• White House Publishes List of President Trump’s Accomplishments
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    White House Publishes List of President Trump’s Accomplishments

    -Let’s get to the news. According to CNN, President Trump told FEMA officials this weekend that he has never heard of a Category 5 hurricane before, despite Puerto Rico being hit with one in 2017. Said Trump, “Well, I’ve also never heard of Puerto Rico, So…” President Trump faced international criticism this weekend after he was seen playing golf instead of staying in the office to monitor the progress of Hurricane Dorian, though, honestly, would that be better? Making Trump monitor the hurricane would be like making your 4-year-old do the dishes. After about five minutes, you’d be like, “You know what, Tyler? Just go — go out and play.…

  • Best Of: Bill Burr | Netflix Is A Joke
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    Best Of: Bill Burr | Netflix Is A Joke

    – You know everything has just become fucking absolutes. In The States it’s fuckin’ nuts. Like that Colin Kaepernick guy, right? You knew when he was like protesting during the National Anthem, no one was gonna listen to what the fuck he had to say. No matter how much he explained it. He goes “I’m takin’ a knee during the National Anthem “this is a protest about police brutality, “the way people of color are treated, we like to open a dialogue.” He got about halfway through that, people are like “My brother’s fightin’ in Iraq, you fuckin’ piece of shit!” (crowd laughs) It’s just like, Buddy, Buddy, nobody is…

  • Younger Bloopers That Will Make You Cry (Season 1-5) 😂 TV Land
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    Younger Bloopers That Will Make You Cry (Season 1-5) 😂 TV Land

    This is a blooper reel opportunity right here. Hey guys, let’s fuck it up. – Are we rolling? – Yeah. Oh cool. Take one! [yelling] – Oh God. – And action! [groaning] Close by we’re… Absolutely. Sorry, let me say that again. Donald Trump wants to– Donald Trump? [laughing] Donald Trump wants to work for us in L.A. Shut up, stop judging me, Duff. Duff’s smiling at me, stop it! [laughing] – Fuck me… – Ok, I mean… well, yes. Yes a thousand times. [laughing] What? Oh no, no hands! [laughing] They’re like, “action!” and the lines are like… – We’re gonna act now? OK, cool. – I love acting.…

  • How You Really Use Exercise Machines
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    How You Really Use Exercise Machines

    – [Narrator] Strength. Power. No Flex provides you with a quick, easy workout that you can do in the convenience of your own home. But it also offers you something that you really want. Another place to toss your shit. With eight power rods, the No Flex gym holds 310 pounds of resistance that you’ll never use. Because after, like, one or two uses, you’ll realize you hate working out. But those rods also provide plenty of space for your wool sweaters to air dry. And the bench doubles as an ironing board. Or a step ladder. So you can change those light bulbs to better see your shitty apartment.…

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    THE BABIES ARE ON FIRE! | Hardly Working

    – Now, it’s a little smaller than it should be for my frame, but I think I’m really starting to catch some definition on my bicep. – Where is it? – It’s on my arm. – Hey, do you guys smell something? Oh my God! The office daycare is on fire again. – What are you waiting for? Help us! – We gotta do something! – Wait, wait, wait, wait, look. – The kids are saving themselves. – What? – Look, the little toddler in the blue overalls, he’s pulling that little girl out who’s trapped under a beam. – Yes! – This is so inspiring. – Okay, whatever, still…

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    The Property Brothers Renovated The Actual ‘Brady Bunch’ Home | The Kelly Clarkson Show

    – So you have a new thing though, is it “A Very Brady Renovation?” – We renovated the actual real Brady home, and most people didn’t realize, when you saw on the Brady bunch, the exterior, that was just shot for the exterior, but the whole set was actually in a studio, so nothing matched. It was two story set that was supposed to be in a split level home, so we, HGTV, bought the actual house instead of developers who were going to flatten it, and we renovated it to be the real space and we had all the original six Brady kids as a part of the show,…

  • Get the F@*! Out of My House Candle Commercial w/ Ryan Reynolds
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    Get the [email protected]*! Out of My House Candle Commercial w/ Ryan Reynolds

    -It’s Christmas, a time when friends and family come together to celebrate the season. It’s been a great night, but it’s getting late and your guests just aren’t leaving. -And that’s when you realize mistletoe isn’t edible. -Oh! -Oh, that’s a good one, Jimbo! -You’ve given them all the hints, like commenting on the time… -Can you guys believe it’s 11:00 p.m. already? -I got nowhere to be. [ Laughter ] -…over-the-top yawning… -Ughhhhh. -I don’t know. -Ugh! Ughh!! -You’ve even tried standing up and announcing, “Well, I guess I should be going, since it’s so late. Wait, I live here. I’m not the one who should be leaving.” -Well,…

  • House of Representatives Impeaches President Trump
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    House of Representatives Impeaches President Trump

    -Well, you guys, it is just six more days until Christmas. That’s right. I saw one of the biggest-selling toys this year are L.O.L. Surprise! dolls. L.O.L. Surprise! is very popular, mostly because that’s what Nancy Pelosi said right before she impeached Trump. It’s like, “L.O.L.! Surprise!” That’s right — the big story is that President Trump was impeached last night. And the vote on the first article of impeachment was 230-197. Yeah, which was basically Trump’s blood pressure throughout the entire day. I saw that when last night’s vote was official, someone in Congress clapped. And Nancy Pelosi was not having it. Check out her expression when she heard…

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    Gingerbread House Disaster – Studio C

    [splashing] [audience cheering and applause] [bell ringing] – All right everyone, welcome to the annual Gingerbread House Contest! Today’s judge is going to be a safety inspector. Now let’s give a nice, Wisdom Lane Elementary School greeting to Safety Inspector, Tom Devlan! [cheering] – All right kids, hello. I am OSHA certified Safety Inspector, Tom Devlan, number one in Hoboken, Hackensack and Hard-Boiled Heights, New Jersey. What do I do? I save lives. Except for that one time I didn’t. [audience laughter] Let’s just say it was an incident involving my safety inspecting partner, Ted Higgins. [sighs] But I’m not supposed to talk about that. Unless you kids wanna talk…