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    Slendytubbies The Last Hope | Main Land (Dawn)

    Hello everyone, today we’re going to play a game named Slendytubbes the last hope. Jesus Christ. The Teletubby has been murdered in front of our eyes. Jesus Christ. Alright, since it’s going to be really scary seeing to play today. Last time I played Slendytubbies and well I don’t want to have enemy like that. So yet so we’re going to mainland dawn so if you’re ready, let’s go. Alright so here we started in here so all right so our main villian in here is Laa-Laa. So we must be really careful with her if she will see us we’re going to freaking die and I don’t want to…

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    Meet Jeanne Thomas | REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard

    is the real estate market knocking at your door? hi I’m Jeanne broker associate at ERA Grizzard Real Estate. my real estate career has spanned over 20 years and 3 states from new construction to condos to amazing waterfront lifestyle properties and in my spare time I enjoy fishing so I really know my way around the Harris Chain of Lakes you’ve also found the right agent to fish for buyers my business background and marketing skills are combined to create a unique story about your property develop a strategy and target the right audience of buyers communication is key throughout the process and I can also help you navigate…

  • How To Make 10k A Month Working With Realtors
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    How To Make 10k A Month Working With Realtors

    Hey friend, Kris Krohn here. Welcome back. Today, we’re doing some kind of front on the channel. I’ve got a special guest coming on who has massive expertise in doing real estate in a total different angle. In fact, how do you make $1,000 every single week with no upfront costs by just actually finding buyers for other realtors? Well, that is actually how my friend, YouTube superstar, Kevin David actually made his first $20,000 by just running Facebook ads for realtors. So, this is a gentleman who made 10 million dollars in his first 18 months and has now gone on to be one of the most successful YouTube…

  • Luxury Home Realtor Twin Cities Minnesota Sold Home Numbers May 900k to 1 Million
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    Luxury Home Realtor Twin Cities Minnesota Sold Home Numbers May 900k to 1 Million

    all right Dale Frisch Woodbury real estate group will be really all right luxury real estate agent whatever you want to call me friend data mining experts all right so here I did this is the nine hundred to a million dollar range right so I’m cutting I did seven hundred and nine hundred and the reason why I think I did that is subconsciously I know that there is a ten percent mortgage out there and I’ve had several clients that use the ten percent because they’re keeping the cash in their business right they can get a better return on investment keeping their businesses you know getting sixty…