• Promised Land: LGBTQ Children’s Book Read Aloud [FULL]
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    Promised Land: LGBTQ Children’s Book Read Aloud [FULL]

    Promised Land Written by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris Illustrated by Christine Luiten and Bo Moore Once upon a time, in a land not far away, A place where no one cared if you were straight or you were gay, A Prince and a farm boy both longed to be free. One day they met, what happened next? Let’s turn the page and see… On a farm by a forest lived a restless young farm boy called Jack, who was always getting in trouble for not doing his chores. One morning, Jack woke up to hear his mother Carol yelling out for him to set the table. Charging recklessly into…

  • WELCOME TO JACKABOY LAND | Planet Coaster #1
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    WELCOME TO JACKABOY LAND | Planet Coaster #1

    Top of the morning to ‘ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to Planet Coaster! I’ve been meaning to play this game for quite a while cause I’ve seen other Youtubers around the Youtube Sphere, playing it and testing it out and doing lots of stuff. They are a lot better at it than I will be This is like my first time to- I got in and I like testing it out for a small bit, just to see what the controls were like, and to see- um, if I could actually do anything in it and, It’s quite intuitive, it’s kind of like, if you never played…

  • Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!!
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    Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!!

    [demonic Jack Black noises+he needs a shave) Felix: He’s crazy(search up Pipy Squad) Felix: BACK OFF! Jack: What is this? Felix: BACK OFF! BACK OFF! HEY HE’S THROWING EGGS I’M NOT THROWING ANYTHING I know exactly what you mean but this time we’re just gonna have to wing it Jablinski are you connected to the server? Where are you?(stalker) No, in minecraft *Felix laughs* “Felix chuckling” yes? Good to meet you too man Here in minecraft It’s been a long time coming Yeah I’m old school gamer *felix snickers* AHA I saw.. I saw that yeah, that was great yep “Felix laughs” HEY don’t call it dumb [slightly exhales out…