• Dinorah Guerra For Vice President of Woman’s Council of Realtors
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    Dinorah Guerra For Vice President of Woman’s Council of Realtors

    Womens Council of Realtors has meant different things for me throughout the years of my membership and involvement. It has given me confidence, It’s shown me the importance of collaboration with your peers. I’ve had the opportunity to represent the Council on a local, state, national and international level and let me tell you that credibility that the Women’s Council has throughout the world even is amazing. If I were to summarize Womens Council has done for me throughout my involvement I would definitely said I had individual growth both on a personal and professional level. My husband and I have grown our brokerage to over 400 agents and 4…

  • Facebook Ads Targeting in 2019 | How to Target for Real Estate Agents
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    Facebook Ads Targeting in 2019 | How to Target for Real Estate Agents

    What’s up? Guys, Jason Wardrop here in this video i’m gonna walk through facebook Ads targeting now this one is gonna be specifically for real estate agents but Honestly i’m gonna be able to break down and share with you guys a lot of different things whether your real estate agent Mortgage broker you’ve got a local business whatever business that you’re in and just share with you, guys Some of the things that have worked for me and i’ve seen work for other businesses that i’ve worked with so right here We are in the facebook, ads manager let’s just Jump into, this kay, also real quick actually before…

  • WORST Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2019!
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    WORST Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2019!

    How’s it going everyone Matt Leighton and welcome back to another real estate video. Today we’re going to talk about the worst real estate marketing trends for online listings that I’m seeing right now in the marketplace. These are things that real estate agents and sellers are doing or not doing to their online listings that are totally not working, they’re not helping the buyer, the consumer, in fact these things are actually hurting their property for sale. Now the reason that I wanted to make this video is to help you the buyer. Because wherever there is someone making a mistake or not doing something to the best of…

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    San Diego Realtor | Home Sales- Marketing with VR – Matterport – Cardboard Goggles

    I was out doing a shoot for one of my friends and I got an email, a package has been delivered, it ought to be at the front door let’s go see what it is. How cool is this? Somebody sent me a gift I’m gonna have to set up the studio and do an open boxing, for you. Okay everybody before I open this I want to say thank you I hit 100 subscribers, now something’s gonna happen for Beethoven here real soon. Don’t know exactly what it is but something’s gonna happen for Beethoven. Now why would you stay and watch this vlog? It has to do with…

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    Who Is Eric S. Kramer? A REALTOR® Profile

    My favorite part about meeting a client, especially for the first time I love to take the time to get to know them and where they are in their journey and work around that. My name is Eric Kramer I am a realtor with HER realtors in central Ohio. I enjoy working with people and I get to help them through something that is a very stressful time in their life. Eric is confident knowledgeable and friendly I was pretty fed up with renting but I didn’t know how feasible it was to buy a house so that’s why I started to talk to Eric so he helped me out…

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    Call to Action Examples for Realtors

    What are some good call-to-action examples well I’m going to show you. Welcome back to my channel, I’m Karin Carr, the creator of YouTube for agents and I teach real estate agents how to get more business for free from their YouTube channels. We’re talking about call to action examples. At the end of a video that you make for YouTube, you need to have a call to action. Now what should it be, it should not be, I’m Karin Carr and my phone number is going to be splashed across the bottom of the screen the entire time that I’m on camera talking call me if you know anyone…