• Worst Way to Start Investing In Real Estate
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    Worst Way to Start Investing In Real Estate

    Today’s a really useful topic because we’re talking about the worst ways to invest in real estate. Listen, you hear me talk all the time about the best ways and the ideal ways and the best strategies and the formulas for success but you know what? The reality is, I meet so many people that are dogging it and they’re making choices that are hurting them financially so today I’m going to be sharing with you the top two worst ways that I see most investors get started that end shortly with quick regrets. Today we’re talking about the worst way to start investing in real estate. Steven, we have…

  • How To Make Sure Your First Real Estate Deal Is A Winner
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    How To Make Sure Your First Real Estate Deal Is A Winner

    If you’re going to start investing in real estate, you better make sure that the first deal hands down is an absolute winner. How do you do that? How do you know if it’s a good deal and how should you feel when you find one? It’s all coming up next as Hiro comes on joins me from across the country to actually do his very first deal. Hiro, how are we doing, brother? -Good, good. -Dude, glad to have you here. -Oh, I’m glad to be here. -Dude, we’re day 3 of this event with you and your wife. How are you guys enjoying it? -It’s been awesome. -What…

  • How To Invest In Real Estate Out Of State
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    How To Invest In Real Estate Out Of State

    Welcome to the game of real estate. My name is Kris Krohn and today, I want to teach you how to crush it and be boss in this industry. We got to start with right now whether you’re going to be investing in real estate in your backyard or whether you actually want to invest out of state. Both can be really dangerous especially out of state and so today, what I’m going to do is I’m going to share with you my 3 secrets that have allowed me to do thousands of homes out of state. I’ll never be investing in my backyard ever again. So when I got…

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    How To Shift Underperforming Assets Into Real Estate

    Do you ever get frustrated with the performance of your assets? I’m talking about like your equity in a home or like a 401K or IRA. Just thinking, “Man, if I could be earning higher returns. I’d be able to retire a lot sooner or more comfortably or I’d feel more secure.” Or maybe my goal is financial freedom. I’m about to introduce you to a couple that’s here. We’re right in the middle of one of my big events. And we’re going to share their experience. They have been moving assets from two strategic underperforming locations and actually moving them into real estate. We’re going to find out what…

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    How Do I Know If This Is A Good Real Estate Deal?

    How do you actually know if you’re looking at a good deal on paper that may be in reality is not a good deal? Today, I’m actually going to be sitting down with Lori. She’s got a deal right now and she wants to know is this a hot one or is it a flop. And today, I’m going to break it all down. We’re going to show her how to like read the numbers. Understand what they really mean. And we’re going to find out right now if she’s on the right track or if she’s just like this close an inch away from making the biggest financial mistake…

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    How To Succeed In Life By Taking Your Mask Off | Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs

    So, many people come to me and they want real estate. They want success. They want achievement. They want more. And I’ve helped thousands of people produce over a hundred million dollars in profits in just the course of the last decade. And I’m sitting here with the gentleman in particular who had a chance to be at my event, (that’s why I’ve lost my voice a little bit) had a chance to really release some of his baggage. Some of the things that have been holding him back so he’s really freed up to cruise and move forward in a powerful way. Caesar, how you doing, my friend? -I’m…

  • Should I Get A Real Estate License – If So… Why?
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    Should I Get A Real Estate License – If So… Why?

    Kris Krohn here and today, we’re talking about how to get a real estate license and I’ve brought a realtor, a friend of mine, Steven Miller, you’ve seen him before to talk about his license, how he got it, pros and cons, should you get one, shouldn’t you get one and everything else you need to know. We are back. I’m here with Steven Michael Miller and today we are talking about how to get a real estate license. Many of you have been commenting and asking and there’s this idea that, hey if I get into real estate or if I’m going to be an investor, do I need…

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    Beginner Real Estate Investor Tips

    Welcome. If you’re a brand-new real estate investor, today I’m going to share with you the top 5 tips that will help you get cranking. In fact, I’ve got Devin coming in studio today and I’m going to break it all down for him and help him understand as a brand new investor the 5 most important things he needs to know. Most importantly not to make sure he makes a million bucks. To make sure he doesn’t screw it up. These 5 things are probably the most important things I would share with any brand-new student from someone who’s done thousands of deals. Check it out. Alright. Welcome back.…

  • How To Invest In Real Estate In College
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    How To Invest In Real Estate In College

    Alright my young friend. Today, I’m doing this video on how to invest in real estate when you’re in college. And I can’t think of anyone better to learn from them the guy that actually retired the same year that he graduated college. So today, I’m going to be sharing with you my top 2 favorite ways of buying real estate when you’re a college kid. Does it feel familiar? Like sitting down on the couch and talking to your counselor who’s basically talking to you about your career options. And meanwhile, you’re distracted because you’re on your phone watching Kris Krohn teach you how to make money in real…

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    How To Invest 1 Million Dollars In Real Estate

    My name is Kris Krohn. And today, we’re going to be talking about “How do you invest a million dollars in real estate?” You know, you might have different denominations of money. And reality is at the end of the day, some choices are going to be better than others. in the game of real estate, what sector should you be involved in? What should you be interested in? And if you wanted to invest a million, I’ll take my billion dollars worth of real estate experience and share with you exactly what I would do. Coming up next. So, one of my friends sold their business for over a…