• Inverse property of addition | Arithmetic properties | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy
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    Inverse property of addition | Arithmetic properties | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

    Let’s say that we have the number 5, and we’re asked, what number do we add to the number 5 to get to 0? And you might already know this, but I’ll just draw it out. So let’s say we have a number line right over here. And 0 is sitting right over there. And we are already sitting here at 5. So to go from 5 to 0, we have to go five spaces to the left. And if we’re going five spaces to the left, that means that we are adding negative 5. So if we add negative 5 right here, then that is going to get us…

  • German Houses
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    German Houses

    I just want to take a second to talk about how cool / awesome the German houses are. First, the toilets! The toilets don’t have a lever on the side to flush it. They have a button on the wall – a button! Also Falk has a rain shower, so that’s pretty awesome. Next, the windows! So this is a German window. Right now it’s closed. You try to open it but it won’t budge. Eventually you realize that the handle moves. So if down is locked, obviously up is unlocked right? Wrong! This happens which is actually like pretty cool but that’s not what we want. Turns out if…

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    Jin: JH, why? Jh: Good? Is it beautiful? Jh: I am, this is ~ Jk: there is even our dorm Sg: Do you want to use it like a bicycle bag? Jh: I think this is good for practice clothes. V: I should work part time here. Jin: I just need a hat. Sg: I think he’s the best he ever wears. J: I should use one or two hats to practice. Jm: (Satisfied) Cute Jm: Oh sweet, isn’t it nice to wear it like this? Jh: Why is ‘N.O’ Jin and Suga went upstairs while their brothers watched ‘N.O’ Jk: Huh? I really want to try! Sg: Jimin Ah…

  • Naples Realtor – Homes For Sale – Naples Realtor
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    Naples Realtor – Homes For Sale – Naples Realtor

    Hi, I’m Naples Realtor Joe Pavich, Jr. of Realty World-J. Pavich. I’ve been a full-time Realtor since 2001 and a Broker associate since 2007. I not only know what it takes to get the job done but I have a seamless system in place to make this a stress-free process for you. As a Naples Realtor, I have an excellent reputation in the area and do what it takes to make sure the customer is 100% completely satisfied. When marketing a home and myself, I not only use the cutting edge of technology but together with international exposure on your home. Realty World is an international real estate brokerage firm…

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    How To Use Other People’s Money To Buy Real Estate – Vancouver Real Estate – Gary Wong

    [crowd] Hi, I’ m more interested in real estate as a business and real estate investing, so quickly, if you can summarize how to use O.P.M., other people’s money, to start investing in real estate. Sure. Lots of different ways to use OPM, other people’s money. Let’s say you find a deal. Most common way is, you find a deal and then money will come. So you find the deal, and then you have to pitch the deal to the real estate investors. This is a great deal because the return is this, the return is that. It’s rentable like this, rentable like that. You put in the money, I…

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    Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs yeti | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

    Vir’s school group is going to The Himalayas. You have to go there and destroy them. You have to finish Vir. Haha!! Mona! Hey! Where are you ? Yeti! Boss. Have a look at my invention, Mona. What has happened to my Yeti ? Boss!! You should praise me boss. I burned down this Yeti with laser gun. Otherwise he would have terminated you. Timbaktoon! This was my robot. I had invented it to finish Vir. You have burnt it. I will have to make it again. It’s very cold here. Mrs. Sen Gupta, this is the Himalayan region. So it is obvious that this region is going to be…

  • Realtor finds grenades in vacant Southington home
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    Realtor finds grenades in vacant Southington home

    have started in the garage. New at six. A scare in Southington. Two Grenades were found inside a house along Nelson Mosier Road. A realtor found them, and the Youngstown Bomb Squad was called. The people that had been staying there left a few weeks ago. The grenades were rusty and old looking. But the Bomb Squad says you still have to be VERY cautious. [C28]20170511 BOMB CALL-SV BRAD DITULLIO BOMB SQUAD OFFICER “THEY’RE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, IF THEY WOULD HAVE EXPLODED, I MEAN, OBVIOUSLY, IT WOULD HAVE KILLED THE DEPUTIES, AND IT COULD HAVE… IT COULD HAVE TAKEN OUT THE HOUSE. The bomb squad took the grenades back to Youngstown,…

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    Boxer Property Replaces Existing ECM Solution with M-Files

    Boxer Property is a privately held commercial real estate company and we own and manage office buildings, shopping malls and hotels. We have about 16 million square feet across the country and about 750 employees. Document Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has always been an important part of our operations at Boxer. We run a very vertically integrated company and there are a lot of different departments that have to work together effectively. So even as far back as 2004 we were involved in Enterprise Content Management for our industry that was very cutting-edge. We scan each month leases and some of those our non-standard – what we call…

  • Do You Have To Use a Realtor When Buying a Home?
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    Do You Have To Use a Realtor When Buying a Home?

    Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Realtor Lance Mohr and in this video I’m going to go over a question I get every once in a while and that is do you have to use a realtor when you buy a home now this isn’t a question that I get all too often but over my 20-plus years I have gotten it on occasion and I just ran across it this week so I didn’t want to address it do you have to use a realtor when you buy a home and the answer is absolutely not of course you don’t matter of fact a few years ago I sold…

  • I’m a Mormon, Canadian Realtor, & Noble Uruguay Native
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    I’m a Mormon, Canadian Realtor, & Noble Uruguay Native

    Misha, food. She’s blind now. Come on. My name is Adonal Noble. I was born in Uruguay. We moved to Montevideo when I was 22, and in 1969 I came to Canada. For years I wanted to be a real estate salesman. I didn’t speak the language that well, but I went, and it took two weeks to get the license. I had to go twice. I’ve been working for myself since I was 14 years old. I used to have a store in Uruguay. I’m a hard worker because I love it. When you’re a realtor, and when you’re working with the public, you have to learn how to…