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    Has Property Mogul Michelle Found Her Elon Musk? | First Dates Hotel

    Hi Michael how are you I’m so sorry I didn’t call you back I’m very interested in that hotel it’s a hundred and thirty million talking shop is property mogul and recent divorcee Michele I just think we need to be a bit sensible about the fee if you get two percent you’re gonna get we’re gonna get a deal married for 17 years she’s now looking to build the foundation for a new relationship I’ve worked on Tashard the walkie talkie the redevelopment of Victoria I’ve done 60 towers now around the world I never charged more than 1% but you know we still talking about 1.3 million quid…

  • Stephen Ross: A Passion for Real Estate
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    Stephen Ross: A Passion for Real Estate

    – I got involved with real estate because I knew that it would have a lasting impact. There would be a real legacy of something that you would do, and then when you start developing and knowing that, and then seeing what the transformation aspects of what you can do to an area, or city. or neighborhood, and from there, the more I did it the more I really got involved in it and the passion grew. I think you have to, first of all, start to have the passion, and I have the real passion for what I’m doing and the love for it, but I think you also…