• Real Estate Master IIIx Loan Amortization How To
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    Real Estate Master IIIx Loan Amortization How To

    Now let me show you basic amortization on the calculator. We’ll look at a two hundred fifty thousand dollar loan amount, a thirty year term at 5.875 interest. We’ll go ahead and press our payment button. Now to get your simple amortization you just go ahead and press [Amort]. This will give you your amortization schedule, which is 360 payments. Press [Amort] one more time – this will give us our total interest. Press [Amort] again – this will give us our total principal. Press [Amort] one more time – this will give us our total principal and interest. Press [Amort] again – this is our remaining balance. If you…

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    Andrew Yang – Bringing Bold and Unique Ideas to His 2020 White House Bid | The Daily Show

    Welcome to the show. Well, it’s great to be here. Thank you so much for having me. Can I… can I just say, of all the candidates I’ve seen on the trail, you seem to be having the most fun. Are you? Well, it’s a very low bar you’ve set, Trevor. (laughter) What does that even mean? You are. You’re, like, out there. You’ve got, like, cool music. You’re, like, rapping at, like, campaign events. It feels like Andrew Yang– you’re just, like… You’re having a good time whilst you’re putting out your policy proposals. The only place where you didn’t seem like you were having fun was at the…

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    Pre-Algebra 7 – Associative & Distributive Properties of Multiplication

    Hello. I’m Professor Von Schmohawk and welcome to Why U. In our last lecture we saw that addition and multiplication are both commutative operations. The order of numbers which are added or multiplied can be rearranged without affecting the result. As we saw, addition also has an “associative” property. According to the Associative Property of Addition three or more numbers which are added can be grouped in any way without affecting the result. Does this also apply to multiplication? Let’s start with our stack of 24 boxes and group them in different ways before multiplying. For instance if we group the two and the three we get four groups of…

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    Effective Nuclear Charge, Shielding effect, & Periodic Properties Tutorial; Crash Chemistry Academy

    Today’s video is about shielding and effective nuclear charge. Shielding and effective nuclear charge are in a sense two sides of the same coin. It gives us a model to understand how the behavior of atoms derives from the interplay of positive and negative particles in the atom. And we call that behavior atomic properties. More specifically shielding and effective nuclear charge refer to how the interplay of positive and negative affect the valence electron shell since that is primarily where chemistry occurs. There are two forces in the atom that result in the chemistry we experience. One is the negative electron and positive proton exerting an attractive force on…

  • Math Antics – Volume
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    Math Antics – Volume

    Hi, I’m Rob. Welcome to Math Antics! In this lesson, we’re going to learn about another important geometry quantity called Volume. Specifically, we’re going to learn what volume is, and what kind of units we use to measure volume, and how we can calculate the volumes of a few simple geometric shapes. The first thing you need to know is that Volume is a quantity that all 3-Dimensional objects have, but to understand what it means, it will help if we back up just a little and start out with a 1-Dimensional object like this line segment. To measure a 1-Dimensional object we need a 1-Dimensional quantity which we usually…

  • Real Estate Master IIIx Solving LTV Loan to Value How To
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    Real Estate Master IIIx Solving LTV Loan to Value How To

    Now let me show you how we calculate loan to value on the calculator. We’re gonna go ahead and enter in a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar price and we have a known down payment of forty five thousand, so we’ll put that right in the down payment. We’re going to press down payment again because the second function of down payment is our loan to value, which would give us a down payment percentage of eighteen percent. Press down payment one more time. It would give us a loan to value of eighty two percent, so we know that we are above our eighty percent and we’ll probably…

  • Basic Number Properties Rap
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    Basic Number Properties Rap

    Chorus: Properties are thumpin, properties are bumpin, listen to these beats…we’ll get your math skills jumpin. Verse 1: Associative is all about how numbers are grouped. It works for addition, multiplication too. Take a good look at the parentheses. Here it’s one and two, but over there it’s two and three. Solve it either way, you’ll get the same old thing. Pay attention…be as powerful and Deng Xioping. Chorus Verse 2: Mess up the commutative is your own dang fault. It’s just that changing the order gives the same result. It works if you add or if you multiply. You can do this even if you’re just a little guy.…