• Ep. 5: The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent | What Do They Do At Work?
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    Ep. 5: The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent | What Do They Do At Work?

    Welcome to our video blog. My name is Robert Rico, California Realty Training. Thanks for coming. So you want to know what a real estate agent actually does all day long? Well, let me tell you. The typical day is extremely, extremely atypical. For example, if you’re working with a seller, boy, there’s a lot of things you do with a seller. For example, when you’re working with a seller, first thing you want to do is get their motivation. Are they motivated to sell? If they’re motivated to sell, then what you do is you pay them a visit, and of course you come along with comps, comparables. With…

  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers Career Video
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    Real Estate Agents and Brokers Career Video

    Whether they represent the people who want to buy property or those who have property to sell, real estate brokers and sales agents help clients find the property they’re looking for, and complete successful transactions. Most agents and brokers work with either homes or business properties. They show properties to customers, travel to see properties for sale, and meet with potential clients. They also present purchase offers, and manage negotiations between buyers and sellers. Agents and brokers invest a lot of time looking for clients, and for property to sell. Real estate sales agents must work for brokers, who are licensed and own their own businesses. Agents earn a commission…

  • The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings – Part 1 | #TomFerryShow
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    The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings – Part 1 | #TomFerryShow

    – Hey, today we’re going through the first of four different listing attraction systems, so you can be totally dominant in your marketplace. (rock music) Hey, welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. Super excited to share with you guys today a four part series where I’m going to walk you through 16, there we go, 16 different listing attraction strategies. We’ve shared 33 of them recently at the success summit, and here’s what’s great. I’ve identified four for this week, and I’ll do four each week, giving you an opportunity to become more listing dominant. What do we know, right? It’s cliche, we’ve all heard it before, but you gotta…

  • Is Real Estate Going Down? | Ed Kaminsky answers the toughest questions on the internet
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    Is Real Estate Going Down? | Ed Kaminsky answers the toughest questions on the internet

    Rolling? Ready. [snap] Hi I’m Ed Kaminsky and today I’m going to be answering the most commonly asked questions about real estate on the Internet. [music] Is real estate going down? Yes, what goes up comes down. It always does at some point. If you’re thinking about real estate, think in long terms. Think in 10-year increments and whatever it goes down It’s going to come back up. Real Estate has always moved like this, up and down, up and down, but always up. Why is real estate a good investment? If you’re investing in real estate especially in rental property and your tenants are paying the mortgage you’re making…

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    How To Find A Mentor If You Have No Money – Real Estate Investing

    Joe: Hey, it’s Joe again. I’ve got another question. This one is from Darrin Dish from Newport, Connecticut. Darrin says, Darrin: “Hi, Joe. I love what you teach and I truly would love to be mentored by you, but I just can’t afford your partner program. Can you give me some tips on how to find a mentor without spending any money?” Joe: Absolutely. Sometimes it’s not possible to come up with the kind of money I charge for a program like this, and I understand that. That doesn’t mean you should give up your dream. Too many people say — I get emails all the time that say, ‘I’m…

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    What does a Realtor do?

    Hi everyone! Glad you could join us. Today we’re talking about what a REALTOR® does and why it’s important We’ll discuss that right now. Hi everyone! So glad you could join us today. We’re a husband-and-wife real estate team in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas. Before we get to today’s topic be sure to click the subscribe button below. We add a new video each week and we don’t want you to miss anything. So what does a Realtor do? There are a lot of misconceptions about what a Realtor does and does not do. When you’re working with a Realtor, it’s important to know what their duties are…

  • How to Find a Realtor-Questions to Ask a Realtor
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    How to Find a Realtor-Questions to Ask a Realtor

    How to find a realtor? Well that’s what I’m going to be talking about in today’s video. So let’s get started. Hi everyone! My name is Anne-Marie Priske with the Priske Homes Team and Keller Williams in Corona California. You can get up to the second current homes available in all of Southern California by searching online at ampriskehomes.com Real estate agents can take work off your hands and even help get a better deal for you if you find the right one. So how do you find a realtor that you can trust to help you buy or sell a home? Well the answers are in the questions that…

  • Do BC homesellers need to disclose that their house is haunted? Realtor Tony Browton
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    Do BC homesellers need to disclose that their house is haunted? Realtor Tony Browton

    When selling a haunted house, are sellers in BC required to disclose the alleged spiritual infestation? According the Real Estate Council of British Columbia’s website, when buyers and sellers are each represented by their own agent, the seller has no obligation at law to disclose a “stigma” that affects the property. Examples of these stigmas include a death in the property, that the property was robbed or vandalized, or that the house is claimed to be haunted. If the seller is asked specifically about otherworldly roommates, the RECBC’s Professional Standards Manual states sellers can answer the question directly or decline to answer and instruct the buyer to conduct his or…

  • My First Year as a  REALTOR® #STORYTIME
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    My First Year as a REALTOR® #STORYTIME

    Hey friends! Welcome to Leigh Brown story time! I was asked to share with y’all, about my experience as a new REALTOR® when I got into the business 19 years ago. Now, what you should know is that when I first got in,I felt lost, and out of dead-end in my professional life at the ripe young age of 21. When that happened because I was coming out of a job in corporate sales for Husqvarna, where I sold premium chainsaws, lawn mowers, and weed trimmers. And no, they are not surpassed by any other brand truly the best. And before that I had worked as a stock broker for…