• Niger: The Land Of Fear with David Adams (Trade Route History Documentary) | Timeline
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    Niger: The Land Of Fear with David Adams (Trade Route History Documentary) | Timeline

    It takes its name from the Arabic word for emptiness al Zahara But the Sahara is really a collection of deserts and the most remote is the Tenere I sit had to cross the ténéré in the way caravans have done for a thousand years it’ll mean a journey of 1,200 miles over rock and sand by vehicle camel and on foot and It’s a dangerous journey For in the sweltering dessicated furnace death strikes the week the ill-prepared or the unlucky They call it the land of fear My name is David Adams and as a photojournalist, I’ve made a point of going to some of the world’s most…

  • 1893: The Oklahoma Land Rush | The American West | GCSE History Revision
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    1893: The Oklahoma Land Rush | The American West | GCSE History Revision

    The Indian Territory was the land the government had set aside for the Plains Indians, west of the Mississippi River. They’d been forcibly relocated there in 1830, after the Indian Removal Act. This territory was divided into sections for the different tribes, with a bit in the middle that wasn’t allocated to any particular tribe. Even though this section in the middle was not open to white settlement, white people had been trying to move there since the start of the 1880s, and the US Army had to continuously move them off. 1893: The Oklahoma land rush. In 1887, the Dawes Act changed everything. The Dawes Act ended reservations for…

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    Why a cat always lands on its feet

    This is the first live cat recorded on film, and it’s being dropped to solve a physics problem: Why do cats always land on their feet? It’s a question that was driving 19th-century scientists nuts. Until one of them used an unexpected tool to solve the mystery: a camera. Étienne-Jules Marey was an obsessive scientist and inventor who analyzed how things moved. And he started experimenting with photography at a time when the medium was mostly used to document static subjects. But his goal was to capture motion. And he did that by building on a basic principle of photography: exposing a photosensitive material to light and then covering it…

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    Land Formation in Iowa

    Iowa was covered by glaciers until 15,000 years ago. These massive flowing sheets of ice would creep along like very slowly moving rivers, picking up lots of different minerals, rocks, soil and debris along the way. As the glaciers melted, rocks and minerals got left behind. We call this glacial till. The water, from the ice melt, is the foundation of our many river valleys as well as some of our lakes and wetlands. These rocks and minerals were slowly broken down by water and microorganisms to form new soil. Iowa’s landscape gradually became covered in a vast Prairie, consisting of hundreds of species of grasses, flowers, birds, mammals, insects…

  • Serbia Is Invaded Once Again – The Entente Lands in Greece I THE GREAT WAR Week 63
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    Serbia Is Invaded Once Again – The Entente Lands in Greece I THE GREAT WAR Week 63

    Last year- 1914- Serbia was repeatedly invaded by the Austro-Hungarian Imperial army, but managed to repel the invaders each time. Over the following winter and spring, a typhus epidemic secured Serbian borders but at a great cost in lives, and over the summer, Serbian enemies had their hands full on other fronts, but this week, Serbia is invaded once again. I’m Indy Neidell; welcome to the Great War The big news last week were brand new French and British offensives on the western front in Artois, Champagne, and at Loos. They failed to produce the much hoped for breakthrough, but did produce tens of thousands of corpses. The Austro-German summer…

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    TWL #2: Bir Tawil- The Land Without a Country

    Believe it or not, there’s still land on earth that’s not part of any country. Bir Tawil is that land. This 800 square mile (2100 square kilometer) area between Egypt and Sudan is claimed by neither Egypt nor Sudan. To understand why this is, we have to go back, to 1899. At the turn of the 20th century, Britain had a large and rapidly expanding empire across the world. A large part of this empire was in Africa, where colonialism had taken root. Britain held a complex level of authority in North-East Africa, and through that got to decide that the border between Sudan and Egypt was going to be…

  • How Super Mario 3D Land Saved The 3DS
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    How Super Mario 3D Land Saved The 3DS

    The 3DS is 7 years old. Just absorb that thought for a second. Man, I remember when the first 3DS came out in 2011, I was just entering secondary school! Now I’m in my second year of college and the thing is still alive and kicking! Well…depending on whose perspective it’s from. Despite not reaching the extreme levels of sales its predecessor once had, over the past 7 years, the 3DS has still managed to develop what is arguably Nintendo’s most impressive handheld lineup. From action games and platformers to RPGs and simulators, there was practically no genre that evaded the 3DS’ grasp. Add to that a robust indie lineup,…