• Buying Stocks vs Real Estate Investing — Which is Better?
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    Buying Stocks vs Real Estate Investing — Which is Better?

    Deidre Woollard: Stocks vs. real estate. It’s a long-standing question and one that isn’t easily answered. This is Deidre Woollard, editor at Millionacres, the real estate investing website from The Motley Fool. Today, we are asking the question, should you invest in real estate or stocks? We all know that putting some of our assets in real estate is good for diversification. But what about returns? Which asset class has produced better returns over long periods of time — real estate or stocks? This is a tough question to answer partly because there’s no reliable way to gauge individual investment property returns on a wide scale. Every property investment in…

  • ” Zillow, Trulia … and Realtor.com … have given us not so much.” Doug Campbell reviews Homes.com
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    ” Zillow, Trulia … and Realtor.com … have given us not so much.” Doug Campbell reviews Homes.com

    Hi, I’m Doug Campbell with Keller Williams Realty and we’ve been buying internet leads for quite a while including Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com and Realtor.com. And we recently evaluated our business, and we have purged all the other leads except Homes.com. We’ve just expanded our reach with Homes.com to include better lead generation. We’ve been getting really high quality leads from Homes.com, and the other guys have given us … not so much.

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    A FREE Checklist For Viewing An Investment Property | Real Estate Investing Tips

    Hello, in my experience, it’s important to arrive well prepared for a property viewing, so you can check the important details and take notes that will help you reach an informed decision at a later time. So in this video I will run through a list of things that I check when I view a property, to help prepare you for your next viewing. Hi, I’m Andy Walker from monoperty.com, where I blog online about my journey as a property investor and landlord, sharing what works for me, and what doesn’t, to help you start or expand your property portfolio. Now viewing properties can be really exciting but it’s important…

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    What It Takes To Get Started In Real Estate Investment | Smart Real Estate Coach

    I’m here with real estate and Boston power player Chris Prefontaine from smartrealestatecoach.com. Now Chris, there’s a lot of infomercials out there ads where you can buy these kits so to say right? become a real estate investor, invest in this course and it’s going to make you money. I think a lot of those people get the kits and it sits on the desk so do you really need experience to jump into this game of real estate investing? A kind of dual edged answer here Chris, oh yes and no. I instead of addressing experience would like to address their expectations because I’m a realist, if you come…

  • Real Estate Master IIIx Loan Amortization How To
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    Real Estate Master IIIx Loan Amortization How To

    Now let me show you basic amortization on the calculator. We’ll look at a two hundred fifty thousand dollar loan amount, a thirty year term at 5.875 interest. We’ll go ahead and press our payment button. Now to get your simple amortization you just go ahead and press [Amort]. This will give you your amortization schedule, which is 360 payments. Press [Amort] one more time – this will give us our total interest. Press [Amort] again – this will give us our total principal. Press [Amort] one more time – this will give us our total principal and interest. Press [Amort] again – this is our remaining balance. If you…

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    Invest with No Money or Credit Using Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies | Epic Real Estate

    Many believe real estate investing is for people with plenty of cash in the bank and super credit scores. That belief couldn’t be further from the truth, not to mention that that belief could be devastating to your real estate investing potential. There is more to real estate investing than the conventional approach of bank financing and 20% cash down payments. The world of “creative” real estate investing is a world of which anyone can participate regardless of money and credit resources. In order for it to work for you, you’ll have to make a decision to work “it.” As an educator, it never ceases to amaze me by how…

  • Buying a Home in California
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    Buying a Home in California

    >> As part of the, “Are You Fiscally Fit?” initiative, the benefits team is pleased to welcome to Google Stephanie Savides, Ahmad Ghavi and Steven Papapietro, did I pronounce that correctly? Our guests today will be sharing the insights on the home buying and mortgages processes. And to give a bit of background information on the three speakers today, Stephanie Savides has been a licensed real estate broker since 1994, has lived on the Mid-Peninsula her entire life, and is a local expert and she recently started Savides Real Estate in February of this year. She sold over $65,000,000 worth of property representing both buyers and sellers in all price…

  • £1 for a house | Made in Stoke-on-Trent
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    £1 for a house | Made in Stoke-on-Trent

    The Portland Street estate has suffered years of state failure and cuts. A big regeneration project was cancelled by the last government, seven years ago. That was just the beginning. We were just left in like a no man’s land, there was boarded up houses everywhere, everything started going down bank from there. Sarah was one of the existing residents left on the estate. Our last community centre the council sold, there was a church that was just knocked down. The corner shop, the pub, the post box, which Royal Mail just suddenly decided to take out. They just ripped the heart out of the place. Hello, good evening. A…