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    How To Measure A Properties Area Using Google Earth Pro

    One of my favorite YouTube channels is BCtruck and he was trying to figure out the area of an odd shaped piece of property, which he did. I thought I’d show him and everybody else another way to do it. Download Google Earth Pro, you don’t have to pay for it. When you started up you do have to put in a code key and it’s right there on the page where you download it. It’s all capitals GEPFREE. Once you have it installed put your address in over here and click search and it will zoom in. Then zoom in with the closeness that you want to work with.…

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    Real Estate Photography with Barry Mackenzie | PRO EDU Trailer

    (bright music) – Real estate photography, it’s kind of a unique genre. We never know what we’re gonna get when we walk into a home. We always try to have a plan in our mind but there’s always variables that are entirely out of our control. A layout issue, a wall color, any number of things that we don’t anticipate. That’s one of the things I love the most is the actual problem solving. In the simplest terms, real estate photography is about making a set of photos that makes somebody wanna buy a house. And we do that by capturing the home in its best light. We want to…

  • How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 – On Grid vs Off Grid
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    How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 – On Grid vs Off Grid

    yeah hello everyone and welcome to this series we’re going to talk about how to power your home or house from solar power now first of all i have to say thanks very much to xodar who are sponsoring this series as you have known if you followed any other of my videos David of X earlier and his company kindly donated all his time to install solar power of my house and what I like about XLR and and the companies that for one that have a great choice and variety in terms of products and brands David himself like me enjoys tinkering and finding solutions to problems so…

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    How to choose a broker to work for as a new Realtor

    Hey everybody Kartik Subramaniam over at ADHI Schools! A question that I get a lot from our students is how to choose a broker? What office to go to? Honestly real estate isn’t like any other profession. In other professions if you were trying to find a job someplace You know you wear your best suit, and you get your dad to tie your tie for you=) And you shine your shoes, and you basically go out, and hope you got the job. In real estate It’s actually a whole different set of circumstances. In most instances the broker is gonna want to hire you More than you’re gonna want…

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    Behind Trump’s Billions: How He Really Got His Real Estate

    President Donald Trump: a very polarizing figure whose wealth lies at the heart of his public persona. For decades Trump has presented himself as a self-made billionaire who started out with nothing more than a million-dollar loan from his father. And yet, as it turns out Donald’s father, Fred Trump, had a much bigger part to play in his son’s rise to prominence. In this video, we’re gonna look behind Trump’s billions, to see how he really got his real estate empire. This video is brought to you by Cheddar, who just released an awesome video on how some of the most expensive apartments in New York City pay less…

  • How To Find Real Estate Leads
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    How To Find Real Estate Leads

    Jordan: In this video I’m gonna show you how to find quality leads for your real estate business. [Music Plays] The best way to find new leads is with your referral network. You want to make sure that you’re staying in contact with people in your sphere of influence — because if you’re top of mind for them if they need to buy or sell a home, you’ll be the go-to agent. Or if they have people in their network who are looking to buy or sell real estate, they’ll be that much more likely to refer you as the agent. The next way to find leads is through paid…

  • How Dare You! w/ Michelle Dockery
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    How Dare You! w/ Michelle Dockery

    -Now, Michelle, on “Downton Abbey,” you play the extremely proper, unshakable Lady Mary Crawley, who speaks in a very dignified tone. -That’s right. -Ah, well. I wanted to try a game with you. I thought it would be fun if we took turns complaining about everyday, annoying things, but in the fanciest, most highbrow way possible. It is time for “How Dare You?” [ Cheers and applause ] -♪ How dare you ♪ ♪ How dare you, ah ♪ [ Laughter and applause ] [ Harpsichord music playing ] -Dearest Oreo Thins, I would like to address you for a brief moment, if I may. Now, I will admit that…

  • How Super Mario 3D Land Saved The 3DS
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    How Super Mario 3D Land Saved The 3DS

    The 3DS is 7 years old. Just absorb that thought for a second. Man, I remember when the first 3DS came out in 2011, I was just entering secondary school! Now I’m in my second year of college and the thing is still alive and kicking! Well…depending on whose perspective it’s from. Despite not reaching the extreme levels of sales its predecessor once had, over the past 7 years, the 3DS has still managed to develop what is arguably Nintendo’s most impressive handheld lineup. From action games and platformers to RPGs and simulators, there was practically no genre that evaded the 3DS’ grasp. Add to that a robust indie lineup,…

  • Stanford researchers decode how birds land with ease
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    Stanford researchers decode how birds land with ease

    Birds land on a wide variety of surfaces over the course of their lives. And despite how easy they make this look, we still don’t know exactly how they do it. We’re really interested in learning more about how birds are able to do this so reliably and robustly and the dynamics and the forces associated with that. We split up perch into two hands, and then each half was on a separate force torque sensor. And that way, we could actually measure how much force the bird was exerting with its legs when it was just landing on the perch and also how much it squeezed with its feet…

  • SO FUN! Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses + Royal Icing Recipe | VIRTUAL COOKIE EXCHANGE COLLAB
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    SO FUN! Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses + Royal Icing Recipe | VIRTUAL COOKIE EXCHANGE COLLAB

    – Hey friends, today I’m joining with Noreen over at Noreen’s Kitchen and a whole bunch of other fun YouTubers and we are doing a Christmas cookie exchange. Only, I am a rebel and I’m not doing a Christmas cookie exactly, but I did tell Noreen, I said, Noreen, I can play along and be a part of this but actually what I’m doing is graham cracker gingerbread houses and these are prefect if you have like a gingerbread house decorating party with the kids. We just had one of those a few days ago. I’ve been sharing all kinds of fun pictures over on Instagram and such of that…