. It’s security and you know, it can provide you a great life, but it doesn’t buy you happiness. Like people think it does. Out of the $615,000 we bring in, we invest almost all of that just back into the business, back into more real estate or into different brokerage accounts. So we don’t actually see a lot of that because it’s all invested out. But yes, it’s a very…

  • How To Structure Cash Deals In Real Estate Part 1:”Subject To” Deals
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    How To Structure Cash Deals In Real Estate Part 1:”Subject To” Deals

    Hey, it’s Joe Crump. In this series I’m going to do, I’m going to explain the different zero down structures. There’s five of them that I’m going to focus on that encompass just about every different type of structure that you can use. And there’s a hierarchy based on the type of offer that you’re making, whether you’re buying or whether you’re selling. I’m going to try to explain some of those things in these videos. The first five videos in this series are going to be explaining each of those different structures. So you’ll probably want to listen to them all eventually, one after the other. But right now…