• House Flipper but I am a lazy worker
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    House Flipper but I am a lazy worker

    Hey, there friends how’s it going, my name is kevin and today, we are playing house, flipper i’m like, super strong So i’m convinced i can flip this house welcome to house flipper, this game will allow you to buy renovate decorate and sell houses. for now however you need to be content with this shack that you can call your office -kevin laughs- and the laptop that is your command center, ok Is this like to stop, my place getting robbed or something?? i expect to flip houses when i live like, this, oh my God this place is TRASH should i fix it up? all right you know,…

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    How to Wholesale Real Estate

    okay thanks for being here and in today’s video we are going to be talking about how to wholesale real estate okay welcome back to another episode of real estate freedom TV I am Jerry Norton your host and I’m excited to be here with you on this episode and in this channel and all these all these videos that I do it’s all about how to help you achieve freedom in this business freedom in your life to have be due and give everything that really matters the most important things in life that’s what this is all about and wholesaling real estate is definitely one of the best…

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    How I make money flipping junk houses | In The Life 118

    (upbeat music) – 65, that’s a profit of 51,200, and it took about a month and a half, and I’ve only been here a handful of times. So, $51,900. (energetic music) Dude, look at this wide hallway. Does this house check all the boxes, yes or no? – [Man] It is very wide. (steady rhythmic music) – It’s wide! – [Man] It’s very wide. – This house checks a lot of boxes. – [Man] It does. – Seriously, that’s a nice scene for that master Vidal, you’re right man. Okay guys, this bathroom did not exist. You’re still hanging a few more things, Mark, in here? – [Mark] Well, I’m…

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    SORRY I RUINED YOUR HOUSE | House Flipper #2

    *WAPOOSH* toP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE And welcome back to this… *sniffs* beautiful Sunny summer day, don’t mind that smog coming down the street. That’s just cancerous poison that’s coming our way to kill us. But it’s fine because, we are loving life to sunshine, the greenery, the houses and the- *moment of silence* Oh… Forgot I live here, well… Shithole sweet shithole(aMAzInG) back to work I go. What do we get to do this time? We, I’m gonna do the radiators because, every time I looked at this it looked like it said Radlett whores and It’s by someone named Jack as well.…

  • MY NEW HOUSE IS STILL TRASH | House Flipper #6
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    MY NEW HOUSE IS STILL TRASH | House Flipper #6

    *(wapoosh)*! TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to House Flipper! Honey! I’m traaasshhhh. Welcome to my brand-new house. It is mine and I love it! It’s still a bit dirty, but that’s okay. Because, it fulfills a part of my life. Oh my god, I could sell- Ooooooohhhh…. Shouldn’t have done that. (laughing) I just sold my lights. Oops. Oh my god, I can even pick up trash through the walls. This house is amazing! Um… uuuughhh…. except it’s all filthy. So. I have to clean up this house a good bit. There’s a lot of stench. There’s a lot of sm-…

  • Wholesale Real Estate | 3 Mistakes Wholesalers Make
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    Wholesale Real Estate | 3 Mistakes Wholesalers Make

    hey guys welcome back my name is DJ but everyone called me rehab in high heels and I’m so excited about today because it’s a new topic about three mistakes that a real estate investor who specialized in wholesaling can make look I’ve been doing this for five years and I still make mistakes but I’m grateful for my Falls because all it does teaches me on my next deal how to overcome any hiccups that I have made on a previous deal so we’re gonna go ahead and get started but first make sure you go ahead and click on this to the subscription button little tongue twister there…

  • 5 Steps to Buying Your Next Real Estate Deal | Real Estate Investing [E-103]
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    5 Steps to Buying Your Next Real Estate Deal | Real Estate Investing [E-103]

    five steps to buy your next deal on this episode of title Tuesday’s everybody welcome back to another episode of title Tuesdays my name’s Kevin tatcha the founder and CEO here at Independence title also known as your title King today we have a very special guest doron is one of our great clients he closes many deals with us whether it’s host selling deals retailing deals buy fix and flips he is involved in the game and I invited him here today to teach you some of the new investors maybe you’re a real-estate agent out there how to get more deals get into your first deals so thanks…