• Ellen’s Got Real Estate Tips
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    Ellen’s Got Real Estate Tips

    – I love real estate, and I think people know that. I love to buy houses, I like to sell houses. When I order a drink, I’d like it to be on the house. And– [laughter] I always want to know what houses are out there, so I’m always looking at the real estate listings. But you have to know how to read them, because they use these secret codes, and they put in things that seem positive, and they’re not, so since I know a few things about homes, and as the creator of HGTV’s “Ellen’s Design Challenge,” Mondays at 9:00– [cheers and applause] Oh, thank you. Oh, thank…

  • Closing Without a Realtor (2019) | Hauseit®
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    Closing Without a Realtor (2019) | Hauseit®

    Closing without a Realtor is easy in states like New York where real estate attorneys are required for contracts. Closing without a Realtor is more difficult in states like California where real estate attorneys are not commonly utilized, and where Realtors help customers fill out standardized purchase agreements instead of customized contracts. What If I Already Have a Real Estate Lawyer? Then you’re in luck because you can easily close without a Realtor as long as you’re able to find a willing counterparty to transact with. In states like New York where both the seller and the buyer have their own attorney, real estate agents’ roles are confined largely to…

  • Broker vs Realtor – What’s the Difference? (2019) | Hauseit®
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    Broker vs Realtor – What’s the Difference? (2019) | Hauseit®

    A Realtor is always a broker or agent because being licensed is a requirement for being a Realtor, but a broker may not always be a Realtor. That’s because Realtor is a trademarked, made up title used by real estate brokers who are members of the National Association of Realtors, otherwise known as NAR, the primary trade association for real estate brokers in the United States. Essentially, being a Realtor means the real estate agent went one step further after getting licensed and joined the National Association of Realtors which is a private trade organization for real estate agents. Realtor vs Real Estate Agent A real estate agent can be…

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    VY QWAINT LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Fails Lie Detector Test Challenge Proving She’s a Hacker!

    What’s up Spy Ninjas! We just unmasked a Project Zorgo hacker and it turned out to be Vy! All the signs point to that Vy Qwaint is working with Project Zorgo. So we’ve got her hooked up to a lie detector test. We’ve got the lie detector expert Daniel, we’ve got Regina– That’s right. Behind the camera. It’s me! And we’ve got Vy, who if she lies three times, she loses the lie detector test. And what does that mean Vy? I’m kicked out of the Spy Ninjas! So don’t lie. This is probably the most important lie detector test we’ve ever done, I had to make sure the readings…

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    Where to Find Cash to Invest in Real Estate with No Money or Credit | Epic Real Estate Investing

    Hot Tip! Your creativity can be a bigger financial resource than actual money; to the point where you don’t even NEED money or ACCESS to bank loans. Think about it, no need for money… or credit… just words and imagination — it’s like one red paperclip, you know the kid who traded from a paperclip to a house in a year? Except… this isn’t nearly as difficult. If he can do that, you can do this. Hang on to your eyeballs, because my primary method of finding money for my deals might shock you. Here it is. FIRST, I look to the seller to provide financing for my deal as…

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    Realtors- How To Get 27 Buyers To Call In One Week – Real Estate Investing

    Hey, it’s Joe. I’ve got another question. “I was reading your article on building a buyers list and I think I understand how to build a database and use the autoresponders and the web pages but I don’t know which of your buyer marketing strategies work best. Could you tell me how to get started building my list and which of the ways would be the least expensive to start using?” – Illona, Alberta, Canada. Illona, there’s a couple of ways. One of the basic, down to earth, really organic ways is that we use these ugly signs that you see around town that say, ‘Rent to buy – no…

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    Find the Topography of Any Property in the World

    – [Seth] Hey everybody, this is Seth from the RE Tipster blog. I wanted to take just a few minutes here and show you a little trick that I have been using for the past few years. Whenever I’m trying to buy a vacant parcel of land, and it’s something that I think a lot of people don’t even really think about when they’re doing their research process but it’s really, really important. And that is to find out what the topography of the property is. And, basically, what that means is the actual elevations and hills, valleys, ravines, anything like that, or if it’s just a flat piece of…

  • Difference Between Realtor and Real Estate Agent / Hire Smart!
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    Difference Between Realtor and Real Estate Agent / Hire Smart!

    – Hello, everyone. Ady Simion, Coldwell Banker. Today, I want to talk to you about the difference between being a Real Estate Agent and being a Realtor. Those two words seems to be confusing. Seems to be, a lot of people think are the same thing, but they’re not. Being a Real Estate Agent is simply a person that has a license to sell Real Estate. They belong to a company, could be Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Keller Williams, whatever, or small brokerages. And they are Real Estate Agents. Now, do you know what a Realtor is? A Realtor is a Real Estate Agent that actually belongs to the National Association…