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    It’s a whole new world with Facebook advertising. Facebook was basically just to post pictures of my kids I’m talking to my partners and we’re trying to getting ideas. And once I told them this we were on it We were on a trip to Tampa and on the plane they were bugging out They saw my phone after I got off the plane and we landed they saw my phone blow up They were like, why is your phone going off constantly? All right, what’s up guys? Jason worked up here and I’m here with Gary out of New York Gary. What’s up, man? How are you? Jason? Not…

  • THE DEATH of Facebook Ads For Realtors 💀
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    THE DEATH of Facebook Ads For Realtors 💀

    What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and just recently Facebook once again change their Facebook advertising Algar and their updates everything they’re gonna allow you to do you can see this was posted March 19th of 2019 and it was written by a shale sandberg who is their chief operating officer? So I’ve seen a lot of this in facebook groups and our Facebook group all over the place So I just wanted to address some of the concerns and questions that everyone has about targeting for the real estate space Specifically and you can see this article is titled doing more to protect against discrimination in housing employment…

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    Dangers for Women in Real Estate | Safety for Realtor | Staying Safe While Meeting Strangers

    Realtor Safety Video � Top Seven Personal Safety Tips for Women Hey all! It�s Neva at timeforinvesting.com and I just thank you for stopping by my blog. Today, I just want to share with you top seven tips to stay safe when you�re visiting properties to do your repair estimate. I was going back and forth in email with a young lady that stated that she had concerns visiting properties by herself in this business. So, I just wanted to share some helpful tips that I do and I definitely welcome comments and suggestions for additional things that women can do, includes the men as well, can do to stay…

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    🏠Real Estate Leads WithOUT Zillow, Trulia, or Realtor.com

    How would you like to generate real estate leads in your area of people actively looking to buy or sell a home Without having to rely on Trulia Zillow or even realtor.com… that’d be pretty cool, right? So in this video, I’m gonna show you how to take control of your own real estate lead generation So you can generate leads that are Exclusive to you and at a fraction of the price compared to these big advertising sites And these are people actively looking to buy or sell homes now a lot of my videos on my channel are about Facebook and Instagram ads and how to do lead…

  • How To Get Leads In Real Estate – (no one is showing you this..🤫)
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    How To Get Leads In Real Estate – (no one is showing you this..🤫)

    What’s up You guys Jason Wardrop here in this video going to break down how to get leads in real estate and I’m gonna show you guys specifically Using YouTube how you can generate those leads buyer leads so leads if you have listings don’t have listings doesn’t matter if you’re bringing in real estate or even a seasoned veteran this works extremely well and the great thing about YouTube is that Facebook Instagram since they’re owned by the same company they’re taking away a lot of the targeting options, right? You can’t target based on income can’t do a lot of like the you know, the gender profiling or…

  • The Facebook Ad ANY Realtor Can Copy! (Facebook Lead Ads 2019)
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    The Facebook Ad ANY Realtor Can Copy! (Facebook Lead Ads 2019)

    Today I want to show you how to set up a facebook lead form specifically for Realtors now the cool thing about this is I’m going to show you guys how to get this all set up in just a couple Of clicks. So if you have zero experience with Facebook Ads, you’re not really technically savvy I’m gonna show you how to simplify this whole process and with that said over the last couple of years we’ve worked with over 5100 real estate professionals. So we’ve got a pretty good idea of really what works what doesn’t work And so we can just simplify the whole process for you…

  • How To Generate 34 Real Estate Leads In 1 Week!!
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    How To Generate 34 Real Estate Leads In 1 Week!!

    – Today I wanna break down how to start generating your first two to five leads per day for your real estate business, even if you’re a completely newbie and have no existing online presence. So whether you’re a newbie to the real estate industry or you’re a newbie to lead generation, digital marketing, all that stuff, I’m gonna break it down, I’m gonna show you guys the templates and everything of how you can finally get that consistency in your business. Because, obviously, if you’re generating consistent leads, that’s gonna result in a consistent number of appointments that you’re setting, which will then result in a consistency with the…

  • Vision Board Success Story | Real Estate Vision Board | Vision Board – Realtor |Realtor Vision Board
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    Vision Board Success Story | Real Estate Vision Board | Vision Board – Realtor |Realtor Vision Board

    Hi, it’s Neva and it’s time for investing.com. I just completed my vision board for 2017 and if you ever thought creating a vision board is a waste of time, is stupid, I need you to watch this video so i can tell you how important it is and how it can change your life. Number one. First of all, I want to stress to you three top important things about vision boards. I’ve used them since I was a little kid not realizing that they were vision boards. I just cut pictures, keep in my book, notebooks and things like that. But it actually programs your mind. The first…