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    Aerial Property Photography – Using Drones & UAV For Architectural Photography & Real Estate

    Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I’m going to be talking about Aerial Property Photography and how drones can be used to showcase houses. When it comes to selling houses it must surely be a complete no-brainer if you have the option of using drone videography and imagery. Aerial property photography now replaces those few snaps taken in the driveway and the back garden. You can now showcase a property with an aerial video that takes you on a guided tour both inside and out. Location, Location, Location Aerial videos and images of properties are a boon to buyers who need to know what is adjacent…

  • Can Real Estate Agents Wholesale Properties
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    Can Real Estate Agents Wholesale Properties

    What’s going on guys, Tre’ Leon Bey here. Today we are talking about “Can real estate agents wholesale properties?” My quick answer is yes, you’re able to wholesale properties. I’m actually a licensed real estate agent myself but I also want to bring to your attention that it does depend on which brokers you’re with. I’ve been with several different brokers I want to say maybe about over seven different brokers throughout my real estate career and different brokers have different views on wholesaling real estate. For one, because when you wholesale real estate you basically cut the broker out of getting there and cutting the deal, and so you…