• Know your Keywords for the Real Estate Exam!
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    Know your Keywords for the Real Estate Exam!

    Hi, this is Joe from PrepAgent. I’m here with my friend Daniel. How’s it going, Daniel? It’s going good. Your test is coming up soon, isn’t it? Yes, sir. Okay, so I think you said next Tuesday, right? That’s correct. Alright, so we don’t have a lot of time, but we’re going to get you passed, and I wanted to use a little bit of a different technique that we’ve used in other webinars. We just go through questions. What I do with a lot of people as you’re studying for their exam, I tell them make sure you know key words and what I mean by that is when…

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    Hiring Mistakes Realtors Make While Growing Their Team

    – By the time a Realtor calls me for help filling an open role on their team, chances are they’ve looked on their own and they’ve probably made a few hiring mistakes along the way. Today I’m going to share with you the four most common hiring mistakes I hear from agents, and this is based on my more than 10 years of experience working with agents to fill roles on their teams. So today we’re going to talk about the four most common hiring mistakes so that you can avoid them. Let’s dig in. (hip hop music) Hi, I’m Vanessa Rosenblum, President of Pro REA Staffing where we are…

  • Ep. 1: How To Become A Real Estate Agent | California Real Estate License Requirements
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    Ep. 1: How To Become A Real Estate Agent | California Real Estate License Requirements

    So, you want to get your real estate license? I am so happy for you. Real estate’s changed my life, and I’m certain if you do it the right way, it will definitely change yours. Before we get started, I want to talk about the process and how you can get your real estate license. Number one, you must be 18 years old, which means you don’t need a high school diploma, you don’t need a college degree. You just have to be 18 years old. Not a big deal. Number two, you must have legal US residency. Number three, you must, must complete three required courses given by the…

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    Ep. 80: 4 Ways To Stand Out As A Real Estate Agent

    Hello everybody. Thank you for coming to this weeks video blog at California Reality Training. My name Robert Rico. Hopefully to bring, again as usual, some good stuff for you. Take it with you, please. Why not, it’s free. Take it with you and see if you can make some magic in your real estate career. This weeks theme. We want to provide you with four things that will make you stand out. Now you’re a brand new agent. What’s going to make you stand out? What’s going to get people to like you, and trust in you, and give you business? What four things are going to make you…

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    How to get your real estate license in Georgia

    Want to know how to become real estate agent in Georgia I’m Pamela with Hondros College of Business and I will walk you through those steps Step one complete your required education Georgia license law requires 75 hours of education Hondros college of business offers this course online so you can take it anywhere, any time and around your busy schedule Step two complete a background check You must complete a certified background check not more than 60 days prior to making application for a license approval each applicant at their own expense shall obtain a criminal history report issued by the Georgia Crime Information Center of the Georgia bureau…

  • How to Renew a Missouri Real Estate License
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    How to Renew a Missouri Real Estate License

    Missouri real-estate agents I’m about to tell you everything you need and want to know about how to renew your real estate license this year before the September 30th deadline I’ll also tell you what happens if you renew after the deadline but since you’re watching this video hopefully that won’t apply to you. So let’s get started. As a licensed real estate agent in Missouri you need to complete 12 credit hours of continuing education that is approved by the Missouri real estate commission every two years on even-numbered years. Within those 12 hours you are required to complete a three-hour fair housing course which is designated as a…

  • How to Get a Florida Real Estate License
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    How to Get a Florida Real Estate License

    Are you interested in starting a career in Real Estate? Whether you’re looking to make the jump into working full time as an agent or just want to make some extra cash in your spare time, this video will show you just how easy it is to get your Florida Real Estate License. You’re first step is to enroll in a pre-licensing course. Not only is this course required by the Florida Real Estate Commission, but it will also help prepare you to take the state exam and teach you valuable information about your exciting new career. You can take the course online or in a classroom environment and it…

  • Ep. 27: 6 Things To Expect After You Get Your Real Estate License
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    Ep. 27: 6 Things To Expect After You Get Your Real Estate License

    Hello, everybody. Thank you for coming. Robert Rico here at CA Realty Training. Thanks for coming to our weekly video blog. We’re hoping that you get some great real estate information that will help you with your new real estate career or if you’re thinking about getting into the real estate industry. I want to share with you today six things that you can expect once you get that real estate license. Some of these are, whoa, a little uncomfortable. Some of them are, eh, not a big deal. I knew that was coming anyways. Nonetheless, I want to share them with you and make sure you are prepared, make…

  • Real Estate Agent: BEST Career?!
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    Real Estate Agent: BEST Career?!

    what’s up everybody this is brian kocel bc your real estate source of southern california and sales mindset everything else first and foremost if you have any referrals for Southern California we cover a pretty large area myself and my team please feel free to email me in the email below that will flash right here in a couple seconds and we will take care of your clients for you I wanted to make this particular video today because it is something that I get asked frequently whether from people who were you know in high school college or beyond and they asked me Brian is real estate really a…