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    Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Trafficking Minors | The Daily Show

    I don’t know who’s writing real life now, but this story is insane. First of all, that this hedge fund billionaire got away with running an underage sex ring for years, and secondly, that he lived right across the road from Bill Cosby. Like, I don’t know who the neighborhood watch is, -but they’re doing a shitty job. -(laughter) Like, seriously, how do two major sex criminals buy houses across the road from ea… Like, what are the chances? Huh? Is there a filter on Zillow that I’m unaware of? Is there? It’s like, “Fireplace, secret sex dungeon… Oh, and doorman, doorman, definitely doorman. Like, I’m sorry, Bill Cosby and…

  • Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s House Of Horrors
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    Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s House Of Horrors

    >>Following Jeffery Epstein’s arrest and the very serious charges he faces in relation to his sexual relations with minors, we’re now learning about what authorities were able able to uncover as they raided his home. So he has this giant mansion essentially in New York and authorities did raid it and yesterday when we reported on the story, we mentioned that they had uncovered images of what appeared to be young girls, but we weren’t sure yet, whether or not those photos contained minors. Well, now we know. During the search of his townhouse, investigators seized photographs of nude underage girls. So I want to just quickly go to a…