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    How This Native American Elder Reclaimed Sacred Land in the Bay Area| KQED Truly CA

    (upbeat music) – I can feel the ancestors dancing, when they connect with the ceremonies that are taking place in Indian Canyon. (soft music) We’ve always been here since the beginning of time. Today is the best time for an Ohlone person to be alive since contact because the ancestors’ spirits are starting to wake a lot of people up. (singing in foreign language) My name is Anne Marie Sayers, I live in Indian Canyon in Hollister, California and it is the only federally recognized Indian country for 350 miles along coastal California. This is Ohlone territory which extends from San Francisco to Big Sur. (waves crashing) From the Pacific…

  • The Properties of Camera Lenses
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    The Properties of Camera Lenses

    Hi John Hess from FilmmakerIQ.com – with a grounding in the science and history of lenses, let’s explore the features of the modern day lenses and explain what focal length, aperture, the features of prime and zoom lenses, and some specialty lens equipment you may run into as a filmmaker. The first and most fundamental property of a photographic lens is it’s focal length. Recall that the focal length on a simple thin lens is the distance from the point where collimated rays of light converge into a single point. With photographic lenses being a series of different elements, the focal length is slightly more complicated. When talking lenses we’re…

  • Land Art: Celebrating the work of Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson and Walter De Maria
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    Land Art: Celebrating the work of Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson and Walter De Maria

    There are no values attached to something like this because it’s not portable and then not a malleable barter exchange object And that says it You can’t trade this thing You can’t put it in your pocket If you have a war you can’t move it around It’s not worth anything In fact it’s an obligation My personal experience was that land art or earth art was not an anti-gallery statement or an anti-gallerist statement either but that a wide open space is really what they were looking for and found No gallery or museum could possibly do what the open space does for the individual the viewer, the experiencer…

  • Beyond the Ghost Stories of the Winchester Mystery House
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    Beyond the Ghost Stories of the Winchester Mystery House

    (gentle piano music) – [Walter] Winchester Mystery House is a crown jewel in the Santa Clara Valley. – This house, an amazing house, was built by Sarah Lockwood Pardee, who married into the Winchester family. – This place has been open for tour since 1923. – You’re going to see unusual things, like this. – [Walter] There’s architecture, there’s incredible craftsmanship, it’s a very unique house. – Some people believe that these were Sarah’s methods for dealing with unfriendly ghosts, baffling the spirits. We don’t really know. After 36 years of remodeling, maybe these are just a few of her building mistakes. – It’s an incredible story, you know, it’s…

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    THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Nick Offerman Movie HD

    People say to me “I wonder what it’d be like to be on a spaceship” You don’t really realize you all live about a beautiful little spaceship called Earth Hey there! I’ll be down in a minute This is the St. Peter’s Lutheran youth group. I’m Sebastian Welcome to the future. That’s my Nana. She says there’s the traditional way to live and then there’s the dynamic, independent way: Buckminster Fuller did. “Every time man makes a new experiment… ..he always learns more” “That old lady’s like your overlord.” “She’s my guardian. She made sure I stayed on the right path.” Wow What is it that you listen to.. in…

  • In Residence: Jim Olson – inside the architect’s treetop house
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    In Residence: Jim Olson – inside the architect’s treetop house

    My grandparents got this property in 1912 so it’s been a hundred and three years now And when I was 18 I was just a first year architecture student my dad gave me $500 and he said go build a bunk house in the woods and so this hillside was just the perfect place surrounded by trees and so I just came up here and did that I mean, it’s kind of a dream come true it’s probably the best opportunity I ever had It was all about, and still is about being part of nature I wanted to do this little house and it was only 14 feet by…

  • Horror Short Film “Night Land” | Presented by ALTER
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    Horror Short Film “Night Land” | Presented by ALTER

    So where are we? Um, my brother’s room. What happened to yours? Well my Dad’s using it. Uh huh. For what? For his gym equipment. What? For his gym equipment! I’m grateful for the spare room and all but that’s just fucking mental -Sat-nav stopped working. -Use the book. Is there no way your Dad can’t just move his treadmill? I mean, come on. -Do you want a crisp? It’s a gym. A fucking gym! A gym! What does he need with a fucking punchbag? The man thinks he’s Steven Seagal. More like ‘Steven Seagal: The Fat Years’. -Oh right, that’s it! -Will you stop that, I’m trying to drive…