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    LGR – Land of the Unicorn – DOS PC Game Review

    [MIDI piano music] [typing] [music continues] [music slows down and stops] Okay! Please! Just… stop. This… sucks. So as you may have guessed, all you do is decipher antonyms and synonyms in both the study program and the separate adventure game. And you know, I guess that would be fine. I mean, it kind of serves its purpose in that regard, except that literally everything else about this is so bland it actually hurts my feelings. Deeply. Navigate a terrible maze with terrible controls with a terrible unicorn, collecting terrible keys, and avoiding the occasional terrible bridge troll that will either take your money or steal your money if you…

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    Minecraft Far Lands or Bust – Episode #001 – The First Day

    Hey guys My name is Kurt And welcome to my first Minecraft video It also happens to be my first video game commentary So hopefully I’m not too terrible at it But I guess I’ll let you guys be the judge of that As you can see, I’ve definitely played Minecraft before There’s a few worlds I already have going here But for this I want to create a brand new world Just so we can experience it together Let’s call it YouTube world And let’s get going! What is it going to create for me this time? Ooh Snowy Nice little cliff here Oh, pine trees, I don’t know…

  • WELCOME TO JACKABOY LAND | Planet Coaster #1
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    WELCOME TO JACKABOY LAND | Planet Coaster #1

    Top of the morning to ‘ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to Planet Coaster! I’ve been meaning to play this game for quite a while cause I’ve seen other Youtubers around the Youtube Sphere, playing it and testing it out and doing lots of stuff. They are a lot better at it than I will be This is like my first time to- I got in and I like testing it out for a small bit, just to see what the controls were like, and to see- um, if I could actually do anything in it and, It’s quite intuitive, it’s kind of like, if you never played…

  • This Dude Could Be In Your House Right Now (Morgz Reaction)
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    This Dude Could Be In Your House Right Now (Morgz Reaction)

    Alright, look, Greg. I didn’t mention this in the last video because I didn’t know when it was going to stop, or if it would stop, but my channel recently just blew the absolute hell up. I have no idea why. I went from having like, less than 700,000 subscribers a month ago to having almost a million. Now I have, like 976,000 subscribers right now when I’m recording this. The trying Troom Troom’s prank video that I posted a few weeks ago randomly just shot from like 500,000 views to over 3 million views and so now there’s a bunch of new Gregs here! I don’t really know why…