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    Realtors- Can You Show Me How To Find Great Deals? – Real Estate Investing

    Joe: Hey, it’s Joe again. I’ve got another question here. “I have a lot of investors who tell me that they’d buy property from me if I can find them a good deal as a realtor, but when I go into the MLS, the best deals sell in minutes. The rest of them aren’t all that great, especially in this market with the prices dropping. How can I find good deals for my investors?” – James P. in Madison, Wisconsin. Joe: You’re right. If you go into the MLS, you can probably buy properties all day long, 10-15% under market value in just about any market except in a really,…

  • Clause 24 (Interest rate Relief Changes) Property Tax
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    Clause 24 (Interest rate Relief Changes) Property Tax

    Hi, in this short video I’m going to talk to you about the tax changes that were brought in that started in April 2017. They’re gonna run through for four years to get them fully in place, and it’s called Clause 24, also known as interest rate relief changes, mortgage interest rate relief changes. It’s the main tax change that affects property investors and this video is really here to help get rid of some myths, debunk some myths that are getting in the way and to give you some clarity so you move forward with purpose and get on with investing because property investing is outstanding. It gets you…

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    Corporation vs LLC for Real Estate Investors

    – Hi, Clint Coons here with Anderson Business Advisors. And in this video, I’m going to discuss the difference between using a corporation versus a limited liability company for real estate investing. All right, so this comes up a lot. You know, should you create a corp or a LLC. Most of you, if you’re watching this video, are probably thinking you need a limited liability company. And I see it all the time when I run into new investors, I ask them, “What kind of entity did you create?” “Oh, I created an LLC.” Why? “Well, everybody’s doing it, why wouldn’t you? I was told from my local practitioner…

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    How To Find A Mentor If You Have No Money – Real Estate Investing

    Joe: Hey, it’s Joe again. I’ve got another question. This one is from Darrin Dish from Newport, Connecticut. Darrin says, Darrin: “Hi, Joe. I love what you teach and I truly would love to be mentored by you, but I just can’t afford your partner program. Can you give me some tips on how to find a mentor without spending any money?” Joe: Absolutely. Sometimes it’s not possible to come up with the kind of money I charge for a program like this, and I understand that. That doesn’t mean you should give up your dream. Too many people say — I get emails all the time that say, ‘I’m…

  • How do you build a property portfolio?
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    How do you build a property portfolio?

    (electronic music) – So how would you suggest to build a property portfolio? – So, I think the first thing that you need to do is look at all the various opportunities out there. Whatever amount of money you have, remember the whole point of crowd funding is that you can spread your investment. You can put smaller amounts into different things. Not only does that reduce risk, things could mature and finish at different times. Which means you might get more of a regular income from it. And, if you don’t have the time to pick individual products because to be fair, if you’re going to read lots of…

  • Should I Get an LLC For Real Estate Investing?
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    Should I Get an LLC For Real Estate Investing?

    so should you get an LLC for your real estate investing business I’m gonna go and answer that question in this video so stick around hey what’s going on in Sam Kwok one of the Kwak brothers real estate investor and in this video I’m gonna go and answer the question should I get an LLC for my real estate investing business now before we go on I just want to make sure you guys understand that I’m not an an attorney I am NOT an accountant so please don’t misconstrue this video as a legal advice be sure you consult the licensed attorney to get a better idea for…

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    How to Invest in Real Estate: REITs and Real Estate Crowdfunding

    Chris Hill: Hey, thanks for watching! We’re coming to you from Fool global headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. I’m Chris Hill here with senior analyst Matt Argersinger. Thanks for being here! Matt Argersinger: Thanks for having me, Chris! Hill: We’re going to be taking your questions in a little bit about a market three times the size of the stock market. We love talking about stocks here at The Motley Fool, but anytime we can get a market opportunity three times bigger, we’re interested. We’re going to be talking about real estate. Let me start with just where we are right now. This is something you’re spending all your time focused…