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    Realtor Answers Funny Questions From The Internet | Apartments (Yahoo Answers & Quora!)

    Your landlord is sneaking into your apartment and leaving bread and your lights on when you are not home. This is Hilarious. Realtors From Apartments Near Me Reacts to Yahoo Answers from Landlords and Tenants And Some Questions from Quora First question, my landlord gave me 24 hours to get rid of my pet chimp Bingo doesn’t bingo have rights too? We can’t just dump him off somewhere. Well if it’s a chimpanzee, you might be in violation of some apartment rules there it would be specified the lease and i’m pretty sure chimpanzees are not allowed. We can’t just dump him off somewhere. I think Bingo’s gonna have to…

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    Jeff! Get…! Get down here! — What the hell is going on. — We’re 10 minutes in the past. 10 minutes from our target. — No! You need to tell me what that time machine is, and why that guy was trying to kill me. — It’s a time machine, it travels you back in time, and number two… — No, no… — … you killed his friend. — [stammers] No! — There’s no time to waste, just put this on. — Wha—? Why didn’t you just set it to 15 minutes back so we’d have 5 minutes to talk? — C’mon! ♪ [ominous noise] ♪ — Is that me?!…

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    Family Guy – Peter Plays With Ants

    We now return to vh1’s behind the music dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem it must have been around 1979 when animals started snorting crushed up pieces of felt yeah pretty ugly we had big problem before me found God He like threw me down And he said, I hope your puppeteer has big hands because I’m not using Lube me no remember that but me believe it happened I Got it Says Glenn quagmire But if you squint and imagine it says Peter Griffin it says Peter, Griffin Peter It’s Clark – take it next door hold on Lois now this poses a very difficult ethical dilemma Do I…

  • Deadmau5 Tries to Be David Spade’s House Band – Lights Out with David Spade
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    Deadmau5 Tries to Be David Spade’s House Band – Lights Out with David Spade

    We’ve been shopping around -for a house band here. -KERRIGAN: So hot. Uh, for a while. Yeah, we still haven’t found one. Uh, for my latest interview, I went a little outside the box. Here’s a video. Oh. Uh-oh. All right, The Masked Singer’s on… Is that Stage 12? (laughter) (whispering): Who’s…? This is the guy? Hi. (clears throat) I’m, uh… David Spade, obviously. (laughs) You are… beep, bop, boop. It says, “Deadmaus.” Okay. (laughs, sniffles) By the way, this job doesn’t pay a ton. It’s not like a Vegas gig. It’s like a Reno gig, if you read between the lines there. I don’t know if you’re married, because…

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    Get Real Estate – Trailer

    The great Marcus Lowe. He knows what he wants, he’s quite the perfectionist. All you need to know is, we can get you 1.2 million dollars. Understated beauty hidden gem, tranquil setting, sun-drenched, private sanctuary. Looking forward to that 1.2 million baby. 1.2 million, fantastic. Also, anything above 700,000, also fantastic. Nelson Mandela stood out and look what happened to him. He made history. He went to prison. No Thank you. Tell me you didn’t get caught having sex with a potential buyer at an open house. I know how it looks, but she’s a recent widow and they’re only vulnerable for so long. There are holes in the floorboards,…

  • Ellen’s Got Real Estate Tips
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    Ellen’s Got Real Estate Tips

    – I love real estate, and I think people know that. I love to buy houses, I like to sell houses. When I order a drink, I’d like it to be on the house. And– [laughter] I always want to know what houses are out there, so I’m always looking at the real estate listings. But you have to know how to read them, because they use these secret codes, and they put in things that seem positive, and they’re not, so since I know a few things about homes, and as the creator of HGTV’s “Ellen’s Design Challenge,” Mondays at 9:00– [cheers and applause] Oh, thank you. Oh, thank…

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    ReminderMedia: The REALTOR®

    With so many people to choose from to sell your home. Who do you trust with your business? Today, three seasoned agents are going to compete to become the The REALTOR®. Hi, I’m Maggie and I’m currently starting the process of selling my home and today I’m here to find the REALTOR® of my dreams. How’re you feeling today, Maggie? I’m a bit nervous, but I’m really excited. Well, it’s understandable because the sale of your home is quite literally the most important financial transaction of your entire life. But something tells me you’re gonna end up in the right hands. So So, without further ado. Let’s meet your REALTORS®.…

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    VY QWAINT LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Fails Lie Detector Test Challenge Proving She’s a Hacker!

    What’s up Spy Ninjas! We just unmasked a Project Zorgo hacker and it turned out to be Vy! All the signs point to that Vy Qwaint is working with Project Zorgo. So we’ve got her hooked up to a lie detector test. We’ve got the lie detector expert Daniel, we’ve got Regina– That’s right. Behind the camera. It’s me! And we’ve got Vy, who if she lies three times, she loses the lie detector test. And what does that mean Vy? I’m kicked out of the Spy Ninjas! So don’t lie. This is probably the most important lie detector test we’ve ever done, I had to make sure the readings…

  • Which Hogwarts House are Dan and Phil?! – POTTERMORE
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    Which Hogwarts House are Dan and Phil?! – POTTERMORE

    Phil: You’re a wizard, Danny! Dan: I’m a what? P: You’re a wizard! D: I’m a what? P: [laughing] You’re a wizard! D: I’m not a wizard, I’m just Harry. P: You’re a…. fffflippin’ wizard! P: Hello DanAndPhilGames Wizards! D: Ho Ho Hogwarts! D: Sorry. I won that. Mine was much better than that. I was prepared. P: Nice! You win with that one by miles. Yeah. D: And welcome back to Day 2 of…. P: (sounding like an old man) GAMINGMASSS! D: That was… P: That was the theme tune. [laughs] D: That was… [chuckles] D: Two days in a row. Look at us! P: Look at it goin’…

  • Obama Releases Birth Video at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner
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    Obama Releases Birth Video at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner

    President Barack Obama: Tonight, for the first time, I am releasing my official birth video. (Laughter.) Now, I warn you — (laughter) — no one has seen this footage in 50 years, not even me. But let’s take a look. (“Secret Birth Video” plays.) [It’s a clip from the “The Lion King” movie.] (Applause.) Oh, well. Back to square one. (Laughter.) I want to make clear to the Fox News table: That was a joke. (Laughter.) That was not my real birth video. (Laughter.) That was a children’s cartoon. (Laughter.) Call Disney if you don’t believe me. (Laughter.) They have the original long-form version. (Laughter.)