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    Buyers or Sellers market? | Asheville Realtor

    Is it a buyer’s or a seller’s market? Hmm. That’s a good question to ask, especially if you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate. Hi, my name is Elena Kovrigin. I’m a realtor with Coldwell Banker King, here in Asheville, North Carolina. I’m so glad that you’re watching this video. I hope you find this information useful. If it’s your first time on my channel, go ahead and click on that subscribe button and click on the little bell so that you get notifications every time I post a new video. You probably hear a lot of talk that it’s a very strong seller’s market, and you need to…

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    Market Pulse | March 2018 | Northern Virginia Real Estate

    – Hey everybody, Alex Bracke here with the Alex Bracke Real Estate Group, powered by Pearson Smith Realty, coming at you with the March 2018 Market Pulse. So, we’ve got a crazy seller’s market on our hands. Right now, our supply, which we talk about supply in terms of how many months’ supply do we have? So, hypothetically, if today buyers kept buying houses but sellers stopped putting them on the market, how long before we ran out? Now typically, anywhere between four and six is considered a neutral market. It’s neither buyer’s nor seller’s market. Less than four months is a seller’s market, and more than six months is…

  • Sept Real Estate Market Update
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    Sept Real Estate Market Update

    It’s October already which means it’s time for the monthly market update through the month of September. At least we’re starting to get some Fall weather. I know, right? Well, join us as we take a look at the local real estate market and what interest rates are up to. Let’s dive in! Hi, I’m Stewart Ebaugh with Keller Williams Realty. And I am too! Even though the summer season is over, the real estate market continues to be very strong and it’s still very much a seller’s market. Yeah, we’re having a tough time finding the right home for some of our buyer clients. So let’s take a look…

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    Vancouver Area Real Estate Market Update for September 2019

    Hi, this is Nick Chen with REMAX and your Vancouver real estate market update for September 2019. Stagnation and fluctuation. These seemingly contradictory words describe the current state of the real estate market in Metro Vancouver. More specifically, they describe the sales volume and average sales prices for the overall market. It’s true that in most areas the sales numbers are higher now than one year ago. We cannot ignore the fact that these same areas also have a higher number of homes listed whilst the average sales price hasn’t improved. Overall it is lower by a spread of 2% to 10%, depending on the area and type of housing.…

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    4th Quarter 2019: Toronto Real Estate Market Update

    Hey guys, Bradley tuning in and today I’m going to discuss the three things that you must know going into the fourth quarter here in the Toronto real estate market. They are the biggies. We do topics on a weekly basis to share with you guys some of the biggest movements that are happening, some of the biggest trends, but today I want to share my favorite two that we’ve seen, we’ve been tracking, and also I want to share with you an upcoming trend, what I would consider a prediction following the election. I’m going to share that with you by the end of this video, but before I…

  • Pre-developed Land Banking Real Estate – Best Long-Term Investment for Retirement / Wealth / Legacy
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    Pre-developed Land Banking Real Estate – Best Long-Term Investment for Retirement / Wealth / Legacy

    real estate money safe legacy retirement title buy land deed secure wealth fund proven rollover land banking plot of land own land pre developed pre-developed land ing retirement private wealth management wealth management retirement planning trust fund money management wealth management firms sovereign wealth funds sovereign wealth fund retirement savings calculator retirement calculator retirement fund calculator fidelity wealth central early retirement fidelity retirement fidelity ira rollover money matters money management software investing money hsbc wealth management retirement income calculator saving money wealth enhancement group retirement age calculator real estate investing advice retirement calculators free real estate investing strategies money investment wealth investment self directed retirement accounts investment retirement okay so…

  • Is A Recession Bad For Real Estate?
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    Is A Recession Bad For Real Estate?

    Hey there! Jennifer Hein with Rodeo Realty and I would like to talk about a word that scares a lot of people and has been all over the news lately. Recession!!! And you know what? After what happened in the 2008 recession, it’s perfectly understandable why a lot of people would be concerned about the housing market. So, I’d like to offer a little bit of clarity in this video about what a recession is and how it relates to the housing market. What is a recession? According to Oxford Dictionary, a recession is a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced generally identified…

  • Stocks Vs Real Estate
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    Stocks Vs Real Estate

    Meet Samantha. She saved up some money and used it to build wealth. She bought a residential house in 2010 for $300,000 and rented it for $20,000 per year. Samantha, being the Real Estate maverick she is, somehow managed to double the number of families occupying the residential asset, increasing the rent by $10,000 per annum to $30,000, generating in the process an annual 10% return on her $300,000 original investment. As a result of the increase in rent, Samantha’s house is now worth $400,000. Meet Christopher. He, too, saved up some funds and started investing to generate new wealth. In 2010, Christopher decided to invest $300,000 and buy a…

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    How to Sell a House : Find a Realtor

    Now how do you find a realitor the realitor that’s going to work for you of course you can call me Monique Hitzman with Keller Williams and I would love to help you at least give you advise. The best way though is to look in your neighborhood and who is selling in your neighborhood, have you received postcards from them recently, have you also go to some open houses in your neighborhood. To see how they represent the house how do they talk to people and then I suggest you go and get a couple of names, 3 people one from someone you now, you can get one just…

  • Minnie:  A realtor’s experience in San Diego
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    Minnie: A realtor’s experience in San Diego

    MINNIE RZESLAWSKI (President/Broker of 24K International Realty): I’m Minnie Rzeslawski, with 24K International Realty. I sell real estate here in San Diego. I’ve been a broker since 1998. I’ve been in Real Estate since 1988. I like dealing with people. And that is one of the reasons I got into this business. I like dealing with people, I like seeing their smiling faces when they’re finally given the keys to their first brand new home. Before the crash, it was booming. Business was booming, plenty of buyers, plenty of sellers, lots of interest. There’s a long line of people waiting to buy that one home. People were buying multiple homes.…