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    RuneScape – The Land Out of Time – Big Game Hunter

    Dammit, Ramen! I’ve been hunting him for days! I think you spent too long on this update, mate. We’re gonna be Mods Out of Time if we don’t get this video done for the content drops. THE LAND OUT OF TIME WORK IN PROGRESS Perhaps you’ve seen a mysterious cloud that has appeared on the world map recently. Perhaps you’re wondering what it is. In these next two videos, we’re planning to take you for the some of the core content that you can expect to find in the Land Out of Time, a brand new island coming to RuneScape this summer. If you’re a fan of the storyline and…

  • Behind the Scenes with Eddie Harrington on the Hot Seat!
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    Behind the Scenes with Eddie Harrington on the Hot Seat!

    hi happy Tuesday thanks for joining us in the hot seat today we have a special guest from our Homewood office, Eddy Harrington. How are you doing today Eddie? Doing good, how are you doing? Very special thanks for joining us we appreciate it. Tuning in on instagram live or IG TV whichever so thanks again and our viewers we’ re always encouraging you if you have any questions for our guests to send them in and we’ll we’ll get to them as we go through for the day thanks alright so Eddie, we’re gonna talk about a few things just to get to know you a little bit. So…