• A Conversation With David Friedman – part 4: Private vs Public Land Ownership
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    A Conversation With David Friedman – part 4: Private vs Public Land Ownership

    Private property is one of the central tenets of anarcho-capitalism. Here in Hong Kong, as we discussed earlier, the government owns all land. Yes. Could anarcho-capitalist society perhaps operate without private land ownership? Could land management be passed onto private agencies? That’s a little complicated. Private agency is usually private, so it would need private ownership. You could certainly imagine a system where most land belonged to firms, and they leased it rather than selling it. In existing capitalist societies after all, some people live in houses on land they own, and some people live in apartments on land that they rent. Some people live in houses on land they…

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    Land use plays a role in pedestrian freeway fatalities – IIHS News

    Pedestrian deaths have jumped 53 percent since reaching their low point a decade ago. In 2018 there were more than 6,000 pedestrians that died in crashes with motor vehicles. In our new study we looked at characteristics of fatal pedestrian crashes that occurred on interstates and freeways in the U.S. from 2015 to 2017, and for a subset of these crashes that occurred in California while pedestrians were crossing freeways we took a look at the land-use characteristics on either side of the road at the spot where the crash occurred. Most of these crashes occur in urban areas and at night and in the dark. The majority of them…

  • Comparativa 4×4: Toyota Land Cruiser (PRADO), Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Mercedes Clase G – Diariomotor
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    Comparativa 4×4: Toyota Land Cruiser (PRADO), Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Mercedes Clase G – Diariomotor

    Hello friends, Today we’re going to find out which is the best great 4×4 of the world. Our playground will be the 4×4 circuit of Ocaña, Raid Aventura, in the province of Toledo (Spain). Let me introduce our contestants. The first one, from Japan, representing the Asian continent with 2,250 kg of weight, the Toyota Land Cruiser Limited, top of the Toyota range with all possible gadgets. Its strong point, its secret weapon, the Crawl Control, an electronic system that emulates the locking of all the differentials. Its weak points: the smallest wheels of the comparison, the worst approach and departure angles and the lowest ground clearance of the three…

  • What does LA LA LAND mean?  Learn American Idioms and Slang
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    What does LA LA LAND mean? Learn American Idioms and Slang

    – Oh my gosh, that girl is off in La La Land. – Welcome to Sozo Exchange Vocabulary Challenge. My name is Susan and I’m your host. On this show we ask people from all walks of life to explain the meanings of various American English phrases and slang expressions. Today’s word is “La La Land.” We are going to ask three people to explain what it means, how it’s used, and who uses it. Now, let me introduce the people who are participating in today’s vocabulary challenge: Spankie, Chandler and Rod. They are all YouTubers. Okay, let’s begin today’s Vocabulary Challenge. Could you explain what the word “La La…

  • 1893: The Oklahoma Land Rush | The American West | GCSE History Revision
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    1893: The Oklahoma Land Rush | The American West | GCSE History Revision

    The Indian Territory was the land the government had set aside for the Plains Indians, west of the Mississippi River. They’d been forcibly relocated there in 1830, after the Indian Removal Act. This territory was divided into sections for the different tribes, with a bit in the middle that wasn’t allocated to any particular tribe. Even though this section in the middle was not open to white settlement, white people had been trying to move there since the start of the 1880s, and the US Army had to continuously move them off. 1893: The Oklahoma land rush. In 1887, the Dawes Act changed everything. The Dawes Act ended reservations for…

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    Hungry and angry, Another food riot breaks out in the streets… – The world food crisis is growing. For the millions of people around the world struggling to buy the most basic of food stuffs these are desperate times. Rich countries are racing to buy and lease agricultural land abroad, and secure their food supplies for the future. Africa, know for its fertile land and low priced agricultural real estate, has become the target of wealthy investors. Dear Listeners, this is Radio Jamakan, greetings to you all. It’s no longer a rumour that in this region we are waiting for the Sosumar sugar cane project. 1,000 square kilometres at a…

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    How To Measure A Properties Area Using Google Earth Pro

    One of my favorite YouTube channels is BCtruck and he was trying to figure out the area of an odd shaped piece of property, which he did. I thought I’d show him and everybody else another way to do it. Download Google Earth Pro, you don’t have to pay for it. When you started up you do have to put in a code key and it’s right there on the page where you download it. It’s all capitals GEPFREE. Once you have it installed put your address in over here and click search and it will zoom in. Then zoom in with the closeness that you want to work with.…

  • The Land Before Time (1988) Pizza Hut Commercial
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    The Land Before Time (1988) Pizza Hut Commercial

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  • Creating a national Local Land Charges Register
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    Creating a national Local Land Charges Register

    Land Registry is creating a national register for local land charges in England. Working in partnership with local authorities, Land Registry is transforming local land charges data before moving it to a new national digital register. This digital service will provide instant access to local land charges information and official results will be guaranteed and in an easy-to-read format. You can access the service using a portal account, Business Gateway and on the Land Registry pages on GOV.UK. You can order an official Local Land Charges search for only £15 and you will get the result online. The official search result will show you all the charges that affect land…