• New Land Rover DEFENDER 2019 Review Interior Exterior
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    New Land Rover DEFENDER 2019 Review Interior Exterior

    hey guys and welcome back the brand-new Land Rover Defender 2019 model premiere it’s right here with me I’m in Frankfurt at the new International Auto Show and I mean I’m really really happy to present this new defender to you I will try to review it interior exterior and I try to show you every single detail about the car will be a little bit complicated because there are a lot of people that want to see it but I will still try to do that for you I want to show you the rims first time we have continental rims tires here also I think they are 22…

  • How to Land Safely On Mars – Instant Egghead #17
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    How to Land Safely On Mars – Instant Egghead #17

    Scientific American Instant Egghead NASA’s latest Mars rover, called Curiosity, is huge. It’s almost ten feet long, seven feet tall, and it weighs nearly a ton. You can think of it as a 2.5 billion dollar smart car. So, how do you park something like that on Mars? To start, you’ve got to slow it down. On August 5th or 6th, depending on your time zone, Curiosity will hit the Martian atmosphere at nearly twenty times the speed of a bullet. Seven minutes later, it’ll be resting on the surface. At least, that’s the plan. Landing on Mars gently takes a well-choreographed sequence of EDL: that’s Entry, Descent, and Landing.…

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    Mars in a Minute: How Do You Land on Mars?

    (music) How do you land on Mars? Very carefully! Your spacecraft hurtles toward the planet at thousands of miles per hour, so you’ll have to hit the brakes in a hurry! First, your capsule needs a heat shield. It protects the spacecraft inside from the heat and friction of entry into the atmosphere. Friction slows you down over 90%, but not enough to land safely. Use a parachute to slow down even more. Still falling at over 100 miles per hour, you need the right system to land safely! Here are some options: With a small- to mid-size rover, use a cushion of airbags along with retro rockets. Impact at…

  • Land Rover vs Range Rover: What’s The Difference?
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    Land Rover vs Range Rover: What’s The Difference?

    what’s up guys my name is Bryce with Dust Runners Automotive Journal and today we’re going to be talking about the land rover vs. Range Rover. If you didn’t already know Land Rover has taken over the luxury SUV market once the super rugged off-roading machine has now turned into a super luxury SUV with a 4×4 badge to give you the short answer Range Rover is a type of model under the Land Rover brand people often refer to Range Rover as a standalone brand because saying Land Rover Range Rover Evoque sounds kind of stupid the Land Rover brand all started with the series one well it actually…