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    It’s a whole new world with Facebook advertising. Facebook was basically just to post pictures of my kids I’m talking to my partners and we’re trying to getting ideas. And once I told them this we were on it We were on a trip to Tampa and on the plane they were bugging out They saw my phone after I got off the plane and we landed they saw my phone blow up They were like, why is your phone going off constantly? All right, what’s up guys? Jason worked up here and I’m here with Gary out of New York Gary. What’s up, man? How are you? Jason? Not…

  • THE DEATH of Facebook Ads For Realtors 💀
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    THE DEATH of Facebook Ads For Realtors 💀

    What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and just recently Facebook once again change their Facebook advertising Algar and their updates everything they’re gonna allow you to do you can see this was posted March 19th of 2019 and it was written by a shale sandberg who is their chief operating officer? So I’ve seen a lot of this in facebook groups and our Facebook group all over the place So I just wanted to address some of the concerns and questions that everyone has about targeting for the real estate space Specifically and you can see this article is titled doing more to protect against discrimination in housing employment…

  • REALTOR TRAINING | Real Estate Agent Tips To 2X Your Business
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    REALTOR TRAINING | Real Estate Agent Tips To 2X Your Business

    What’s up YouTube Jason Wardrop here and in this video, I’m going to break down how to double your real estate business With Facebook advertising we’re gonna break down by the numbers I drew to this whole thing out It took me forever because my handwriting is terrible So if you guys can’t read it, I apologize, but I’ll walk you through step by step So let’s first take a look at the conversion rate of all of our differently sources because this is really important to understand before we break down into the core the heart of the numbers of Why this actually makes sense and how it can…