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    Minecraft Far Lands or Bust – Episode #001 – The First Day

    Hey guys My name is Kurt And welcome to my first Minecraft video It also happens to be my first video game commentary So hopefully I’m not too terrible at it But I guess I’ll let you guys be the judge of that As you can see, I’ve definitely played Minecraft before There’s a few worlds I already have going here But for this I want to create a brand new world Just so we can experience it together Let’s call it YouTube world And let’s get going! What is it going to create for me this time? Ooh Snowy Nice little cliff here Oh, pine trees, I don’t know…

  • Minecraft SAFE HOUSE: 10 Minute, 1 Minute, 10 Seconds!
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    Minecraft SAFE HOUSE: 10 Minute, 1 Minute, 10 Seconds!

    10 Seconds, 1 Minute, 10 Minutes. It has been a while since I’ve taken on this challenge and for good reasons, to be honest with you, it’s stressful I feel like when I do these 10 second 1 minute 10 minute videos they age me about 3 years (no…) Okay? (Subtitles By CoolAbhi1290, I am down below) I would say the worst one is the one minute challenge just because you’re trying so hard to get everything done in one minute It’s not very long. But you kind of want to do something decently impressive and just oh it’s a nightmare (But fun Mumbo!) it’s fun is a fun nightmare,…

  • I Made a House out of Your Ideas in Minecraft
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    I Made a House out of Your Ideas in Minecraft

    Your ideas are always great. And trust me I mean this in a really good way, because when I try and come up with ideas for redstone builds and things, it’s always stuff like chicken farms, and enchanting areas, and anvil replacement systems, and armor equipping stations… all the stuff that is quite useful but I mean… Come on. It doesn’t exactly break the mold, does it? So I thought I would take to Twitter and ask you guys to submit your ideas for things to put inside my redstone house and well, I think it’s safe to say some of them are a little bit out there. Katie has…

  • WELCOME TO JACKABOY LAND | Planet Coaster #1
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    WELCOME TO JACKABOY LAND | Planet Coaster #1

    Top of the morning to ‘ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to Planet Coaster! I’ve been meaning to play this game for quite a while cause I’ve seen other Youtubers around the Youtube Sphere, playing it and testing it out and doing lots of stuff. They are a lot better at it than I will be This is like my first time to- I got in and I like testing it out for a small bit, just to see what the controls were like, and to see- um, if I could actually do anything in it and, It’s quite intuitive, it’s kind of like, if you never played…

  • I made a Grian Proof House in Minecraft
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    I made a Grian Proof House in Minecraft

    I need to Grian-proof. Now don’t get me wrong. I really like him. He’s a fantastic guy He’s a good friend of mine, but good grief. I need to protect my builds from him sometimes Okay, flicking levers that you shouldn’t be flicking, stealing gunpowder that you shouldn’t be stealing. We need to create some form of Grian proof structure. Which is exactly what I’ve done. I have created… I have cr– [laughing] oh god its a monstrosity It literally looks like a clickbait pro minecrafter house like how to get rich in minecraft, this would be the thumbnail So I’ve created a building that is essentially kryptonite for Grian.…

  • Donald Trump’s Real Estate Tycoon – brutalmoose
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    Donald Trump’s Real Estate Tycoon – brutalmoose

    [Voice from Gauntlet] I’ve not seen such bravery Hello, everyone. Ian here, and today is a special day. It’s not often that I get to be topical on this show Given that I don’t cover current games But today is one of the exciting days where current events and old entertainment meet. Because today, we’re taking a look at “Donald Trump’s Real Estate Tycoon.” I had no idea that this game was ever made But that’s not really that surprising given that I didn’t really pay much attention to pre-presidential candidate Donald Trump. I knew he had hotels and buildings. There’s a tower somewhere and he was in a TV…

  • I Made a Safe House in Minecraft
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    I Made a Safe House in Minecraft

    I hate people, and today I plan on doing everything in my power to keep people as far away from my house as possible because we are going to be creating a safe house in Minecraft. Now for those of you who are very observant, you may notice that there isn’t- yeah, there currently isn’t a house here so far there’s just a flat piece of land, but let’s quickly do something about that And now we have a home and I’ve got to say it’s, it’s quite a homey little home, too We’ve got the bed, we’ve got the crafting bench, we’ve got the furnaces anvil, ender chest I…