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    Domo Customer Review: Zillow

    [MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Brandon Ankuda. I work at Zillow Group, part of the Enterprise Applications team. We manage all internal applications that keep the business running. One of the first challenges that we had faced, rolling back a few months when we were evaluating solutions, is we had a process for our media business where we’re serving ads on multiple platforms. But we had members of various operations teams pulling this data manually, sending reports to revenue accountants, them just compiling spreadsheets, pivoting, doing different functions, just a lot of manual touch, a lot of room for error. And we needed something that could connect to all of…

  • Creating a national Local Land Charges Register
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    Creating a national Local Land Charges Register

    Land Registry is creating a national register for local land charges in England. Working in partnership with local authorities, Land Registry is transforming local land charges data before moving it to a new national digital register. This digital service will provide instant access to local land charges information and official results will be guaranteed and in an easy-to-read format. You can access the service using a portal account, Business Gateway and on the Land Registry pages on GOV.UK. You can order an official Local Land Charges search for only £15 and you will get the result online. The official search result will show you all the charges that affect land…

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    Rentometer Review: Is It Really Accurate and Reliable?

    – Hey there this is Seth from REtipster.com and in this video we’re gonna talk about a website called Rentometer or Rentometer depending on how you like to pronounce it. We’re gonna talk about what this thing is and whether or not it’s something you can rely on when you’re trying to find rent estimates in your area. (upbeat music) So if you’re in the rental property business there’s a good chance you’ve come across this website or at least something similar to it at some point when you’re trying to find rent comps in the area of a property you’re looking at. I remember from myself back when I…

  • Tech Talk: The technology that scares us
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    Tech Talk: The technology that scares us

    hi and welcome back to Tech Talk I’m Ken Mingis executive editor at computer world I’m here with CSOs Steve Ragan Network worlds Brandon Butler Mack worlds Michael Simon it’s Halloween today so we’re gonna talk about scary tech and a lot of other things so stick around and get scared okay you guys are gonna just have to indulge me for one moment because the scariest thing right now is whether my iPhone 10 is gonna arrive on Friday like it’s supposed to I’ve been watching it sit on a pallet somewhere in China for three days theoretically it got a departure scan 10 minutes ago and it’s on…

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    Linking Administrative and Survey Data: Session 2

    [Ambyr] Okay, let’s get started. Good afternoon and welcome to Session 2 of the Linking Administrative Data with Survey Data virtual data training. I’m your host, Ambyr Amen-Ra. I’m the project data manager here at ICPSR on the campus of the University of Michigan. Please remember to mute yourselves during the training. Instructors will announce when to take yourselves off mute. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please feel free to use the BlueJeans chat feature or you can email me or Bianca. I have a few announcements. Instructors will be posting notes to assist with the exercises at the end of each session. We will be using…

  • Stats in Action: Zillow
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    Stats in Action: Zillow

    [MUSIC] Zillow is a company of entrepreneurs. We care very deeply about the consumer and were Data Geeks, it’s the core of everything we do. [Stan Humphries]: We are various consumers of the American Community Survey, the Decennial Census. Open Data is part of Zillow’s DNA. [MUSIC] [Amy Bohutinsky]: We started Zillow 10 years ago with a mission of empowering consumers with information and data around what is the most expensive and often most emotional expense of their entire lifetime. So much is tied into that decision and we want to make sure consumers armed with data are starting on their best foot. We started out with every single address…

  • Getting Started with MODIS Land Surface Temperature Data- (Part 1)
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    Getting Started with MODIS Land Surface Temperature Data- (Part 1)

    Getting Started with MODIS Version 6 Land Surface Temperature Data Part 1: All About Accessing Data. Presented by the Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center or LP DAAC. This video is part 1 of the “Getting Started with MODIS Version 6 Land Surface Temperature Data” video series. This video will cover the Land Surface Temperature data products, improvements in Version 6 products over Version 5 products, and how to search for and download these data using the Earthdata Search Client data access tool. The LP DAAC distributes several MODIS Version 6 Land Surface Temperature products. All data distributed by the LP DAAC are available for download at no charge. These…

  • OC REALTORS Training/Update Videos Beyond the Basics: Market Expert with OC FastStats
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    OC REALTORS Training/Update Videos Beyond the Basics: Market Expert with OC FastStats

    Well, good afternoon everybody Welcome to our Becoming the market pro with OC Fast Stats. Just real quickly. Just a quick introduction here. Let me see if I can scoot through this. I’ve got a quick presentation to go over but just a quick introduction today My name is Anthony, for those of you who don’t know me. I work here at Orange County Realtors. Been a member or been a OCR staff now for almost 16 years. Started in the MLS department. So I know guaranteed I’ll speak to all of you regarding rules, regulations, violations, all that fun stuff. What I’m also involved with is our Outreach Program.…