• Could JLo’s Role in ‘Hustlers’ Land Her an Oscar Nom? | THR News
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    Could JLo’s Role in ‘Hustlers’ Land Her an Oscar Nom? | THR News

    – [Ramona Voiceover] The game is rigged and it does not reward people who play by the rules. Then it’s like robbing a bank, except you get the keys. Are you in? – Hustlers brought the heat to the Toronto International Film Festival with many buzzing that Jennifer Lopez could land her first Oscar nom for her leading performance. The film about a group of New York City strippers who con their wealthy clients out of thousands of dollars a night. Adapted from a 2015 New York magazine article that went viral, stars Lopez as veteran stripper, Ramona. – Knee hook, from here you can do Carousel, (whistling) just switch…

  • La La Land – The Reality of Dreams
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    La La Land – The Reality of Dreams

    [Music] from the very opening scene of lala land one relationship is established the comparison of reality and dreams or what you have and what you want the film opens with the characters stuck in traffic it’s a hot and uncomfortable day when suddenly this nightmare turns into a dream everybody breaks out into song and dance in the epic scene it’s fun and is something out of an idealized world where nothing can go wrong that is until the music stops the dream comes to an end and these characters are yet again stuck in their reality of mundane and everyday life the next few scenes of the movie…

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    5 EPIC Shots for Real Estate Drone Videos

    (upbeat electronic music) – Hey, guys, what’s going on? This is Seth from the REtipster blog. In this video, I want to talk to you about 5 EPIC drone shots that can do a great job of making just about any property look amazing. When you’re shooting a video or pictures of a property with a drone, it doesn’t take a genius to just take the drone, fly back a little ways, point it at the property and shoot. I mean, anybody can do that, there’s nothing special about that, but I have discovered as I’ve been playing with my drone for the past several months, that there are a…

  • Stake Land – Trailer
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    Stake Land – Trailer

    Welcome to the Ac News! Here is the trailer of Stake Land, today’s news is coming up. Jim Mickle directs this indie horror set in a not too distant future. America is a nation torn by economic crisis and an epidemic of vampirism that’s eliminating the human species. The young Martin will be forced to join the vampire hunter Mister trying to cross the country and attain salvation in the North, in New Eden. Together in life and now on the big screen! We are talking about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, we’ll see them in the film El Cantante, history of the rise and fall of legendary Puerto Rican…