• Fake News Investigative Journalists
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    Fake News Investigative Journalists

    – Okay people, what have you got for me? – So I have been working on this story about how Harry Reid is a murdering satanist fascist rapist atheist. Is that too many things? – I don’t think that’s enough things. Chris, what have you got? – Donald Trump says, “What?” – It’s a good start, but what does he say? – I don’t know. – Alright, well figure it out by two and it had better not be true this time. – Oh, come on! Everything the guy says sounds fake. – That’s not my problem. Terry. – I’m working on a story on conflicts of interest in government.…

  • If Action Heroes Had Your Resume
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    If Action Heroes Had Your Resume

    (lighthearted music) – Before you say anything, the other guy started it. – I don’t want to hear it. What the hell is wrong with you, Max? Another bar fight? You’re better than this. God, in all my years of sector command I’ve never met a prospect like you. This is one hell of an impressive resume. Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in film studies, a 2.92 GPA, proficiency in Microsoft Office. – I know what I can do. – And you’re throwing it all away, Max. America needs you. What if we need to do a mail merger, build our macros in Excel? – I guess you’ll…

  • International IP Law: Crash Course Intellectual Property #6
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    International IP Law: Crash Course Intellectual Property #6

    Hi, I’m Stan Muller, and this is Crash Course Intellectual Property. Today, we’re talking about international intellectual property law, and the first thing I’m gonna tell you is that there aren’t really any international intellectual property rights. IP rights are territorial. They’re created by each country’s national law, and typically apply only to conduct that takes place within that nation. So, there you have it. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next week. Crash Course Intellectual Property is filmed in the Chad and Stacey Emig–is this really all we have today? What about the complex web of international IP treaties that establish minimum standards for IP laws in countries around…

  • Die verrücktesten Internetverbindungen auf dem Land | extra 3 | NDR
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    Die verrücktesten Internetverbindungen auf dem Land | extra 3 | NDR

    Goldenbow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Mit dem Glasfaserkabel kommt die Zukunft in die Provinz. Wir verlegen für Kabel Deutschland Glasfaser. Um Orte zu verbinden und Geschwindigkeit zu verbessern. Absolute Höchstgeschwindigkeit! Das ist eine Datenautobahn. Eine Datenautobahn. Nur ohne Abfahrten für die Bewohner. Das Kabel liegt keine 6 m vom Haus entfernt. Aber es ist nicht für uns. Knapp vorbei ist auch daneben. Anders in Karlsdorf, Baden-Württemberg. Es gibt an Kabeln keinen Mangel. Wir fragten die Telekom, ob sie Breitband ausbaut. Da war Funkstille. Man hat sich geziert. Die Gemeinde riss selber die Straßen auf und verlegte Glasfaser. Jetzt kommt die Telekom und buddelt alles auf. Jetzt haben wir zwei Kabel nebeneinander. Kabelsalat…

  • If Internet Ads Were Salesmen
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    If Internet Ads Were Salesmen

    (clicking) – (pops) Well, lookie here! Looks like we got someone in the market for a new pair of shoes, hmm? – Oh, I just got them, so I’m not looking anymore. – A guy who knows what he likes and takes it. – I’m sorry, who are you? – Oh, I’m just a door-to-door targeted salesman and buddy, and I’m here to help. – A targeted salesman? – That’s right. I know your entire internet history, your likes, your dislikes, your friends, family, age, sex, location, where you’ve been, where you’re going, favorite websites, and it’s all to get you the stuff you want when you want it! –…

  • Fake Venmo Will Save You So Much Money
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    Fake Venmo Will Save You So Much Money

    – [Voiceover] Whenever you’re reading. – [Voiceover] Nothing like dining out with friends. – [Voiceover] Oh, shoot, I’m really not that great at math. – [Voiceover] But splitting the check can sometimes be a bit of a headache. – Oh, hey, why doesn’t everyone just Venmo me? – [Voiceover] Thanks to Venmo, the difficulties of splitting a check are a thing of the past. – But, what if I don’t have any money? And I was planning on someone buying my lunch? – [Voiceover] Thankfully, we now have an answer. Introducing Fake Venmo. Fake Venmo is an app that operates exactly like Venmo, with one key difference. It doesn’t actually…

  • It’s God’s Fault We Lost the Game | CH Shorts
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    It’s God’s Fault We Lost the Game | CH Shorts

    – [Narrator] Barracudas point guard, Ricky J is fielding questions following tonight’s game against the Bloodhounds. – [Female Reporter] How do you feel about the outcome in tonight’s game? – Oh, it was all God. – [Male Reporter] C’mon, you don’t think you had anything to do with it? – No, no, I can’t take any credit for this one. This was truly God’s doing. – But you lost. – Jesus is the reason for every season. – I’m sorry, are you blaming God for your team losing the game? – Hey, nothing against the guy. I mean, it’s just, you know, you gotta take the good with the bad,…

  • Is Everyone Using Me For My Costco Membership?
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    Is Everyone Using Me For My Costco Membership?

    (smooth jazz music) (people chatting) – Well, that’s the last of it. – Oh, thanks, Katie. – Thank you, Katie. – You’re the best. – That’s great. – Oh, Katie. I’m having people over to my house this weekend and I would love it if you would come. Please, please, please. – Yeah, I don’t have any plans for the weekend. I’d love to. – Great. Oh, and, before you come let’s hit a Costco. I want to get one of those 40-pound hams. – 40 pound. – Oh yeah, Costco. – Costco, Costco. – Costco run. – 40-Pound ham, 40-pound ham. – Hey, do you guys actually like me?…