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    No Money Down Real Estate Deals Just Got Easier

    What’s up my real estate mavericks? Kris Krohn here and back today, I got a special guest. A gentleman that came to one of my events and ended up doing his first no money down real estate deal. He’s planning on doing several more. And doing no money down real estate has never been easier with what is going to be shared with you today. So, listen. If you are a fan of my channel, if you’ve been wanting to get in the game of investment in business and you’re figuring out, “Man, money’s gotten in my way”, that gets to stop right now. Check it out. What’s up guys?…

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    How to Make Money in Real Estate

    Welcome to REITV. Today we’re gonna be talking about how to make money in real estate. And I wanna start with this question: Is it hard? It depends. I think a lot of people think that real estate is difficult, complicated, and ultimately hard. And hard usually in their mind equates to RISK. And you know what, let me just take a moment and validate it. There are so many ways of doing real estate that are hard, that are risky, that create that concept. And I think it all today is gonna come down to what your STRATEGY is. Because I AM GONNA SHARE WITH YOU a strategy that…

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    Investing in Real Estate Through Home Ownership

    Hands-down. One of my most favorite topics. We’re talking about real estate investing through home ownership. So today, I get to talk seriously about one of my favorite topics. Which is investing in real estate through home ownership. And what’s really great about this concept is, it’s a way to kind of tippy toe into the investing world without necessarily starting out like a full-time committed investor. In fact, I know I got a lot of young people watching this channel. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what I’m about to share is a strategy you can do. This is what I did to get my launched in real…

  • My Favorite Real Estate Deal Ever
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    My Favorite Real Estate Deal Ever

    What’s up real estate mavericks? Kris Krohn here. Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite real estate deal that i have ever done before. It’s my event center. So, check it out. I’ve been in the game of real estate. As many of you know for many years, if you’re a subscriber you know I’ve done thousands of deals. From time to time, I do a commercial deal what it feels like it makes sense. This deal is where I get to combine maximum passion with maximum profitability. I want you to actually understand what this place is for. I got my YouTubers, my fans and my friends…

  • 10 Real Estate Principles To Make Millions
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    10 Real Estate Principles To Make Millions

    Who wants to be a millennial millionaire, right? You remember that game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Well friends, today’s video is all dedicated towards teaching you 10 core basic principles in real estate that can help you go from nothing to making millions of dollars. I get that when people watch these videos that you might be sitting there thinking, “Kris, I love learning from you. But dude, sometimes you go freaking right over my head. Can you get it down to a principle-based level?” Well, because of that feedback, I’ve decided to shoot this video and to give you 10 core principles that if you can…

  • How To Invest $30,000 In Real Estate
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    How To Invest $30,000 In Real Estate

    A time comes in every man and women’s life when they say, “I’m putting on my big boy or big girl underpants. And I’m going to put 20% downpayment on that next real estate piece of property.” You got $30,000 and you want to know, “How do I invest that intelligently in the game of real estate?” Listen if you subscribe to my channel, I’m going to share with you how to buy real estate with no money and no credit. And I’m also going to share with you how to place 10 million dollars. But today is in service of those of you that have maybe a little bit…

  • How To Flip A Real Estate Contract
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    How To Flip A Real Estate Contract

    Hey, what’s up my friends. Kris Krohn here and i’m joined again by my good friend Jerry Norton, the flipping king. And today we’re going to be talking about the right way to flip a contract because there’s absolutely a right way to do that. And then hands down, there’s a super popular wrong way. Jerry’s going to teach us the right way today. Alright my friends, Jerry’s going to be breaking it down. First of all, before we talk about the right way and the wrong way, what do you mean by flipping a contract and can you make money doing this thing? Yeah, so this is a fast…

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    Double Your Money In Real Estate Every 5 Years

    Albert Einstein said that the greatest financial innovation of our time is compound interest. It’s the most powerful thing that you can have working towards your benefit. Problem is, most of us are not really leveraging compound interest in any kind of significant way. Which is why today as a real estate investor having done thousands of deals, I would like to share with you what you can do to double your money every 5 years. Check this out. How do you double your money every 5 years and why would you even want to be able to do that? You know, right now when you think about society we’re…

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    How To Find Buyers For Wholesaling Real Estate

    Hey friends, welcome back. Listen if you’ve been watching me and Jerry breaking it all down on the game of flipping and how to get in, today we’re going to be jamming on this concept of “I found a deal. Now, how do I find my cash buyer?” So, Jerry listen, they watched one of our other videos, they they got a fantastic deal and their saying, “Okay, I don’t want to be the flipper on it. I don’t want to do all of the work on it. I like Kris’s least money, least time, least effort. Let’s just get this thing done, let’s get paid some quick money.” How…

  • Stop Using Your Own Money For Real Estate
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    Stop Using Your Own Money For Real Estate

    Oh, I see. You’re one of those. You think that it takes money to make money. You could not be more wrong. Are you kidding me? It does not take money to make money. And in today’s video, I’m going to prove it. I’m going to be talking about O-P-M. Not opium. Other People’s Money. And how I have used it to go and take $5,000 of hard-earned safe cash and turned it into 1.6 million dollars. True story. Okay, so here’s really the big question for today. I’m going to share with you and break it all down how I did this. But I want you to be thinking…