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    DAD CAPTURED! Bendy and the Ink Machine #3 Haunts Our House FGTEEV Chapter 2 Boss 👹 SCARY Kids Game

    LAST TIME ON FGTEEV>:) Bendy: where you guys going? don’t you wanna play? Duddy: chase, go hide in here! Bendy: come back over here! Duddy: come here shawn! shawn! shawn! where-wheres shawn?? shawn- *screams* Bendy: oh hi shawn! *Shawn’s mind* Mickey??! Duddy: shawn…come, come here buddy… Bendy: I won’t hurt you. Duddy: no shawn! shawn come here! come- Bendy: quiet!>:3 Duddy : shawn he’s a bad guy. i’m the guy- Bendy: close…your…mouth!>:D Duddy: help shawn! 🙁 Bendy: no, don’t! *Shawn scream* Duddy: don’t help him baby! Duddy: shawn help daddy! ‘~’ Bendy: don’t you help him! Duddy: shawn help, please! Bendy: don’t even think about it shawn! Chase: hey bendy!…

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    Jeff! Get…! Get down here! — What the hell is going on. — We’re 10 minutes in the past. 10 minutes from our target. — No! You need to tell me what that time machine is, and why that guy was trying to kill me. — It’s a time machine, it travels you back in time, and number two… — No, no… — … you killed his friend. — [stammers] No! — There’s no time to waste, just put this on. — Wha—? Why didn’t you just set it to 15 minutes back so we’d have 5 minutes to talk? — C’mon! ♪ [ominous noise] ♪ — Is that me?!…

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    Hi sister! James Charles here and welcome back to my house! Oh my God! Come in! Come In! Come in! okay You guys, for today’s brand-new video We’re going to be doing a sister sanctuary tour – but you guys know about two years ago now, I officially moved to Los Angeles to pursue make up as a career and *thank god* it has really really taken off! And when I moved here, I moved to downtown LA Because, a lot of the work I was doing was in Hollywood, But my really close family and friends were all in Orange County and Whittier, So, it was kind of right…

  • 5 Traps To Protect Your House – Minecraft
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    5 Traps To Protect Your House – Minecraft

    (MINING) Huh? (MINING) (CHEST OPENED) (PUT DIAMONDS INTO CHEST) (CHEST CLOSED) We are back, Bucket-Boy! We saw your diamonds! We will do everything we can to get them for ourselves! Trap #1: The Welcome Mat (BIRDS CHIRPING) This will be easy! (PISTON OPENS) (TNT FUSE) (REAL-TIME REPLAY) (EXPLOSION) (SCREAM) Trap #2: The hot roof You think you are smart bucket-boy?? We will not lose! (POP) I am gonna fly with this stolen elytra Onto your roof! (LAUGHING EVILY) Woo! (CONTINUED LAUGHING) The Diamonds Are Mine! (POP) (CRIED PAINFULY) (CONTINUED CRIED PAINFULY AND SCREAMING) Trap #3: The hugging wall I will just destroy his house! (POP) (PISTON CLOSES) (REAL-TIME REPLAY) (ANOTHER…

  • The ‘Full House’ When D.J. Got Busted Not Drinking Beer
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    The ‘Full House’ When D.J. Got Busted Not Drinking Beer

    – [Narrator] The fam serenades Michelle with Baby Beluga, woof. D.J. and Kimmy wisely rush past that nightmare. They’re busy planning the school dance. They celebrate, booking a shitty band. Kimmy tells D.J. to invite Kevin to this dance they’re ruining but since D.J. is a coward, Stephanie calls for her. Kevin says with no delay because he’s a horny 13 year old and D.J. has a pulse. Michelle can’t sop listening to Baby Beluga, who cares? D.J.’s ready to dance in her finest crime-fighting attire. Kimmy breaks the news that the band they booked bailed. D.J. begs Jesse to fill in, assuring him she can get a killer backup…

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    Best Friends Build A Gingerbread Dream House ft. Emma Chamberlain & Dolan Twins

    – Hi sisters. – James Charles here, welcome back to our Youtube channel. Merry Christmas to you guys. Today I’ve joined with some very very special guests, the sister squad. – That’s what we’re called. – Hey. – As you can tell we are not in our normal filming location and that’s because we’re in my kitchen. So we are not doing makeup, thank god. – Thank Santa. – But what we are doing– – Thank Saint Nick. – I’m going to kill you. – Thank Kris Kringle. – Thanks Kris. – Thanks Jack Frost. – You’re getting coal in your stocking if you don’t shut up. – Jack Frost…

  • Dr. Phil Tries To Break Into My House!
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    Dr. Phil Tries To Break Into My House!

    It’s been so long. (too long!!!!) I don’t even know which direction to stand anymore. Is it this way? Oh there you are! Hi, hello, welcome back. To Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos. Haha… It’s been a while… but that’s fine We had to go away for a long time because we revamped the series its brand new, everyone! Everything is different now. Everything about the series is different. We got a higher budget, we got a bigger cast. We… hired a different Jacksepticeye for this one. Completely CG. I can do this from my bed now… ♫ When you put it together… what do you get? (what do you get?)…

  • The ‘Full House’ When Aunt Becky’s Kids Cheated Their Way Into School
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    The ‘Full House’ When Aunt Becky’s Kids Cheated Their Way Into School

    (bright music) – [Narrator] Aunt Becky arranged a play date for the twins and some bozo named Cooper. The kiddos stack while the moms talk sweaters. Cooper’s dad says it’s hard finding friends for Coop because he’s SO smart. Jesse tries to keep up with this tiny-brained brag sesh but while Nicky and Alex can barely mumble, Coop speaks in full sentences. – Cooper talked good. – Cooper talks well. – Cooper’s ready to smacked at an eighth grade level. Coop’s rents have been beating him with flashcards to get him into Bouton Hall, the Bay Area’s most prestigious preschool. Aunt Becky and Jesse have been less proactive with their…