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    The sun is about to set… All that’s left is a tour of the amusement park. The girls are in here! Wow! It’s really nice here! Where’d they get the chicken skewers? The little kids were eating chicken skewers! The girls can’t close their eyes! Should we go on that? It’s snowing outside! Snow…? It’s snowing…alot… without fail. We are headed for the rollercoaster… Chaeyoung, we can’t leave you behind. Just leave me! I won’t be able to make it. Ah, this is really hard. -At least you need to make it out alive. I think this is the most snow I’ve seen this year. Ah! The snow is going…

  • VLOG #19: Realtor Snow Day
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    VLOG #19: Realtor Snow Day

    Welcome to snowy Vancouver it’s we had a couple days of snow here and it’s, honestly, as a Realtor it’s great to have a lot of snow because something that’s so important is spending time with the family. So we had one day that closed all the schools in Vancouver. It’s awesome I got to take the kids out to Douglas park and play and have some fun and then also it gives us some time to catch up on, you know, paperwork, offers all that kind of stuff as well. Just talking to some buyers right now. We have a few contracts under offer and we actually pushed some…

  • 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition Review — On- and Off-Road Test Drive
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    2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition Review — On- and Off-Road Test Drive

    [MUSIC PLAYING] DAN EDMUNDS: The Toyota Land Cruiser is an iconic offroader that’s been around for more than 60 years. During that time, a lot of its competition has morphed into crossovers, but the Land Cruiser remains a dependable offroad vehicle that’s ready for adventure. We’re here in the mountains outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, to see what makes it so special. But before we get into that, remember to use Edmunds next time you’re ready to buy a car, truck, or SUV, and click Subscribe for more videos like this one. In 1960, the FJ-40 got the ball rolling in North America. This two-door Jeep-like vehicle with a…

  • Get the F@*! Out of My House Candle Commercial w/ Ryan Reynolds
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    Get the [email protected]*! Out of My House Candle Commercial w/ Ryan Reynolds

    -It’s Christmas, a time when friends and family come together to celebrate the season. It’s been a great night, but it’s getting late and your guests just aren’t leaving. -And that’s when you realize mistletoe isn’t edible. -Oh! -Oh, that’s a good one, Jimbo! -You’ve given them all the hints, like commenting on the time… -Can you guys believe it’s 11:00 p.m. already? -I got nowhere to be. [ Laughter ] -…over-the-top yawning… -Ughhhhh. -I don’t know. -Ugh! Ughh!! -You’ve even tried standing up and announcing, “Well, I guess I should be going, since it’s so late. Wait, I live here. I’m not the one who should be leaving.” -Well,…

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    Gingerbread House Disaster – Studio C

    [splashing] [audience cheering and applause] [bell ringing] – All right everyone, welcome to the annual Gingerbread House Contest! Today’s judge is going to be a safety inspector. Now let’s give a nice, Wisdom Lane Elementary School greeting to Safety Inspector, Tom Devlan! [cheering] – All right kids, hello. I am OSHA certified Safety Inspector, Tom Devlan, number one in Hoboken, Hackensack and Hard-Boiled Heights, New Jersey. What do I do? I save lives. Except for that one time I didn’t. [audience laughter] Let’s just say it was an incident involving my safety inspecting partner, Ted Higgins. [sighs] But I’m not supposed to talk about that. Unless you kids wanna talk…

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    (Jennie’s Tour) #speedqueen #loveshights #wannagetsoaked Let’s go out to sea! -Bye! -Bye! (We’ll be back! Bye!) (We’re kinda scared…) I get really seasick (S-E-A-S-I-C-K) I get really seasick. (Jenny ends up giving up due to seasickness) You’re not interested? Bye! Come back alive! I’m not going to ride it. The boat carrying Jisoo Lisa heads to the parasailing point I’m scared! Why is it going so fast? What do you mean? It’s time to fly! (It’s time to fly) (Face freezes) It looks really scary. (Lisa goes first~) I’m off! (Brave Lisa) Ah! Am I really going? (Yes, you are ^^) Bye, Lisa~ (A last farewell?) Ahh! I’m scared! I’m…

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    Fall in Love with this Land // Amor a esta Terra (ROTA VICENTINA 2018)

    For some years I’m doing hiking and for this year I thought I would like to go to Portugal It’ special… Special place… I grew up in a healthy way and am very attached to this way of life As humble as they were and what little they might have, they would share. This here is the path that was laid down by the people who lived here We see the mountains, we see the river, we see the sea Iit’s beautiful, just beautiful We are fortunate to be sought out for the right reasons It’s one of the most perfect places to be. You look around and it’s green.…

  • Melanie Bettencourt. Full-time Account Manager. Part-time Realtor. Collector of High-Heeled Shoes.
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    Melanie Bettencourt. Full-time Account Manager. Part-time Realtor. Collector of High-Heeled Shoes.

    Hi my name is Melanie Bettencourt, I am 33 years old and I had gastric bypass surgery. So when I was real young, I was thin and then when I turned teenage years, I gained a lot of weight. I did diets, like Weight Watchers and got a personal trainer. I lost weight but it would never stay off. It would be off for the time I was working out or doing what I was doing, but it would come back even more than before. And, I never wanted to go out. I would always be home and my closet was full of all black clothes and sweats. No dresses…

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    (Rosé heads to the aquarium) Do you think there’s a way to meet the dolphins? I want to feed them. What do they eat? (Searching for what dolphins eat) (The girls are so used to the camera by now they forget it’s there) I keep forgetting about the camera. I don’t think about them any more. I’m hungry. Oh, it’s rolling. (Should I dig in?) (Rosé’s busy eating, forgetting about the camera) (She dropped some here ^^) (Half of the sandwich is gone in a second) (Rosé keep doing what you’re good at! Eating shows!) (Now that we’re on a full stomach, shall we enjoy?) I’m here! I’m so happy!!…

  • Niger: The Land Of Fear with David Adams (Trade Route History Documentary) | Timeline
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    Niger: The Land Of Fear with David Adams (Trade Route History Documentary) | Timeline

    It takes its name from the Arabic word for emptiness al Zahara But the Sahara is really a collection of deserts and the most remote is the Tenere I sit had to cross the ténéré in the way caravans have done for a thousand years it’ll mean a journey of 1,200 miles over rock and sand by vehicle camel and on foot and It’s a dangerous journey For in the sweltering dessicated furnace death strikes the week the ill-prepared or the unlucky They call it the land of fear My name is David Adams and as a photojournalist, I’ve made a point of going to some of the world’s most…