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    Benefits of Using a Local REALTOR®

    We did use a local REALTOR®. We were very impressed with her. She really knew the market, she really knew how to negotiate on our behalf, knew what was reasonable to ask for, what we’d be able to get. The experience working with a local REALTOR® was fantastic. He knew the area, was able to really show us around, what we were getting into, all the comparables, really listened to what it was we were looking for as new first-time buyers in the area. When we were looking into moving into a home we did go with a local REALTOR® to kind of help us transition into that. Their knowledge…

  • How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent Part 2
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    How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent Part 2

    what’s up everybody its bc making another video today that is part 2 of the installment of the series that I started named what separates an average agent from a top agent okay now I have three more today that I wanted to go over that should really help you distinguish to see where you’re at and what you can do to improve okay number one difference between a average agent and a top agent is environment if you take a look I have sold signs no negativity allowed I have a lot of positive triggers in my environment you know the cars that I want properties I want to…

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    How To Host the BEST Open House!

    what’s up everybody bc brian Casilla another video for you today let’s talk about a topic that i’m not quote an expert on but I know how to get people into a place I know how to market I know how to sell so I can impart some knowledge on you that’s really going to help you obviously from the top of the video you know this is about open houses and even though we don’t specialize and do open houses regularly because we focus more on prospecting I’m going to give you some tips and a good strategy for open houses to ideally get the word out and not…

  • The Daily To-Do List of Successful Realtors
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    The Daily To-Do List of Successful Realtors

    Hello everyone my name is Luke Acree welcome to Above The Noise. Guys today I want to give you four tips every REALTOR® should be doing every day. Now I spoke to a new REALTOR® just the other day, and one of the things that came up in our conversation was how difficult Real Estate is compared to your traditional nine to five. When you think about a traditional job, you get to show up, a lot of times your tasks are already laid out for you. You have a manager telling you what to do, there’s a ton of structure. You know what’s gonna happen from nine to five…

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    How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent (Part 1)

    what’s up everybody its BC back into the rhythm of making videos I wanted to make this quick one to kind of enlighten people a little bit I still get a lot of questions that are basic so I wanted to make another video covering some basics just to open up some people’s eyes and shed some light on the difference between the average agent and somebody like me who is actually producing right so what’s the difference between a top agent and an average agent right I come up with three or four things I’m gonna go over in this video hopefully because it’s so simple you can apply…

  • How REALTORS® Own Facebook
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    How REALTORS® Own Facebook

    All right, we asked you guys what you wanted to hear the most about and you let us know cold outreach tactics I’m going to give you my thoughts on that today All right, so we’re going through this series on cold outreach tactics And if you remember I said there was three strategies that can drive leads for your business in real estate. One is door-knocking, second is cold calling, and third is social media, and today I want to dive into this tactic of social media a little deeper I want to give you guys a couple different campaigns that I’ve seen be Successful for other real estate…