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    Is Australia’s property market bouncing back? September 2019

    Hi, I’m Graham the Insights manager at finder.com.au and you know, the RBA didn’t cut cash rates today, it looked dicey leading up to the decision that maybe they would but in the end they didn’t. So we’re waiting to see what the effects of the last two records are. The RBA seems to think the economy’s okay for now, here we’re going to talk about four things to keep an eye on in the Australian housing market for August 2019. So what’s happened to interest rates for home runs? Well, as you know, the RBA could buy 50 basis points. But the average code of the variable rates across…

  • Sydney Opera House: Building an Icon | The B1M
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    Sydney Opera House: Building an Icon | The B1M

    It’s one of the most recognisable buildings in the world. Positioned on the water’s edge and overlooking the famous harbour, Sydney Opera House is an iconic structure that is synonymous with Australia. Though it now appears to float effortlessly on water, this landmark building took some extreme engineering and over a decade of construction works to become a reality. This is the story of how Sydney Opera House was built. In 1955, when the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music outgrew their home at Sydney Town Hall, premier Joseph Cahill launched an international design competition for a dedicated opera house. After reviewing 233 entries from architects in 32 countries, the…