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    What It Takes To Get Started In Real Estate Investment | Smart Real Estate Coach

    I’m here with real estate and Boston power player Chris Prefontaine from smartrealestatecoach.com. Now Chris, there’s a lot of infomercials out there ads where you can buy these kits so to say right? become a real estate investor, invest in this course and it’s going to make you money. I think a lot of those people get the kits and it sits on the desk so do you really need experience to jump into this game of real estate investing? A kind of dual edged answer here Chris, oh yes and no. I instead of addressing experience would like to address their expectations because I’m a realist, if you come…

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    Facebook Ads For Realtors – 3 Top Performing Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

    What’s up guys we’re gonna give you a minute just have some people jump on here But we’re gonna talk about some Facebook ads for realtors in this video. I’m gonna break down some of our top performing Facebook ads We’re going to talk about listing lead ads. Okay, I’m going to talk about I don’t know I actually might hold off on Byerly’s but we’re gonna go through open house leads and a couple of so lead ads that you guys can kind of take a look at and see the structure of how we’re creating these ads and Then I’ll actually even show you guys The landing pages…

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    Benefits of Using a Local REALTOR®

    We did use a local REALTOR®. We were very impressed with her. She really knew the market, she really knew how to negotiate on our behalf, knew what was reasonable to ask for, what we’d be able to get. The experience working with a local REALTOR® was fantastic. He knew the area, was able to really show us around, what we were getting into, all the comparables, really listened to what it was we were looking for as new first-time buyers in the area. When we were looking into moving into a home we did go with a local REALTOR® to kind of help us transition into that. Their knowledge…

  • How to use a 360 camera for your real estate business
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    How to use a 360 camera for your real estate business

    – Hi, and welcome. My name is Simon Cohen, and today, I’m going to give you a quick introduction to using 360 cameras in your real estate business. 360 cameras, like this Samsung Gear 360, let you shoot photos and videos that capture, as the name suggests, 360 degrees around you. When played back on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or VR goggles, viewers can choose where they want to look, instead of only seeing one perspective. Unlike panoramas, with 360 photos and videos, you can look up, down, as well as side to side, perfect for checking out hardwood floors, or perhaps decorative crown moldings. You’ve probably already seen 360…

  • Realtors- I Want To Get Rich Quick. Can You Help Me? – Real Estate Investing
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    Realtors- I Want To Get Rich Quick. Can You Help Me? – Real Estate Investing

    Question: “Are you one of those get rich quick guys from late night TV? I want to get rich quick.” Joe: (He didn’t put a name on there). Joe: This is not a get rich quick scheme. I don’t know if I have to tell you that to most of you. It’s a business building program. If you don’t do anything, you don’t make any money. If you follow through with the process, though, you can do very well and its very likely that you will get rich, but it takes time. Joe: I tell everybody, ‘Give yourself time to make this happen.’ I think I mentioned that in a…

  • 8 things to look for in an awesome Realtor
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    8 things to look for in an awesome Realtor

    Hello, I’m Aaron Lovett and I’m a Realtor in Middle Tennessee I represent Century 21 United Realty I would love to talk to you about 8 things that you should look for in a real estate agent that’s right, we’re not all created equal we don’t all have the same business strategies or plans or work ethic I’m not going to talk about professionalism or communication style or soft qualities like that Instead 8 things that you can ask your agent about when you interview them to find out if they really should be your agent. so when you are shopping around looking for an agent to represent you as…

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    ReminderMedia: The REALTOR®

    With so many people to choose from to sell your home. Who do you trust with your business? Today, three seasoned agents are going to compete to become the The REALTOR®. Hi, I’m Maggie and I’m currently starting the process of selling my home and today I’m here to find the REALTOR® of my dreams. How’re you feeling today, Maggie? I’m a bit nervous, but I’m really excited. Well, it’s understandable because the sale of your home is quite literally the most important financial transaction of your entire life. But something tells me you’re gonna end up in the right hands. So So, without further ado. Let’s meet your REALTORS®.…