• The Truth About Zillow Offers, Opendoor and Offerpad
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    The Truth About Zillow Offers, Opendoor and Offerpad

    let me start this video by saying I’m not here to bash Zillow offers open door or offer pad they’re trying to provide a better customer experience similar to what uber and lyft are doing in the taxi industry and what Amazon is done to the shopping industry in the case of Zillow offers open door and offer pad or as I like to call them the zoo this experience comes at a cost to the seller and many people don’t realize the buyer as well let’s start with the seller zoos big offer is a hassle-free selling experience having the certainty of a sale choosing a closing date lack…

  • Party Bro Real Estate – Funny Drop
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    Party Bro Real Estate – Funny Drop

    I’m afradooshie bro I show house for party K bro, see? Crown molded walled house bro Ok, imported mesquite wood Imported, bro It’s not hanky panky lets go to hardware store bullshit And here you put wine, OK tequila, whisky, rum, gin I don’t know your decision For party coastal maple wood bro You smell party oozing from this guy bro *Sniffs* Oh makes me want to pump this guy bro Inside you put towel, shampoo, soap, paper towel, kilos of cocaine, molly sassafras, mushroom chocolate, ketamine I don’t know bro, your decision for party bro See and this vault city bro. K like church bro If you want to…

  • What is Realtors Property Resource® (RPR)?
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    What is Realtors Property Resource® (RPR)?

    As a REALTOR you want the absolute best for your clients and customers after all buying or selling a property is one of the biggest decisions they’ll make but how can you provide them with the best information to make that decision typically you could go to one place to get a few property facts then to another place to research the local schools and still another for local demographics and for an even deeper dive you could venture through several more places to learn the property history what people are saying about the neighborhood mortgage information and so on we understand you need to accurately assess what’s best for…

  • How To Structure Cash Deals In Real Estate Part 1:”Subject To” Deals
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    How To Structure Cash Deals In Real Estate Part 1:”Subject To” Deals

    Hey, it’s Joe Crump. In this series I’m going to do, I’m going to explain the different zero down structures. There’s five of them that I’m going to focus on that encompass just about every different type of structure that you can use. And there’s a hierarchy based on the type of offer that you’re making, whether you’re buying or whether you’re selling. I’m going to try to explain some of those things in these videos. The first five videos in this series are going to be explaining each of those different structures. So you’ll probably want to listen to them all eventually, one after the other. But right now…

  • Vancouver and Richmond REALTOR® Basketball Classic
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    Vancouver and Richmond REALTOR® Basketball Classic

    Oh hey, I didn’t see you there I was just practicing my hoops and you should be too because you’re invited to my Realtor basketball tournament where I have the pleasure of showing off my new listing of 505 8628 Hazelbridge Way which has a full basketball court as one of the amenities practice your game, send me a message and I’ll see you on the court!

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    Job Description For Real Estate Transaction Coordinator vs. Transaction Manager

    – Hi, I’m Vanessa Rosenblum. I’m the president of Pro REA Staffing, and on this channel we focus on fostering careers in real estate and growing real estate teams. This is a continuation of a series of videos I’m doing on decoding the job titles used on real estate teams. Last week I talked about listing coordinators and listing managers, and this week we’re talking about transaction coordinators and transaction managers. If you haven’t seen the video on listing coordinators or my video on licensed versus unlicensed real estate assistants, I will put the links below and have them up here so that you can watch those as well. Now…

  • How much does it cost to buy a house | Asheville Realtor
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    How much does it cost to buy a house | Asheville Realtor

    Stop making your landlord rich. Become a homeowner today and start building your own equity. Or tell me how much you pay in rent, and I will show you the house that you could own and pay the same in your monthly mortgage payments. Elena Kovrigin: Have you seen this kind of advertisements? Hi, this is my name. This is my job title. This is the subscribe button and this is my hashtag. You know what to do. When talking about rent versus monthly mortgage payments in terms of how easy it can be to become a homeowner can be a little bit misleading. In this video, I’m going to…

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    So, I saw this house on [BEEP] and can totally save some cash just by buying it myself, right? I mean, do I really need a realtor? The answer is a resounding YES. So, some people think that they can just buy a house on their own with little to no experience without really understanding all of the things a realtor does to make the process so much smoother for the buyer. So today, we have expert realtor, Jeff Chreky, to talk to us about the five reasons — to name just a few — you definitely need a realtor. I mean, I don’t think that I could navigate my…

  • Realtor shows MLS Listings Homes For Sale in Bowmanville | Dan Plowman
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    Realtor shows MLS Listings Homes For Sale in Bowmanville | Dan Plowman

    Hey it’s Miranda here from the Dan Plowman Team and boy do I have something awesome for you! Have you been waiting all year to get into the home-ownership game? Well wait no longer I’ve got the perfect place for you. Here in Bowmanville I’ve got an end unit townhouse two stories three bedrooms three bathrooms finished basement garage in a fantastic location. There’s a fully fenced in back yard and above-ground pool everything that you could ask for. It’s at a fantastic price and it could be yours just make sure you act fast because it’s not gonna wait around for long. Come and check out the rest of…