• EMPTY HOUSE TOUR | Our First Home Together!
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    EMPTY HOUSE TOUR | Our First Home Together!

    I love you guys today is full of what’s up everybody still not catching we got the keys to a new house yesterday and we wanted to do an empty house tour to show you guys what is going on and how the house looks like and then this is gonna be the kickoff to our new home series where we’re gonna do like a bunch of decor and mine stuff like that so I’m really excited so guys what this is this is a home fresh from the Builder and we haven’t done anything in it yet it’s completely empty and we’re gonna show you guys what’s going on…

  • S1mple’s House Tour
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    S1mple’s House Tour

    Hello! Hello. Come on in. Hi, everyone. I’m Sasha S1mple and welcome to my place. The apartment is quite large. The living room is combined with the kitchen. It’s not a secret that all pro players love tasty food. You have a large kitchen with a lot of gadgets: a kettle with switches and Wi-Fi, toaster… Do you cook by yourself or do you order in? I rarely cook because we are always busy with practices, bootcamps, trips. I make eggs when I have time, but mostly I order in after we finish practicing in the evening. So what do you usually have for breakfast? Eggs, sausages, tea, sandwiches? What…

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    – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I will be sharing with you my full house tour. I have been meaning to film this for so many months and today is the day. I’ve never felt that the house was quite ready to show you, but today I’m gonna show you every room, the garden, everything. If you want any more details on any of the rooms, I have actually filmed room tours for pretty much all of them. So, I will link all of those videos down below and as many items as I can link in the description, as well. So, if there’s anything…