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    Mortgage Marketing Technology – Close More Loans Without Spending More Money on Marketing

    Hey it’s Andrew Pawlak here, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Coach @ leadPops.com. I assume if you’re watching this video you’re: …trying to figure out what this is all about, and whether or not it’s relevant to you… …as quickly as possible. I don’t blame you. I’d be doing the same. Let’s get right into it. If you’re in the mortgage business and looking to consistently close more loans without spending more money on marketing… Then the answer is YES – this is relevant; keep watching. I want to talk to you about Conversion Optimization… What that means is: working towards getting the best results possible. It can be applied to…

  • How To Use Equity To Buy Investment Property | Property Investing | Mortgage Finance / Refinance
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    How To Use Equity To Buy Investment Property | Property Investing | Mortgage Finance / Refinance

    Equity is the difference between what your property is worth today minus your mortgage. How can you use this equity to buy investment property? That’s coming up after this. Hi. My name is Tony Law from Your First Four Houses and my channel is all about helping you achieve financial freedom through property. If this is your first time here, be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification icon so you don’t miss out on any of the free content I share each week. Before we get into this, I just had to say I’m not FCA approved so before you take any action on any of…

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    Buying A New Construction Home | 7 TIPS | Asheville Realtor

    Twelve years ago, before I was a realtor and knew anything about real estate, let alone about new construction, my husband and I bought our first home and it was new construction. Only except our house didn’t exactly look like that one, it looked more like this one. Actually, this is the house that we bought. This is our house. This house doesn’t really look like your brand new dream home, huh? So what could have possibly gone wrong? Elena Kovrigin: Hi my name is Elena Kovrigin, this is my name, this is my job title, this is a subscribe button that you might want to click and this is…

  • VA Home Loan Program:  Why Should Realtors Work with VA?
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    VA Home Loan Program: Why Should Realtors Work with VA?

    [upbeat music]>>Text: Mark Connors, VA Home Loan Guaranty Service>>Speaking: We like to work very closely with NAR, or the National Association of Realtors(TM). We have this tremendous benefit that is available to Servicemembers that have earned the benefit. However, if it were not for Realtors(TM), we wouldn’t be able to provide this benefit to the Veterans. Now, as our director likes to say as far as a VA home loan program goes, ‘This is not your grandfather’s VA home loan program,’ and so what is meant by that is that there are a lot of myths; and we’re working hard to overcome the myths — — and in large part…

  • Realtors – How to Prepare for 2019
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    Realtors – How to Prepare for 2019

    Good morning, Texas Realtors, it’s Bubba Bashaw with Lionshare training in Austin’s Lender right here in Central, Texas You’re probably wondering why I’m wearing such a bright spring shirt Because I’m getting ready for the spring and it is going to be better than any year We have seen in real estate in the past. I was just making a few notes and with your permission I’ll share them with you this spring our office is set up to do FHA and conventional loans faster than you can ever imagine and I’m going to tell you why first of all our rates are Unbelievable. I shop the market all the…

  • How To Use Equity To Buy Investment Property | Real Estate Investing Education & Mortgage Tips
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    How To Use Equity To Buy Investment Property | Real Estate Investing Education & Mortgage Tips

    Equity is the difference between the price paid for a property and the current value. Let’s say, you bought your home 7 years ago for 150,000. And just recently you have noticed that other properties selling in your street for 200,000. That means you have potentially got 50,000 of equity in your current home. Let’s also say that you purchased that home with a 10% deposit meaning you have got a mortgage for 135,000. So if you sold the property for 200,000, you will receive 65,000 less your selling fees, which includes your 15,000 deposit plus your 50,000 in equity. With me so far? So how do you use the…

  • What is a mortgage? | SURE Sales Group Ep. 6
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    What is a mortgage? | SURE Sales Group Ep. 6

    Here’s a few things you don’t know about getting a mortgage on your house. I thought it make sense to explain some of the key concepts of financing when you’re buying a home. What is a mortgage? A mortgage is the instrument that lending institutions use to give people the money they need to buy a house. I know you understand that, everyone understands that. We all know what a mortgage is; but there’s three components of it. There’s the deed of trust, in Maryland at least. You have a deed of trust, a promissory note and a grant deed. I’m not going to cover those things because they only…

  • Mortgage Interest Rates Explained by a Realtor
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    Mortgage Interest Rates Explained by a Realtor

    Good mornin’! Let’s just call this particular video a little bit of perspective. Now, I called it PSA, so instead of a Public Service Announcement, let’s call it a perspective adjustment because y’all, the real estate markets all over the country have been cooling off for some several weeks and when you talk to any economic guru or financial wizard, they’ll tell you, “The soft spot in the economy right now is real estate.” And they don’t really have a good reason why because we now do have some inventory cropping up all over the country, and we have houses that aren’t selling as quickly, and the first thing people…