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    How To Invest 1 Million Dollars In Real Estate

    My name is Kris Krohn. And today, we’re going to be talking about “How do you invest a million dollars in real estate?” You know, you might have different denominations of money. And reality is at the end of the day, some choices are going to be better than others. in the game of real estate, what sector should you be involved in? What should you be interested in? And if you wanted to invest a million, I’ll take my billion dollars worth of real estate experience and share with you exactly what I would do. Coming up next. So, one of my friends sold their business for over a…

  • 401k vs Real Estate – What Does Mark Cuban Say?
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    401k vs Real Estate – What Does Mark Cuban Say?

    Mark Cuban says that the 401k is a no-brainer and I want to challenge that a little bit. I want to scrutinize that, look at the pros and cons of that here on Limitless TV. Alright, everybody. We’re back here talking about 401ks and you know, we’re talking about it because it’s the only real retirement plan that Americans are really taught. Sure your tax advisor will mention IRA this or hey, someone will tell you should invest in the stock market but at the end of the day, we’re really told, go get a job after you get your degree and put your money into a 401k and recently,…

  • Fix and Flip Real Estate – Pros & Cons of Flipping Homes
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    Fix and Flip Real Estate – Pros & Cons of Flipping Homes

    Today on Limitless Wealth TV, we’re going to be talking about the pros and cons of flipping real estate. I get it, it’s a hot topic, everyone’s starting a TV show over it and today, me and my real estate business partner, Steven Michael Miller, are going to jump in and share with you the do’s, the dont’s, the pros and the cons. Steven, I got a good idea. You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to start a TV show on fix and flip, dude. Oh my gosh, fix and flip, get back in the shot, is one of the most glamorized concepts that are out there…

  • Real Estate Taxes – Huge Benefit of Real Estate Investing
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    Real Estate Taxes – Huge Benefit of Real Estate Investing

    All of these questions on taxes and real estate in capital gains and today, I’m going to share with you the six big benefits of investing in real estate and how you can take maximum control and advantage of all the real estate tax benefits that are out there just waiting for you. Everybody, before we start posting in this video, we are not tax advisers or we do not give tax advice, we are not professionals in tax. – Take us to your leader. Alright, so we are here to talk about probably one of the most enthralling topics like all of real estate land. Taxes. Oh my gosh,…

  • How To Control Real Estate Without Ever Owning It
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    How To Control Real Estate Without Ever Owning It

    How do you control real estate without actually ever owning it? If you could understand how to do that, I’m telling you right now it would have a huge impact on your personal finances in the craziest of ways. We get so caught up in the game of ownership when actually it’s all about control. And what I’m going to do is break it all down for you in this video and show you how you can control way more real estate than any bank would ever want you to. It is amazing to me how many people get caught up in the illusion of ownership. Which is so expensive…

  • What is Cash Flow in Real Estate? – Residual Income
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    What is Cash Flow in Real Estate? – Residual Income

    Back to the basics. Real estate cash flow. What is it? is it important? should it factor into my decision making? Kris Krohn here with Limitless TV and today we’re covering the basics on understanding what real estate cashflow really is. Alright you did it. You put a smile on my face you requested a video that I kind of do want to make. The video today is on real estate cash flow. What is cash flow? It’s a big buzzword right? People talk about residual income, they talk about cash flow, well I want to actually define it and create clarity on what it looks like in real estate…

  • Real Estate Partners – How To Find Them
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    Real Estate Partners – How To Find Them

    So you want to find a partner for real-estate deal. My friends, you have come to the right place, my name is Kris Krohn, this is limitless TV and we’re going to share with you what that means. In fact, I’m going to be bringing a guest on the channel that actually just made $100,000 partnering on one of her most recent deals and we’re going to show you how you can do the same. Alright, my friends, today, we’re jumping in and we’re talking about how to find partners for real estate deals, okay. We’ve been talking about partners a lot, if you’re on the channel, you’ve been watching…

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    How To Buy Foreclosed Property

    What’s up friend? Kris Krohn here. And today we’re talking about purchasing foreclosed properties. I have had some amazing experiences with buying foreclosed properties. And I’ve also had a couple of bad ones as well. So today, I’m just going to let it all hang out I’m gonna share it with you and share with you your first steps on how to get your hands on a sweet deal. So, at the end of this video, I’m actually going to give you my favorite tool for how I get my hands on the best for close deals in my backyard and in other places around the country. But before I…

  • Use Life Insurance With Real Estate
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    Use Life Insurance With Real Estate

    Welcome back to our partnering series. My name is Kris Krohn and today we’re going to be talking about the benefits of life insurance and how it goes hand-in-hand with real estate investing. Now, you might be caught off guard for a moment saying, “Kris, we’re talking about partnering in real estate. We’re talking about in this series about how do i buy real estate using someone else’s money.” Or maybe you’re watching this because you’re the partner with money and you want to know how’s the sequence going to go with me. “Kris, you’re the expert. I want to be hands-off, I want you to do the work.” Whenever…

  • Are Realtors Becoming Obsolete?
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    Are Realtors Becoming Obsolete?

    Kris Krohn here and today we’re talking about our realtors becoming obsolete? So it’s really a good question. Our realtors going to become obsolete? I think one of the things that you and I really got to understand is that the market creates efficiency. And as long as there’s money that can be saved, someone’s going to find a way to invent a technology that can save you money. Right now though, let’s look at what a realtor is really doing. Realtors got a pretty big job. One, they go out and they find houses for you or they list your house for sale. Now, people have already started finding…