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    Who Has Better Leads? Zillow vs. Craigslist

    Which system has the better For Sale By Owner leads? Is it Zillow or is it craigslist? Now, our system scrapes both craigslist and Zillow. For a while all we scraped was craigslist and then we switched and all we did was Zillow. And we’ve tested both of them pretty well. And now we’ve brought craigslist back in. So now we scrape both craigslist and Zillow and that seems to be getting us the very highest quality and the most amount of leads that we can get. Now, the difference between the two is craigslist, people post, you know, on a regular basis and they’ll post over and over again,…

  • How Accurate is Zillow?
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    How Accurate is Zillow?

    How accurate is Zillow? It is one of the most popular resources for determining a home’s value. Yet, you don’t need to look very far to find negative opinions of its estimates. With so much conflicting information about Zillow, is it possible to determine its accuracy? The answer is “yes.” In the next few minutes we’ll explain the meaning behind the Zillow numbers. You’ll see that Zillow home values differ from comparative market analyses and appraisals. You’ll learn that Zillow provides valuable information that can be a significant aid when you are buying or selling a house, but there are limits. Let’s start with “what is Zillow?” Foremost, Zillow is…

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    Real Estate Careers – What They’re Really Like

    Micah Lachtman: I’m Micah Lachtman. I’m a residential realtor at Coldwell Banker in Pasadena, California. A typical day for me is servicing my clients’ needs – anywhere from showing them properties in Pasadena and cities beyond, servicing my listings, showing my listings to perspective buyers, making phone calls to my clients, checking the multiple listings service for new listings that just came on the market that suit my clients’ needs, marketing – which is creating ads and determining how to best reach my marketplace, and that’s about it. The lifestyle is truly what you make it. My lifestyle is absolutely fantastic. Being a realtor allows you to really design your…

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    Ryan Serhant, Real Estate Marketing, Working For Free, & The Truth About College | #AskGaryVee 277

    (upbeat music) – All right, guys. Thank you so much for being here. We’re gonna do a little impromptu Ask Gary Vee Show where we will give you guys a Q and A session here. I think the thing that I would highly recommend, I think a lot of people waste these opportunities. To me, the reason I wrote a book about Q and A, have a show around Q and A, try to make every keynote I give now a Q and A, which is hard cause I think a lot of people think you mail in when you go Q and A, and they want a show. But…

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    The Real Estate Agent – Ad – Convo

    Max! This is Greg! I’m looking at Kahobe Property. Nice house, right? Yes. It really is… Listen, I’ve got clients here with me who are interested in buying. Ok. What’s the price. What’s the number? Well, they’re not impressed with the landscaping and the kitchen is outdated. The cabinets need renovating– Get to the point. What’s the number? Well. With renovation expenses in mind, I think it’s a nice number … 560? 560… Hey interpreter… do you hear anything in the background? Oh yes. Seem that there are two people talking in the background… Ok. Hold on. Hello. I am going ahead connect the call. This is Max. Hey Max!…

  • Edward Drennan – Your Trusted Realtor in Oakville (Century 21 Dreams Inc.)
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    Edward Drennan – Your Trusted Realtor in Oakville (Century 21 Dreams Inc.)

    I believe there’s a golden rule. There is a cause and effect of what we do. And I believe that holds true in your personal world as well as in the business world. “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” They will remember you because you have their best interests at heart. And it circulates back to you. Selling my first home, that was a little bit stressful because I had to move on employment. But I did find that the reassurances of the agent I had from Century 21, calmed it down and he got the job done for me, so it turned out very well.…

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    Tampa Waterfront Homes for Sale – Tips When Buying – Lance Mohr – Tampa Realtor

    Hi, my name is Lance Mohr and I’m a real estate agent in Tampa and I wanted to do a video today because I had a gentleman call me, actually someone I knew in Tampa. He had one of his friends that was looking for a waterfront home in Tampa Bay. It was more of an acquaintance and the gentleman was looking at Tampa waterfront homes for sale and they decided to buy a lot so they contacted a real estate agent and they didn’t know at the time this real estate agent really didn’t have a clue in what they were doing so let me just tell you about…

  • 2 More Ways To Automate Your Real Estate Investing Business
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    2 More Ways To Automate Your Real Estate Investing Business

    Hey, it’s Joe. This video is titled 2 More Ways to Automate Your Real Estate Investing Business So You Don’t Have to Do the Work. You know I don’t like to do the work. I want to work on my business not in my business. I don’t want to do the day-to-day stuff. I want to just make sure that everything is going properly. And there’s, I’ve talked a lot about outsourcing, I’ve talked about automation. I want to talk about one specific type of automation here first. And that’s the tasks process in the Pushbutton Automarketer. There’s a system in the, a follow up system in the Automarketer that…