• China’s Real Estate 2019 | Is it too expensive? | how do average people afford it?
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    China’s Real Estate 2019 | Is it too expensive? | how do average people afford it?

    What’s going on guys, this is Simon again. this week let’s talk a little bit about China’s Real estate, shall we? I just passed 1600 subscribers today. I saw comments and feedbacks from all over the world, that’s amazing guys, I guess that is the real magic of the Internet. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome. I am very grateful for all the love and support. I know a lot of you guys have heard news about China’s real estate here and there, like the housing bubble and ghost city and some of you probably want to know more. so this week, as a local average Chinese, let…

  • Party Bro Real Estate – Funny Drop
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    Party Bro Real Estate – Funny Drop

    I’m afradooshie bro I show house for party K bro, see? Crown molded walled house bro Ok, imported mesquite wood Imported, bro It’s not hanky panky lets go to hardware store bullshit And here you put wine, OK tequila, whisky, rum, gin I don’t know your decision For party coastal maple wood bro You smell party oozing from this guy bro *Sniffs* Oh makes me want to pump this guy bro Inside you put towel, shampoo, soap, paper towel, kilos of cocaine, molly sassafras, mushroom chocolate, ketamine I don’t know bro, your decision for party bro See and this vault city bro. K like church bro If you want to…

  • Team Pinto Talk Real Estate: Why Even Hire a Realtor?
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    Team Pinto Talk Real Estate: Why Even Hire a Realtor?

    I’m Aron from Team Pinto at Re/Max Twin City and thanks for joining me for the Talk Series. Whenever we try to do anything in life, we always want the final result to be as good as can be. For instance, when we list a house, we don’t take our own pictures on our cellphones. We hire professionals that come in with their digital SLR cameras, with drones with everything else, so that the quality of the product is as perfect as it can be and by someone who is an expert. The same thing comes when selling a home, realtors like us do this all year on a regular…

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  • Bukovina, a Ukrainian Land (1939) documentary
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    Bukovina, a Ukrainian Land (1939) documentary

    [Trembita cries in the valley, The beautiful world is cruel to a girl] [Because she is not loved. The poor thing cries in her room,] [Unplaits her hair… And wanders in the forest and on the streets…] Bukovian songs remind us: Provide the most jovial lyrics, and Bukovians will find a melancholy melody to surround it. In these melodies lies the whole history of this land. [This girl was born unhappy…] Here is an illiterate and unintelligent man. Why? He says he does not know why. His father asks for forgiveness, he is also illiterate. His entire life he ate his own potatoes. He says “We eat potatoes and wander…

  • How You Really Use Exercise Machines
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    How You Really Use Exercise Machines

    – [Narrator] Strength. Power. No Flex provides you with a quick, easy workout that you can do in the convenience of your own home. But it also offers you something that you really want. Another place to toss your shit. With eight power rods, the No Flex gym holds 310 pounds of resistance that you’ll never use. Because after, like, one or two uses, you’ll realize you hate working out. But those rods also provide plenty of space for your wool sweaters to air dry. And the bench doubles as an ironing board. Or a step ladder. So you can change those light bulbs to better see your shitty apartment.…

  • Florida Realtors Leads #CleanUpFloridaWaters Effort July 11, 2020
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    Florida Realtors Leads #CleanUpFloridaWaters Effort July 11, 2020

    Oh, Hey, 2020 Florida Realtors President Barry Grooms here, inviting you to join us Saturday, July 11th, as we clean up Florida’s waterways. Our lakes, streams, rivers, springs and beaches make Florida not just a state, but a state of mind. But only when they’re properly cared for. Contact your local board to sign up for water clean up projects in YOUR area. Folks from all over America and all over the world dream of owning a piece of Florida paradise. On July 11th, join our state-wide effort to beautify the sunshine state. And share your experience . . . Hashtag Clean UP Florida Waters. See you on the water…

  • Realtor shows MLS Listings Homes For Sale in Bowmanville | Dan Plowman
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    Realtor shows MLS Listings Homes For Sale in Bowmanville | Dan Plowman

    Hey it’s Miranda here from the Dan Plowman Team and boy do I have something awesome for you! Have you been waiting all year to get into the home-ownership game? Well wait no longer I’ve got the perfect place for you. Here in Bowmanville I’ve got an end unit townhouse two stories three bedrooms three bathrooms finished basement garage in a fantastic location. There’s a fully fenced in back yard and above-ground pool everything that you could ask for. It’s at a fantastic price and it could be yours just make sure you act fast because it’s not gonna wait around for long. Come and check out the rest of…

  • REBECCA ZAMOLO Christmas SWEATER Official Music Video! (Game Master Challenge)
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    REBECCA ZAMOLO Christmas SWEATER Official Music Video! (Game Master Challenge)

    Christmastime is on my mind ready to get in that holiday grind snow and presents hot cocoa – tis the season just for you so many parties gotta figure out what to wear – some can I just stay home be comfy now get out and go have some fun only one thing on my mind is getting my outfit just in time cuz holidays are common and we gotta get only gotta order on Amazon Prime only three colors red green and white but looking fresh comes with a price that doesn’t fit a Christmas tree that’s your grandma knit you can DIY it with a needle and thread…