• Are Realtors Becoming Obsolete?
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    Are Realtors Becoming Obsolete?

    Kris Krohn here and today we’re talking about our realtors becoming obsolete? So it’s really a good question. Our realtors going to become obsolete? I think one of the things that you and I really got to understand is that the market creates efficiency. And as long as there’s money that can be saved, someone’s going to find a way to invent a technology that can save you money. Right now though, let’s look at what a realtor is really doing. Realtors got a pretty big job. One, they go out and they find houses for you or they list your house for sale. Now, people have already started finding…

  • Realvolve CRM: Importing Zillow Leads with Zapier
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    Realvolve CRM: Importing Zillow Leads with Zapier

    Welcome to today’s webinar. In the upper right hand corner, go into settings. On the left hand side, go to integrations. This will show you a Zapier API key. Every user has their own Zapier API key. Click on the little copy button and it will copy that code to your clipboard. Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go over here to zapier.com Typically the things that people want to use Zapier for is bringing in leads. I can click on make a zap. You’ve got two things – over here on the side, you’ve got a trigger. A trigger is what causes this zap to trigger. You…

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    HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME AND BUY ANOTHER | Real Estate | Tips in 2019 | Realtor 2020

    what’s good everyone this is Chris Haith I’m gonna explain to you the process of selling your home to buy another one so what we have to do we have to plan for it you have to figure out where do you want to live why do you want to live in that area and what kind of home are you actually looking for there’s not to be happy big a backyard does it have to be smaller than what you have bigger than what you have more accommodating for you know your parents that might be living with you or does it have to accommodate the fact that your…

  • 10 Towns Offering Free Land To Almost Anyone.
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    10 Towns Offering Free Land To Almost Anyone.

    What is going on everyone are you like me? Do you like free stuff? most people do everyone likes a free meal most people cherish a free beer in the 1960s if you were lucky you scored some free love with that one normally you had to score some free penicillin not long after but still it was a good time while it lasted I once scored a free massage this was the best massage ever I’ve been married to that massage giver for 25 years now coincidentally I haven’t had a quality massage from her in 24 years probably the king of all freebies is free land the United…

  • How To Succeed In Real Estate Investing [40 TIPS] – Part 1
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    How To Succeed In Real Estate Investing [40 TIPS] – Part 1

    Alright so today, we’re going to be talking about the top 40 tips of how to succeed in real estate and in this video, we’re going to cover the first 10, watch out for the next three videos that come after where we’re going to finish giving you the top 40 tips. Joining me today, I’ve got Steven Michael Miller. – Hi, friends. – For those of you that have not met him before, Steven is the behind-the-scenes man that runs the entire real estate nationwide team that helps people learn how to do real estate, build a game plan, get traction and succeed, so he’s an amazing business partner,…

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    How To Find Cheap Land

    Back in 2012. I purchased this land which is a little bit over three acres 3.2 acres to be exact and I purchased it for $2,000 when I first found out about it I contacted the realtor that represented the people that wanted it for sale and it was originally the original asking price was sixteen thousand dollars And I thought that was little steep for out here. I was way out here in the country and There’s even like a pig farm a half mile away So if the wind changes directions, it’s not all that Pleasant. I came out here a few times before I actually Was serious…

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    Highlights of Zillow’s Interview with President Obama

    Mr. Rascoff: The housing market has come a long way in the last year and we’re all very happy to see most local markets bouncing back after the housing recession. Still there are concerns about the future. And we’ve received thousands of questions over the last couple of days via social media. Today we’ll pose some of these questions — your questions — to the President. – And I was wondering how you feel rising interest rates over the last three months are going to affect the housing recovery going forward. The President: Given that interest rates tick up a little bit as the economy improves, it is especially important…

  • How can we tell if rising property prices are genuine or a bubble?
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    How can we tell if rising property prices are genuine or a bubble?

    Just going to OK. So how can we tell if rising prices are genuine or a bubble? OK. This is a really interesting one because people tend to use the word bubble a lot when they’re talking about high property prices. But there’s a question of, is there actually a reason for those high prices, or is it a house of cards that could collapse? We’re clearly getting to a point where investors have got to start thinking, how much further is there to go? Property prices can only go so high. Property yields can only go so low. There’s a couple of things that we look for in real…

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    Top Rated Texas Realtor and Investor

    Hi this is Benjamin Ross your Texas realtor, first off thank you for taking your time to watch this video I really do appreciate that and please forgive the background I’m actually on my way to a listing appointment but I wanted to take a few moments to number one introduce myself to you, and number two let you know that if you’re thinking about moving to Texas I can help what I mean by that is I’m not originally from Texas and I remember before I moved to Texas I would go on sites like Zillow realtor.com and I would look at a gazillion homes the problem that I…

  • Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do? Episode 04: “THIS LAND IS MY LAND”
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    Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do? Episode 04: “THIS LAND IS MY LAND”

    funding for this program is provided by additional funding provided by today we turn to John Locke on the face of it Locke is a powerful ally of the libertarian first he believes, as libertarians today maintain that there are certain fundamental individual rights that are so important that no government even a representative government even a democratically elected government can override them. not only that he believes that those fundamental rights include a natural right to life liberty and property and furthermore he argues that the right to property is not just the creation of government or of law the right to property is a natural right in the…