• How to use a 360 camera for your real estate business
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    How to use a 360 camera for your real estate business

    – Hi, and welcome. My name is Simon Cohen, and today, I’m going to give you a quick introduction to using 360 cameras in your real estate business. 360 cameras, like this Samsung Gear 360, let you shoot photos and videos that capture, as the name suggests, 360 degrees around you. When played back on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or VR goggles, viewers can choose where they want to look, instead of only seeing one perspective. Unlike panoramas, with 360 photos and videos, you can look up, down, as well as side to side, perfect for checking out hardwood floors, or perhaps decorative crown moldings. You’ve probably already seen 360…

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    Best realtor team in The Woodlands – (713) 320-6712 – Realtor The Woodlands TX

    Are you ready to sell your Woodlands home? Choosing the right realtor is vital. When we listed our home that was actually kind of hard on my part to have to deal with that for a couple of weeks, but Brian made sure to call us every single day to check in let us know that it was all going to work out. The best offer … (um) a lot of people are doing ‘The short closing. The short closing,’ but financing (is so important). We had one that was a cash offer I and it was gonna take a lot longer to do that… He walked us through each…

  • How to Hire a Realtor – 5 Tips
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    How to Hire a Realtor – 5 Tips

    I’m gonna teach you how to hire a Realtor – the top five things to do before you even pick up the phone and call them. And we are starting right now. Hey everyone, Karin Carr here with Keller Williams in Savannah, Georgia. If you’re interested in buying or selling real estate be sure to the subscribe button. I post new videos every Monday and you don’t want to miss one. Today we’re talking about how to hire a Realtor. If you’re thinking of selling your house who you hire is very important. Here are 5 tips to help you hire a real estate agent. Number one: read their reviews…

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    Introducing First Lady of Realtor® Discipline

    And for our channel I like to introduce you to the spokesperson for all the real estate councils across North America .Give it up for Colonoscopy Jane. Who is on the line from the Real Estate Council. Right now. Ring Ring Ring. Oh, it’s Colonoscopy Jane from the council What’s that Jane? Council’s upset because I’ve been making disparaging remarks. and you slated what? four days of hearings $2000 a day or four consent orders $5,000. What a deal Jane. Tell me Miss Colonoscopy. How did you get your job with Council? Oh The Colonoscopies are a huge clan and council always hires from the Colonoscopy clan and you’ve got…

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    How To Be a Successful Realtor®

    Having an additional or addendum page in Realtor® Speak, ready to go is a great way to be prepared for any surprise moves on the part of the many players involved in your sale, like home inspectors or lending not inspecting or lending on time. A very common condition when dealing with lenders whose head offices are in another time zone. So to keep the sale together, both buyer and seller need to add that addendum page to their sales contract saying they agreed to extend the subject removal and deposit paying dates for another one to three days if it’s over a weekend, and if you the seller a…

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    Hiring Mistakes Realtors Make While Growing Their Team

    – By the time a Realtor calls me for help filling an open role on their team, chances are they’ve looked on their own and they’ve probably made a few hiring mistakes along the way. Today I’m going to share with you the four most common hiring mistakes I hear from agents, and this is based on my more than 10 years of experience working with agents to fill roles on their teams. So today we’re going to talk about the four most common hiring mistakes so that you can avoid them. Let’s dig in. (hip hop music) Hi, I’m Vanessa Rosenblum, President of Pro REA Staffing where we are…

  • Do You Have To Use a Realtor When Buying a Home?
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    Do You Have To Use a Realtor When Buying a Home?

    Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Realtor Lance Mohr and in this video I’m going to go over a question I get every once in a while and that is do you have to use a realtor when you buy a home now this isn’t a question that I get all too often but over my 20-plus years I have gotten it on occasion and I just ran across it this week so I didn’t want to address it do you have to use a realtor when you buy a home and the answer is absolutely not of course you don’t matter of fact a few years ago I sold…