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    Daniel Island Relocation Interview – Daniel Island Realtor

    Hi! My name is Bob Brennaman. I’m a realtor here in Charleston SC. Today we’re going to sit down and talk to Bill and Kathy, two of my favorite clients from Ohio that I helped move here recently. And we’re going to talk about the things they encountered while relocating from Ohio. Hope you guys enjoy. Bill and Kathy, tell me a little bit about…I know ya’ll, you moved down here from Ohio and you obviously did some research before you ended up in Charleston and eventually where we sit today is Daniel Island. Tell me what got you interested in this area. Well years ago, we came down here…

  • Oshawa MLS Listings with Realtor | Dan Plowman
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    Oshawa MLS Listings with Realtor | Dan Plowman

    Welcome to 244 Fairlawn Court in Oshawa. We’re here, you’ve got a stunning detached three-bedroom home with all top quality finishes throughout. We’ve got a brand-new kitchen, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, large bedrooms upstairs a pie-shaped lot a beautiful deck and oh my god there’s just so much more. You’re gonna have to come and check it out for yourself! Music Playing

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    Oshawa Homes For Sale from Realtor with Dan Plowman Team

    [Nimal] Hi! It’s Nimal Williams live for DPTV here in downtown Oshawa with Glenn Kho. So Glenn can you tell me about anything new happening in the area? [Glenn] Well Nimal, I have a great new listing just around the corner at a really fantastic price. [Nimal] Great! Can we take a look? [Glenn] Absolutely let’s go! So here we are at 66 Barrie Avenue it’s a beautiful two-story home situated on a quiet street with no neighbors behind with too many upgrades to mention. [Nimal] Glenn, can we take a look inside? [Glenn] Yes. I’ll race you! [Music Playing] [Nimal] Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon!…

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    San Diego Realtor | Home Sales- Marketing with VR – Matterport – Cardboard Goggles

    I was out doing a shoot for one of my friends and I got an email, a package has been delivered, it ought to be at the front door let’s go see what it is. How cool is this? Somebody sent me a gift I’m gonna have to set up the studio and do an open boxing, for you. Okay everybody before I open this I want to say thank you I hit 100 subscribers, now something’s gonna happen for Beethoven here real soon. Don’t know exactly what it is but something’s gonna happen for Beethoven. Now why would you stay and watch this vlog? It has to do with…

  • Mosaic Realtor Preview Teaser
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    Mosaic Realtor Preview Teaser

    Hi, this is Savannah with the Marketing Department for ICI Homes. I’m out here in front of beautiful Lake Mosaic. I wanted to show you all some of our progress here. We’re getting ready for our VIP Exclusive Realtor Event that will be held this Friday and I want to show you a quick sneak peek of our model park here. Alright, so here you have beautiful Lake Mosaic and the back of our model park here. We’ve got six model homes that are going to be at our model park here at Mosaic, and our exclusive Realtors that have RSVPed for our event will have a chance to see…

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    What It Takes To Get Started In Real Estate Investment | Smart Real Estate Coach

    I’m here with real estate and Boston power player Chris Prefontaine from smartrealestatecoach.com. Now Chris, there’s a lot of infomercials out there ads where you can buy these kits so to say right? become a real estate investor, invest in this course and it’s going to make you money. I think a lot of those people get the kits and it sits on the desk so do you really need experience to jump into this game of real estate investing? A kind of dual edged answer here Chris, oh yes and no. I instead of addressing experience would like to address their expectations because I’m a realist, if you come…

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    Online Home Search | Oahu, Hawaii

    Make sure you’re making accurate and using updated applications in your online home search. Hi, this Fawn Bertram with Homes buy Fawn and Hawaii Life. Many Oahu area shoppers have found online public home search engines to be outdated and unreliable. It is important that you understand how these websites work along with their strengths and weaknesses. First, many of these websites are using large geographical algorithms and therefore cannot take into account the Oahu area’s specifics necessary for the proper home search and equity evaluations. Further third party websites information can be outdated, sometimes by weeks or even years. Finally, because there are no restrictions or regulations on who…

  • 8 things to look for in an awesome Realtor
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    8 things to look for in an awesome Realtor

    Hello, I’m Aaron Lovett and I’m a Realtor in Middle Tennessee I represent Century 21 United Realty I would love to talk to you about 8 things that you should look for in a real estate agent that’s right, we’re not all created equal we don’t all have the same business strategies or plans or work ethic I’m not going to talk about professionalism or communication style or soft qualities like that Instead 8 things that you can ask your agent about when you interview them to find out if they really should be your agent. so when you are shopping around looking for an agent to represent you as…

  • Online Sales Center Loves Our Realtors
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    Online Sales Center Loves Our Realtors

    Hi, we represent the Online Sales Team here at ICI Homes and we want to let you know that we are the one-stop shop when it comes to ICI appointments and information. We make it easy for you to schedule multiple appointments for your clients. We can also provide you with information for all communities that ICI Homes has to offer. Just think of us as your personal assistants. And don’t forget to sign up on our Realtor program if you’re not already a member. Text “Rewards” to 69983 to sign up. So keep us in mind the next time you would like to schedule an appointment for your client…