• Realtor Answers Funny Questions From The Internet | Apartments (Yahoo Answers & Quora!)
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    Realtor Answers Funny Questions From The Internet | Apartments (Yahoo Answers & Quora!)

    Your landlord is sneaking into your apartment and leaving bread and your lights on when you are not home. This is Hilarious. Realtors From Apartments Near Me Reacts to Yahoo Answers from Landlords and Tenants And Some Questions from Quora First question, my landlord gave me 24 hours to get rid of my pet chimp Bingo doesn’t bingo have rights too? We can’t just dump him off somewhere. Well if it’s a chimpanzee, you might be in violation of some apartment rules there it would be specified the lease and i’m pretty sure chimpanzees are not allowed. We can’t just dump him off somewhere. I think Bingo’s gonna have to…

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    HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME AND BUY ANOTHER | Real Estate | Tips in 2019 | Realtor 2020

    what’s good everyone this is Chris Haith I’m gonna explain to you the process of selling your home to buy another one so what we have to do we have to plan for it you have to figure out where do you want to live why do you want to live in that area and what kind of home are you actually looking for there’s not to be happy big a backyard does it have to be smaller than what you have bigger than what you have more accommodating for you know your parents that might be living with you or does it have to accommodate the fact that your…

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    Ep. 61: Why Should You Choose A Career In Real Estate?

    Hey everybody. Thank you for coming to this week’s video blog. My name is Robert Rico here with California Realty training. I hope I can bring some great stuff to you just like I brought myself a nice beautiful delicious hot cup of coffee. It is so good. But I’d like to provide some good stuff for you. Some good information that will provide you with a great career, maybe to start off strong and stay strong, that will be up to you, but I’d like you to start off strong, hand you the baton, and you take off from there. Now today’s discussion will be a pretty simple one,…

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    How Reliable Are Zillow Home Estimates For Las Vegas Properties?

    Hello. Jillian Batchelor here with the Batchelor Group in Las Vegas, Nevada and daily homeowners will ask me if they can trust Zillow and similar websites when they tell them what their home is worth. Well, unfortunately, this is a complicated answer. Their data is compiled from multiple resources, and this all factors into the figure that they would then assess to your home. These resources consist of third-party calculation companies that then provide their county records into an electronic format that Zillow can then use. This is from a public record data, but not from any MLS board. Another resource is when owners update their own property info directly…

  • Instagram Ads For Real Estate Marketing – 56 Real Estate Leads Per Week!
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    Instagram Ads For Real Estate Marketing – 56 Real Estate Leads Per Week!

    What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I’m going to show you some Instagram ads for your real estate Marketing and I’m gonna walk through step by step showing you everything that you need to do to get your ads set up So you can generate more leads and then at the end I’ll show you guys how you can actually book more appointments from the leads that you’re generating now also really quick is a special bonus to all those who are watching this video right here right now you guys my 100% free facebook ads and Instagram ads mini-course All you got to do…

  • Should You Become a Real Estate Agent?
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    Should You Become a Real Estate Agent?

    Hey y’all! Leigh Brown here, to answer the age-old question of, “Should you become a realtor?” Now, as somebody who thoroughly enjoys my realtor life and living out there in the real estate world. I got a lot of questions from random people and I think they’re delightful, frankly the most random people are just wonderful. And this was actually started not just by one question but it happens all the time and I’m pretty sure that all of my real estate friends out there, y’all get all these questions too. Because frankly, some of y’all making this look way too easy I mean you dress up, you look cute,…

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    Why use a REALTOR? Top 5 Dumb Reasons REALTORS give.

    I’m looking over my associations website; my REALTOR association. Why use a realtor? That’s the page that drew my attention. I’m gonna rundown these bullets here that they list. The first one is: “Only real estate licensees who are members of the National Association of Realtors are properly called REALTORS.” Now, why would you, as a client, even care about that? That’s just a trade association. Number two bullet: “We proudly display the REALTOR logo on the business card or other marketing materials and sales literature.” Again, I don’t care; I don’t see how that’s relevant. Number three: “We are committed to treat all parties to a transaction honestly.” Really???…