• Niger: The Land Of Fear with David Adams (Trade Route History Documentary) | Timeline
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    Niger: The Land Of Fear with David Adams (Trade Route History Documentary) | Timeline

    It takes its name from the Arabic word for emptiness al Zahara But the Sahara is really a collection of deserts and the most remote is the Tenere I sit had to cross the ténéré in the way caravans have done for a thousand years it’ll mean a journey of 1,200 miles over rock and sand by vehicle camel and on foot and It’s a dangerous journey For in the sweltering dessicated furnace death strikes the week the ill-prepared or the unlucky They call it the land of fear My name is David Adams and as a photojournalist, I’ve made a point of going to some of the world’s most…

  • The Properties of Camera Lenses
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    The Properties of Camera Lenses

    Hi John Hess from FilmmakerIQ.com – with a grounding in the science and history of lenses, let’s explore the features of the modern day lenses and explain what focal length, aperture, the features of prime and zoom lenses, and some specialty lens equipment you may run into as a filmmaker. The first and most fundamental property of a photographic lens is it’s focal length. Recall that the focal length on a simple thin lens is the distance from the point where collimated rays of light converge into a single point. With photographic lenses being a series of different elements, the focal length is slightly more complicated. When talking lenses we’re…

  • Hollywood Graveyard in The Land of Oz
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    Hollywood Graveyard in The Land of Oz

    Eighty years ago, in 1939, one of Hollywood’s most beloved classic films was produced, The Wizard of Oz. To mark this anniversary were setting out along the yellow brick road to remember and visit the final resting places of the talented artists who made that film the enduring Emerald gem that it is today. Join us as we hitch a ride on a tornado to the Land of Oz. There would be no Wizard of Oz film if there hadn’t been a book first. At Forest Lawn in Glendale California we find the final resting place of the man who started it all: author L Frank Baum. He published The…

  • A Quaking Parrot | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet
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    A Quaking Parrot | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

    NARRATOR: Pepe, the five-week-old Quaker parrot has a mysterious illness. But while interpreting X-rays, Dr. Thielen makes an important discovery. Wow. This has really bright stuff inside of it. Taking a look at Pepe’s X-rays, I’m actually pretty surprised. The most shocking part is that in his stomach he has all these bits of what looks like metal. And I’m just really trying to wrap my head around how this little five-week-old bird got a hold of something like that. Man, that is, like, the same color as the marker, isn’t it? It’s really, really white. NARRATOR: Birds can ingest metal from chewing on items around the house or even…

  • Land Art: Celebrating the work of Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson and Walter De Maria
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    Land Art: Celebrating the work of Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson and Walter De Maria

    There are no values attached to something like this because it’s not portable and then not a malleable barter exchange object And that says it You can’t trade this thing You can’t put it in your pocket If you have a war you can’t move it around It’s not worth anything In fact it’s an obligation My personal experience was that land art or earth art was not an anti-gallery statement or an anti-gallerist statement either but that a wide open space is really what they were looking for and found No gallery or museum could possibly do what the open space does for the individual the viewer, the experiencer…

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    Journey to the Center of the Earth | North Pole Hidden Land ▶️️

    Many ancient cultures Shared similar beliefs in a sacred place in the north often described as a harmonious paradise the Norse would call it Agartha For Hindus, it’s referred to as Paradiso The Greeks knew it is hyperborea the Celtics called it Avalon Buddhists call it Shambhala, and in the bible. It’s referred to as the Garden of Eden That’s just a few of the names in fact this place has been dubbed the land of a thousand names At The centre of this paradise is the Axis Mundi also called the cosmic axis world axis world pillar center of the world and world tree This is said to be…

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    Whack! Jab! Crack! It’s a Blackback Land Crab Smackdown | Deep Look

    Lauren: Hi there, it’s Lauren. You’re about to watch the last Deep Look of 2018. If you want to get the inside track on what’s coming in January, join our community on Patreon! Link in the description. Curiosity Stream: Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting PBS Digital Studios. Lauren: Scoring that prime beach spot can be tough. Everyone’s fighting for the best real estate. These Black… back… um… Blackback…land… These, uh, crabs, come from the Dominican Republic. They live in dense colonies on the beach. Each male establishes a territory and defends a burrow — with a pretty impressive set of claws. Those claws have serrated edges. And they sure…